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How to Apply Bronzer?

If you are getting ready for beach parties or music festivals then finish your makeup by applying bronzer as it fits the setting. It creates a tanned look and light contouring on your face. A good quality bronzer will just make you look flawless and out of the box. If you apply a bronzer correctly, then it can also help accentuate your cheekbones. In this article, you will learn easy tricks to apply bronzer.

Benefits of Using a Bronzer:

  • It gives a natural look and is used to imitate a natural sun tan.
  • It gives you a tanned look to warm up the complexion and add dimension.
  • Bronzer contours the face and highlights your cheekbones.
  • You can enhance the color of your skin tone by applying bronzer.
  • It is used to provide shimmer to the skin tone.

When to Apply a Bronzer?

Bronzer is a good choice if you are getting ready for a beach party or a child’s birthday party. The reason behind this is that it makes you look perfect. You can apply bronzer when you are getting ready for a formal event to appear more put-together. With casual wear like jeans and T-shirt bronzer fits best. Season is also an important factor in deciding that whether you should apply a bronzer or not. Bronzer is  a good choice for summers as it tends to match the season apparel.

Easy Tricks to Apply Bronzer

1.) Selection of a Right Bronzer:

A right bronzer is very necessary to apply bronzer. Since you know that bronzer will give you a natural sun-kissed look is is very necessary to choose a right bronzer that matches your skin tone. If the choice is not correct instead of looking amazing you will end up looking dirty or orange. Here is a list of things that you need to take care while selecting the right bronzer.

Types of Bronzers:

  • Cream-Based Bronzer: These kinds of bronzers match the summer season apparel. It gives a Sunkissed look on the apples of your cheek. They are a good choice as they stay on the skin for a long time. You can blend it easily with the help of your fingers. It is the best choice for people with dry skin. The reason behind this is the softness and blend ability of this cream.
  • Powder Bronzers: This is a user-friendly and versatile product but is not a good option for those who want to cover a large part of the body. It gives your skin a finished  and flawless look.
  • Spray Bronzers: These are not as popular as cream based bronzers or powdered bronzers. It falls into the category of self-tanning. This is not a good option if you want to highlight only your cheekbones. The reason behind this is that it cannot stick to a tiny portion of your face.
  • Pressed Bronzer: This bronzer is the first choice of women. It is very popular and gives a tanned look. It can also be applied on the shoulder and neck area.
  • Sunless Bronzer: It gives a natural radiance and long hour coverage. It adds a little shine to your skin and soothes the features. If you have an oily skin you can choose an oil-free bronzer.
  • Aerosol Bronzers: This will give your skin a sun-kissed glow and a rich tan. These are available in liquid and powder form.You can also use this bronzer on your neck and shoulders. These kinds of bronzer contain vitamins that nourish the skin.

how to apply bronzer

How to Select Bronzer Color?

The color of the bronzer depends on your skin tone.

  • Very Light Skin Tone: For this kind of skin tone the lightest shade of bronzer will work best. The reason for not using dark shades is that it will look fake.
  • Light or Medium Skin Tone: Use a bronzer which is 3 shades darker than the skin’s natural color. This is because it will blend easily with the skin and will look natural.
  • Olive or Tan Skin Tone: Use a bronzer that is 3 shades darker than the skin. Deep gold and bronzer look best for this skin type.
  • Dark Skin Tone: Bold and vibrant color bronzer will look best for this type of skin tone.

2.) Bronzer Brush to Apply Bronzer:

A soft, full and rounded brush will work best to apply bronzer. The bristles of this brush will pick up the correct amount of color and distribute flawlessly on your skin. You can load your brush with the color of your choice and then shake it to remove the extra color. It is very necessary to use the right brush to apply bronzer. If you will use a small and stiff brush, it will give uneven results.

3.) Foundation Before Applying Bronzer:

Foundation is very necessary before you apply bronzer. The reason behind this is that the foundation will even out your base layer and will smooth the skin surface. Now you can apply bronzer to add dimension to your face. Foundation will create a blank canvas on which you can do contouring and highlighting.

4.) Apply Bronzer to Highlight Cheekbones:

Contouring cheekbones have become trendy because you can create amazing optical illusions with makeup. Bronzer can transform your chubby face into a chiseled one. Here is a list of steps you need to follow to apply bronzer.

Steps to Follow:

  • Smile to notice the apples of your cheek.
  • Sweep bronzer onto the apples of your cheek. You can make a fish face to apply bronzer more perfectly. Blend it and move in an upward direction.
  • Suck in your cheeks to apply bronzer more perfectly.
  • Blend it well with a rounded brush and sweep away the extra bronzer.

5.) Apply Bronzer to Highlight Jawline:

Follow the steps given below:

Steps to Follow:

  • Make a tight ponytail before applying bronzer.
  • Load your brush with the color that matches your skin tone. Shake the brush to remove the extra color.
  • Now this is an advanced move in which you have to sweep the brush along the jawline and down the neck. Don’t apply too much because if does not blend properly, your face color will look different from your skin color.
  • Use your brush to soften the harsh contact of your newly bronzed face and neck. Apply bronzer on the either side from the ear to the chin. Reload your brush to apply it along the jawline.

6.) Contour Your Nose with Bronzer:

A bronzer is a natural tan and acts like a building block. It helps in adding dimension to your face. Try this simple step to highlight your nose with bronzer. Here is a list of steps you need to follow.

  • Before applying a bronzer keep this in mind that you have to apply it on all the areas where your skin would tan.
  • Load an eyeshadow brush with a bronzer.
  • Draw a straight line from the inside of your right eyebrow to the bridge of your nose.
  • Repeat the same steps on the left side.
  • Use a fluffy brush to blend those lines. Blend it until they look like shadows.

7.) Apply Bronzer to Highlight Forehead:

Follow the steps given below:

Steps to Follow:

  • Wear a headband so that your forehead is clearly visible.
  • Now, gently brush it on the forehead towards the hairline. Use the brush in a back and down motion on the temples.
  • Blend it well so that the skin look flawless.

8.) Final Touch:

Look yourself in the mirror and make sure that your bronzer has an even appearance. If it is too much you can even it down with a cotton pad or add more base powder. Try these steps to put bronzer perfectly and get a flawless look.

Avoid These Most Common Bronzer Mistakes:

  • Don’t put the bronzer all over your face.
  • Select the shade of the bronzer according to your skin tone.
  • Use a cream highlighter after applying a bronzer.
  • Use shimmer bronzers only for the cheeks. Don’t apply it anywhere else on the face.
  • Don’t always stick to powder. Instead, choose a liquid bronzer.

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