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How to Apply Foundation?

Your skin is glowing, healthy and fabulous. But sometimes we need to uniform our skin to give equal shade and base to the skin. A foundation is miraculous for your skin, but only if it’s applied in the right way. Foundation hides your dark spots, dark circle and the flaws of the skin by giving a perfect base for your make-up. But the problem is so many people know the effects of a foundation, but they still don’t know which foundation is better and how to apply foundation. Don’t worry here is a solution to every problem. In this article, you will read about different ways to apply foundation.

A foundation works similar like concealer, it is used to hide large spot, dark circle, age spots and other small zits which we easily visible. It is a skin colored makeup use to apply on the skin to create the even base, uniform color to the complexion, cover the flaws of the skin and mainly to change the skin tone of the face and body. The foundation generally applied on the whole body known as body painting. A Foundation gives better coverage than the powder. It can be in the form of liquid or cream. It melts on the skin and easily absorbs into the skin, which creates even skin tone. The foundation is a light cover up and mostly used by the people who want to lightly even out their skin tone.

If someone praised for your foundation, that’s means you are doing wrong before applying the foundation. When you apply the foundation in a right way, people will appraise you for skin tone not for the foundation as the right way of foundation gives you natural appearance, People will notice your perfect skin instead of foundation. If you really one of those who wants to look good in the occasions, then you must be aware of how to apply foundation on your skin.

Best Ways to Apply Foundation

  1. Select Right Hue to Apply Foundation

As the foundation evens the tone of the skin, it is essential first you know which color will suit your skin color. If you don’t use the right shade for your face, then your skin won’t look natural and create an uneven base. Foundation is a base of makeup, so your face looks horrible in a makeup if you choose the wrong foundation that doesn’t match to your skin and can visible easily. It works as a blank canvas. So try the different shade and choose the right shade to apply foundation that matches your skin tone.

How to apply foundation

  1. Choose Right Medium For Apply foundation

As the Foundation is available in different mediums and wide variety. Different mediums are loose powder, compact powder, creams, liquids, and aerosols. As the variety is difficult to deal but doesn’t change much for the application of the makeup. Go to your nearest cosmetic store and try all the variations of the foundation, select the best foundation which matches your skin tone and give you realistic look.

  1. Select the Right Consistency to Apply foundation

If you really want a fabulous and natural look, you should select the right consistency for your desired skin. Foundation comes in three different kinds of coverage, in sheer coverage, medium coverage, and full coverage. If your skin already flawless you just want a light shade skin tone to keep that foundation to look more natural on your skin, try sheer coverage which is a lightweight foundation. You don’t have even skin and right base, you should try medium coverage foundation, medium coverage foundation is especially for the people who have some blemishes and redness on the skin. If you want to apply the foundation on the full face to even your darker spot, pimples, acne, dark circle and spots then full coverage foundation is what you are looking for. Choose the right consistency to apply the foundation.

  1. Select Right Tool to Apply Foundation

Different makeup tools are available in the market to enhance the different features. Similarly, for the foundation, different tools are available which helps in giving the right base to the skin. Three primary modes are available to apply foundation, with your fingers, with the help of sponge, with a brush. Although, still it is not clear which is the best medium to apply foundation because all three have their own different benefits. As the finger gives better blending and the brush helps in keeping the spreads of bacteria and infection to the minimum.

  1. Prepare Your Face to Apply Foundation

As the foundation works smoothly on clean and moisturizes face. Clean your face with the gentle cleaner and use moisturizer. Wait ten minutes so that the moisturizer absorb properly and then apply the foundation, then the foundation moves smoothly on the skin.

  1. Start with Pre-Foundation Makeup to Apply Foundation

As the foundation is not the first makeup to apply, Primer is the first makeup to apply on the face before you do makeup. The best benefit of primer that it seals the pores. Apply primer on your face before makeup, it is a transparent gel that gives smooth skin and locks your imperfection by creating a blanket over them. Some people apply concealer before the foundation, although it can be applied afterward then.

  1. Apply Foundation to Get Even Tone

Start applying the foundation. Whether your foundation is a powder, liquid, or cream, start from the center of the face. Also put few dabs either on the cheeks that are near to the nose, your chin or your forehead. This will give a natural appearance when you blend the foundation. So start applying it from the center of the face to outward.

  1. Blend Your Foundation to Apply Foundation Properly

Blend your foundation with the help of the tool around the face. While doing this, be aware of any noticeable line where your foundation is started or ends. It should work smoothly, especially into neck and hairline. Spread the foundation equally, keep it preventing from being thick by spreading it. Your face will look ugly, uneven and fake rather than natural, charming. Watch yourself in the mirror, it shouldn’t look like the area have different skin tones like your ears are red and neck have a different shade. So blend the foundation properly while applying the foundation.

  1. Touch Up to Apply Foundation

Touch up is very necessary after the foundation if you have uneven skin. Uneven skin means if you have marks, pimple, dark circle, acne and dark spot, use foundation to touch up these areas to give even skin. With the help of concealer brush, you can give a touch up to these areas for better skin tone. Be aware, while blending the foundation do not leave the dark spot or orange dot so that it will give you imperfect look. Touch up gives you spotless and flawless skin if you do this in a right way to apply foundation.

  1. Finish Up Your Foundation

If your face is still uneven and it still looks like incomplete, apply concealer to the darker skin of the face which is easily visible in the mirror. You can also finish up your face by applying the foundation with setting powder which gives uneven skin tone and equal base for your makeup. You can also apply the translucent, matte powder that keeps your foundation on the place rather than sliding around when your skin sweats or build oil. This the way to apply foundation properly.

Tips to Apply Foundation:

  • Select the right foundation while applying on the chin which should be matched with your neck skin tone. Do not choose the foundation by applying it on hand and wrist, as the face, color is different from hands skin tone.
  • Apply foundation to your hairline, into your jaw line, on the ear lobes, corner of the nose, mouth, under and over the eyes. Do not forget to blend the foundation while applying the foundation otherwise, it will give imperfection to your skin tones.
  • Press gently with the pads of your finger which help in blending the foundation.
  • After applying the foundation go to the natural night to see the application of the foundation.

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