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How to Apply Makeup?

If you ask women that why do they wear makeup? They won’t be able to give a concrete answer as to why do they actually need makeup. They will try to give multiple answers like they wear makeup because they want to look beautiful or maybe because they admire the particular star look and want to carry the same. Every woman has their own reason for wearing makeup. This article is about discussing a few tips to apply makeup like a pro. This gives you a flawless look to carry at various gatherings without spending a single buck.

Makeup is not one of the recent inventions. Women and men both used to wear makeup in ancient cultures. The use of cosmetics have changed over time and so are the preferences.  In today’s world, the maximum number of buyers and users of makeup are women.

Reasons to Wear Makeup:

1.) Confidence 

There are women who even sleep with makeup on their face. They do not want anyone to see their face without makeup, including their own husbands. This happens in extreme cases and fortunately, it is not very common. But many women feel more confident after they wear makeup. This is because they feel that makeup has concealed all their flaws and now they are perfect to unveil their face in the society.

The range of application may vary from applying just a mascara or an eyeliner to those cakey powders and liquids. This depends on the particular women that what amount of makeup is okay for her to feel confident in front of the world.

2.) To Look Younger 

Women those who have attained a certain age rely on cosmetics to make them appear younger of their actual age. There are a number of cosmetics available in the market to help them soften the fine lines and wrinkles that make them look older.

Skillful application of these products can make you appear a few years younger than the actual age.

3.) Fair Complexion 

There are women who have complexion issues. Makeup application in the right manner helps to disguise the problem areas. Concealers are used to hide the dark patches, pigmentation and under eye circles.

On the other hand, the foundation helps to smoothen  the skin and gives you an even skin tone. It also helps to create magical illusions if used like a pro.

4.) To Look Attractive 

Makeup is an addition of glamor to the look you carry. It can have variations depending on the themes of gatherings or also your mood. It ranges from smoky eyes, shimmer lipstick, matte finish look, or just an eyeliner and a classic lipstick.

Some women use makeup to attract others. They wear makeup according to the man’s liking whom they want to attract.

how to apply makeup

Steps to Apply Makeup Like a Pro at Home 

1.) Start with Cleansing

The base step is where the product prepares a canvas on your skin to hold the makeup. Cleaning the face is very much essential before applying makeup. This helps you achieve a smooth skin.

  • Treat the puffy eyes by using quick tips to get the instant effect. This helps to decrease the swelling.
  • Exfoliate the lips to make them appear smooth, soft and fuller. You can also use a lip plumper if needed or apply peppermint oil to the lips.
  • This will help to swell the muscles of the lips making them appear full and plump within minutes.

2.) The Primer

Primer is one of the secret ingredients that are used to apply makeup effectively and hold it in place. Applying primer effectively will help to achieve a professional like finish at home. Once you use a primer, it will become your bestie for life. Especially when you are a makeup addict.

All you need to do is find the best product that suits your skin. This will involve applying several different primers to find the right match for you.

3.) Conceal the Scars 

Use a full coverage concealer to hide the scars, acne, blemishes, tanning, uneven skin tone and under eye circles. If you are under 20 then mots of the OTC products will work best for you.

In the case of severe discoloration, a professional cosmetic product will work effectively than any other product.

4.) The Foundation 

Take a few drops of foundation on your palm and apply it on your face using the fingertips. This is what the professional artists do. As the heat from your hands allows smearing the makeup evenly all over your skin. Also, using the fingertips helps to blend the product easily than other applicators.


  • Wash your hands properly before application.
  • Take a small amount of the product on your palm.
  • Use your fingers to apply the makeup on your face evenly.
  • Dab 2 drops on the forehead, 2 drops on each of the cheeks, a drop on the nose, and again a drop on the chin and finally 2 drops on the neck.
  • Smear it properly and evenly over the face and neck.
  • Wash your hands again once done.
  • This will help you to apply makeup like a pro.

5.) The Eye Shadow 

It only takes a brush and the color palette to apply the shadow on your eyes effectively. This method will give you an evenly blend eye shadow application without much fuss.


  • Treat the eye puffiness and use a concealer to hide the discolorations if any.
  • Only use an illuminating concealer for your under eyes and inner corners.
  • And lighter shades for outer corners, as this will disguise a slight natural shadow.
  • Apply the shadow base using a brush.
  • You can apply it by just tapping your fingers on the eyelid.
  • Now, swipe the flat edges of the applicator brush in the color palette.
  • Dab the excess amount on the tissue.
  • Use the flat edge to cover the lid all the way up to the eyebrow.
  • For a pro look, you can also opt for shadow shading.
  • Just, swipe the brush in color, choosing a slightly darker shade,
  • Turn the brush upside down, that the flat edge should face the brows.
  • With the tip pointing at the crease apply the color to the crease are.
  • Move the brush side to side and then blend.

6.) The Eyeliner

Once you learn how to apply makeup with this technique, you will be able to achieve the flawless liner arch like never before.


  • Apply the eye makeup primer.
  • This creates a base canvas.
  • If you have already applied the shadow then there is no need for a primer.
  • Take a flat eye brush, the tip of which is small, soft and square in shape.
  • Mix a few drops of distilled water to a dark-colored shadow.
  • Dip the brush and swipe back and forth in the color.
  • Dab the extra color on a paper towel.
  • Rest your elbow on a table to avoid shivering of the hand while application.
  • Place the brush next to the lash and begin making a serious of small dashes.
  • Move from the outer area towards the center.
  • Now, run the brush along the dashes to form a single continuous line.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean up the mistakes, if any.
  • These steps will help you to apply makeup effectively like a salon pro.

7.) The Eyebrows

Eyebrows need to be fixed as well. Though not many of the women need makeup or fillers in their eyebrows. But if they do need dome fixes here is the solution.

  • You can also use a matte eyeshadow to fill in the brows and give them a smooth pro finishing.
  • Eyebrow kits with specific applicators and products are also available to purchase.
  • Just fill in the peeping skin with some powder or pencil.
  • It should be of the same color as your brow.
  • Now apply the brow gel to smoothen the rough hair strands.
  • Apply concealer to the outlines of the brow and blend.
  • This will enhance the eyebrow and make it appear denser.

8.) The Mascara

Apply a coat of the product to the lashes and use a mascara want to spread it evenly on the lashes. If you need those thick and dense lashes then use the smudge-proof application technique.

If you make mistakes, do not worry. Initially, everyone commits mistakes but once they learn to apply makeup effectively. They will do wonders with the tools.

9.) The Lipstick

Outline your lips and fill natural colors. You can choose any color that suits your skin tone. Apply lip gloss over the lipstick to make your lips appear fuller and plumper. This will also keep the lipstick intact.

10.) The Compact

Compacts or sheer powders works best to hold the makeup intact and also smoothens the rough edges. It makes your makeup last longer and also avoids smearing or cracks.

Not all the makeups require compact to keep them intact. But if you need one then use a Mineral Veil or yellow powder for best results.

11.) The Blusher

This is probably the last pop of colors that you will top your makeup with. In the case of creamy blushes, they are applied before the compact. It also a popular product that most of the women overdo while applying. All you need is a gentle swipe of brush over your cheekbones when you need a daytime makeup.

Sometimes the blush applied appears too dark. In that case use a mineral veil to coat it over your blush. This will lighten the effect of blush.

12.) The Last: Bronzer or Highlighter

It only requires a very light and gentle whisk of a brush to coat the final layer of makeup. The bronzer looks great and does wonders to enhance the looks of most women. This only happens if you apply it in the correct way. Always keep it light if you want to achieve a natural look. This will help you to apply makeup effectively like a salon pro.

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