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How to Build Muscles?

Building muscles require hard work and strength. There are certain key ingredients that help to build muscle over time. All you need to have is patience as it is not some kind of a magic trick that will transform you into Sylvester Stallone overnight. Muscles build up is possible with dedicated gyming and a planned diet. This means a heavy protein diet and not junk foods. All these if followed meticulously can definitely make you look like a bodybuilding champion over time. So through this article we bring you some tips to build muscles.

There are a lot of people who struggle to achieve those lean abs and muscular cuts, but do not succeed due to an irregular diet plan and haphazard daily routine. If you plan to get visible results on muscle growth you need to plan your daily routine and maintain dedication.

Regular gyming is as necessary as planned lifestyle. While gyming, you need to keep in mind that all of your basis should be covered. Also, your body needs the same amount of materials to rebuild itself, that you have fatigued during a workout. Your body needs the right amount of nutrients to recover. Failing which can make you run into many problems.

Now, the same goes for your sleeping routine. A minimum of 6 hours of sound sleep is as much required as any other key ingredients to build your muscles. This is because your muscles relax while you sleep and are actually engaged in rebuilding. This helps to recover your body from the fatigue caused due to the previous workout session. Giving your body an ample amount of rest will speed up the healing process and keep you energized for the next session.

Most Common Muscle Building Mistakes

Do not opt for the “Monkey see and Monkeys Do” technique, as every individual has a different structure and so, their bodily requirements are also different. This is why everyone is referred to a different set of exercises and diet plans. What lack in others may be present in ample amounts in your body? So, follow what your instructor suggests and not what the co-gym partners blabber.

Also, you will find many instructors referring body-part split routines, targeting one muscle per day for at least six weeks. This may even sound familiar to many of the readers. Now, get the reality check. Serious and dedicated body builders never opt for the body-split routines as they will look exactly the same even after five years of dedicated and vigorous gyming. Only Genetic freaks, Steroid users, and Advanced lifters opt for this technique.

The reason why it works for them is:

Genetic Freaks

They are blessed with that kind of physique and only need some basic exercises to tone their bodily structure and that’s what the body-split technique is for.

Steroid Users

In the case of steroid intake, it’s not the exercise that works, but the drugs that artificially build muscles. This hinders the natural process and initiates extra energy that helps with vigorous exercise and also pucker up the muscles even after basic exercising techniques. This is the most harmful techniques to build muscles as the side effects can cause serious harm to your body.

Advanced Lifters

In the case of advanced lifters, they only to maintain and chisel up their already built up muscles. So, they do not need any vigorous exercise, dedication is needed to maintain that perfect physique, eliminating the fatigue from the process. This is why body-split techniques work effectively for the advanced lifters.

how to build muscles

Foods That Helps Build Muscles

1.) Beetroot to Build Muscles

Beets are a rich source of Betaine, also known as Trimethylglycine. This nutrient not only enhances the liver and joint repairs, but also have given proven results to increase muscle strength and power. They work by enhancing energy and aiding the recovery of your body.

2.) Brown Rice

Brown rice is a slow digesting food that helps to keep you fuller throughout the day and provides long-lasting energy. Especially effective during workout sessions. It also helps boost the GH level that is the growth hormones. As these are encouraging elements that initiate the muscle-building process of your body. It also helps to get rid of accumulated fat from your body and gain strength.

3.) Oranges to Build Muscles

Orange is another excellent ingredient that helps to build muscles and boost their growth. They also increase the strength and endurance, especially when eaten raw before taking a workout session.

4.) Cantaloupes for Muscle Buildup

Due to its relatively low Fructose content, the melon is one of the fastest digesting carbs. This makes it an effective food that helps to initiate the muscle-building process.

Start your day with melons combined with other fruits you like. This will provide you with instant energy and make you feel fuller by reducing the cravings.

It is also good to have melons after a workout as this helps the body to recover from the fatigue caused due to various exercises.

5.) Organic Cottage Cheese to Build Muscles

Cottage cheese is a rich source of casein and go-to protein that helps to prevent your muscles from being used as an energy source while you fast during the nights.

It helps to keep you full throughout the day and build muscles by initiating the process and your body’s capacity to exercise more.

6.) Eggs: A Perfect Protein

Eggs are known as the perfect protein source but, the major reason behind your muscle buildup is not just protein but the cholesterol content present in the yolk.

Some people have myths about yoke that it shoots up the cholesterol levels in your body, which is not true. The cholesterol present in the yolk is helpful to reduce the amount the LDL i.e. the bad cholesterol particles associated with Atherosclerosis.

So, include eggs in your daily diet, breakfast recommended. Along with the instant energizing, it will also help you to feel fuller and reduce food cravings.

7.) Organic Milk to Build Muscles

Milk has both Whey and Casein and is also rich is Amino Acids Glutamine. The Omega 3 Fatty acids present in organic Milk are 70% more than any other conventional milk.

Including milk in your daily diet especially in the breakfast will help to energize your body and build muscles over time.

8.) Quinoa for Muscle Buildup

In addition to being a slow digestive carb, it is also a complete protein food item. It is associated with an increase in Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). This helps to build muscles and get a toned body over time. It also acts as an instant energizer by helping your body to gain strength for a workout.

Recipes to Build Muscles 

9.) Protein Pancakes


  • 1/3rd cup of dry oats
  • A scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • A teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese
  • 3 egg whites
  • Splenda to taste


  • Whip the egg whites, vanilla extract and cottage cheese until mixed well.
  • Add the dry oats, Splenda and protein powder while stirring the mixture continuously.
  • One the batter is formed with the desired consistency, cook as your regular pancakes.
  • Drizzle some honey or sugar-free syrup and add a few chunks of fresh fruits.

10.) Berry Smoothie


  • A cup of sugar-free fruit flavored yogurt
  • Half a cup of milk
  • A cup of frozen berries
  • 2 ice cubes
  • A scoop of vanilla flavored powdered protein
  • And a tablespoon of vanilla extract


  • Blend the ice cubes until crushed.
  • Now, add in the yogurt, vanilla extract, milk and blend again.
  • Add the berries and protein powder to the mixture.
  • Finally blending it well to prepare a thick smoothie.
  • This is a great mouth savoring drink to build muscles fast.

Top Tips to Build Muscles 

Now, the key formula is “More strength leads to more mules”, the stronger you get, the more you will be able to lift in the gym. What strengthens you, is proper diet intake. Foods that are rich in proteins will give effective results. They also initiate the process to build muscles at a faster pace.

1.) Get Strong Enough to Build Muscles

The simplest and the most powerful way to build muscles is to get strong enough in order to lift more weight. It is simpler and easier than all other painful techniques mentioned in various body building magazines.

2.) Stop Confusing Your Muscles

There is no such need to bring variation in your exercising pattern every week to build muscles. If you can relate to the statement in any manner, then please quit. It is not the right way and is neither needed.

3.) Say No to “Failure” Training

Failure training is where your body is exerted to a certain level that is unbearable by and can even lead to excess fatigue and strain on your muscles. The body cannot bear the pain caused due to exercise and is unable to recover. Thus, losing motivation and strength to continue anymore. This can also result in dissatisfaction.

4.) First Build then Pump

You need to build your muscles first before you start pumping them. Earlier pumping will only bloat your muscles, filling them up with water. As soon as you step out of the gym, all the pump and show is gone. Pump training is basically fake muscle build up, that most of the gym trainers are up to these days to make money.

5.) Compound Exercises to Build Muscles

You need to strain your muscles to make them grow. Heavy compound exercises like crunches or bench press do the trick. Tricep kickback is also an excellent compound exercise that directly strains your muscles and initiate the growth. Just like the trees with strong and large trunks have big branches, compound exercises does this with your body.

Common Compound Exercises:

  • Stop Curls and opt for Barbells Row. This will result into better biceps.
  • Say no to Dumbbell Flies and opt for Bech Press to get a bigger chest.
  • Opt for an Overhead Press to get bigger shoulders.
  • If you want a bigger back, stop the Lat Pulldowns and opt for a Deadlift.
  • Squats will make you get bigger legs over Leg Extensions.

6.) Choose Free Weights Over Machines

Machine exert your muscles much lesser than free weights. If you were using machine based exercised to build muscles, try a few free weights or squatting on a Squat rack instead of a Smith Machine. You won’s be able to go halfway with it. Some readers may even agree with the statement and can even relate to it. Machine based exercised are less effective that free weights as they exert you less.

Free weights are harder than machines, thus multiplying the exertion levels and build muscles stronger over time. While using free weights you have to balance your body weight and there are no machines to do the work for you. Also, the machine forces your body to practice unnatural movement patterns that can cause serious injuries. Whereas, free weights go all natural. They do not harm your knees, shoulders, and back.

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