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How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

Did you go through my previous articles that talked about losing weight easily and effectively through natural home remedies that are picked up from your daily kitchen needs? Well, as far as my experience say, they must have proved quite beneficial for you, didn’t they? So, all you need to do is write your feedback sharing your personal experiences with those natural ingredients. This will help us to make these articles even more beneficial for you that serve the best of your needs. Here in this article, we will be talking about the “calories” yes, as the article is entitled with “How many calories to lose weight”.

If you want to know about other home remedies that can help you lose weight, my previous articles are tagged at the bottom of the page for your convenience. Though this article is in continuation, but there won’t be any recap, as I have much to talk about in fewer words.

So, as we all know the most basic of losing weight is to cut the calorie count. But, do you know how many of them are to be cut, as an excessive reduction of calories can also result in a weak immune system. This is because calories are a source of energy that out body requires for its smooth functioning. All you need is a right kind of guidance in order to reduce weight without harming your overall health.

how many calories to lose weight

Ways that Cut your Calories to Lose Weight

1.) Tap the Foot

In a single day, you can burn up to 350 calories to lose weight by simply tapping your foot. Shocking, isn’t it? But it works great, trust me.

  • All you need to do is walk around while you are on the phone, or reading a novel. You can also play a song of your choice and tap your feet to the beat.
  • Or if you are a skilled dancer, then this is just a simple magic trick for you to perform. Though the dancers are never witnessed overweight, yes, exceptions are always there, but, I am talking about the majority.
  • Skip your conveyance over short distances and prefer walking. Though it requires a hell lot of patience, but the results are mind wobbling.

2.)  Say No To Nuts

Who can resist not having nuts? Nuts taste heavenly in almost every form and also has great heart healthy fats. But, what we cannot ignore is the high amounts of calories are packed in these small bits. A handful of mixed roasted that is almost an ounce has of about 175 calories, and 3 hands full of nuts has 525 calories. Can you count the number of hands full that you have snacked on today?

Cutting these calories to lose weight is an essential part of the whole weight loss process. Although, you can have a small amount of these nuts to get instant energy and keep your tummy full throughout the day. This will also help to curb your mid meal food cravings, eventually helping to lose weight.

3.) Avoid Eating in Front of the T.V

Stats say that you consume up to 288 more calories while watching T.V. This is because you are distracted from the food and enjoy one of your favorite programs on T.V, which make you eat more food even after you are full and have already had enough. Your mind multi functions and gets confused after some time.

So, eat on the table with no T.V. and then record your T.V. program for that moment and go for a walk after eating. This will together help you to cut 527 calories to lose weight.

4.) Skip The Toppings

The salad has always been on the top when we talk about healthy foods, but, all those goodies that you top it up with, takes away all the health benefits and makes it more calorie-laden. These calories are even higher in content that any lasagna or fettuccine Alfredo.

Salad toppings like cheese, caramelized nuts, dry fruits, avocado, bacon, vinaigrette, and croutons can add a whole lot of calories to your salad making it unhealthy part of your so-called healthy diet.

So, have the salad only topped with seasonings like salt, pepper, oregano, fresh herbs, etc. You can also use low-cal vegetables, roasted bell peppers, mushrooms, grilled onions to enhance the taste without the toppings or dressings. This will help to cut 500 calories to lose weight effectively.

5.) Replace Your Plates with Smaller Ones

When you reduce the size of the utensil, the amount of food automatically reduces. You tend to eat 20% to 25% less using this technique. This will eventually help to cut 500 calories to lose weight.

You will also not at all feel less fuller or hungry, as the researchers claim.

6.) Skip the Sweets

Desserts in large sizes that are made of coffee, cream, sugar, maple, milk, syrups etc are packed with 670 calories. They are surely a no-no in your diet plan when you are trying to cut the calories to lose weight.

Still, if you crave of at least the cream, top it up with your cup of espresso. It will give you a total of 30 calories, saving you from the 640 nightmare calorie count.

7.) Cut your Chips Sand Crackers

A whole bag of chips has about 1,260 calories, isn’t it a nightmare for all those so called planned dieters. Who can resist not emptying the whole bag of chips at a time while watching Netflix or your favorite movie? Well, I can’t.

But, if you are thinking of cutting calories to lose weight, then you have to sacrifice your chips and crackers. If you still crave for it, have only a single serving i.e. 15 chips in a whole day. This will give you only a count of 140 calories. You can also pick a packet of chips with only 100 calories as an option. This will at least save you from those 1,160 calories.

8.) Skinny Cocktails

While adding syrups, creams, sour mixes, sugar, you don’t realize that you are transforming your drink into a calorie-packed dessert. This can give you a nightmare of about 800 calories.

Instead, go for club sodas, distilled liquors, citrus fruit juices, mojito, lemonade, etc. This will help to cut away 800 calories to lose weight.

9.) Ditch Your Pasta

A single cup of pasta has 220 calories, without any veggies or dressings. But, when you prepare pasta for your meal, you add cheese, sauce, seasonings and other toppings to enhance the taste.

This may sound mouth watery, but you don’t realize that you have now increased the calorie count from 220 to a nightmare count of 1,056 calories. This is almost double to having 2 cups of noodle that gives you only 616 calories.

Skipping the paste will help you cut those 1,056 calories to lose weight easily.

10.) Let the Pests Cherish those Leftovers

Do not lick up the place, making it easy for you to do the utensils afterward. At least leave 25% of the food on your plate after having every meal. 

Leave the leftovers for the pests to cherish it if you have a pest free house, this doesn’t give you an excuse to eat all of it.

So, if you have a total of 2,000 calories, this trick will cut 500 calories to lose weight.

11.) Skip the Smoothie

A large glass full of smoothie that is 32 ounces in weight, comprises of 800 calories or even more. It is a nightmare count if you have this regularly in your breakfast.

Instead, go for a low-cal, healthy breakfast or oatmeal, cereals, eggs, brown bread, banana slices, etc. This will help you save from the rest 518 calories to lose weight.

12.) Beware of Hidden Calories

Replace your oil with stock or opt for steamed or boiled foods. This will help you save about 124 calories per tablespoon of oil.

You can also replace the oil with chive, basil or olive oil to save another 40 calories per tablespoon to lose weight.

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