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How to Check for Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs, you all must be aware of bed bugs. If you don’t see bed bugs in your bed and furniture, it is not necessary that neat and clean furniture is away from the infestation. Bed bugs are not confined in one area, you can find bug bites from rich homes to 5-star hotels. It can easily carry with your clothes, luggage, souvenirs, and in kids toys. You can find bed bugs in hotel rooms and in your home furniture, especially when you purchase used furniture used furniture. These beg bugs harm your furniture and spread the infestation from one wooden furniture to others. So to avoid these infestations you need to check your furniture to get rid of the damage. In this article, you get to know different ways to check for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs, are parasitic insects that feed on blood that belong to cimicid family. They generally appear in the warm house and inside or outside bedding or another sleeping area. Bed bugs are especially active at night time. Bug bites are very harmful to the body as it can cause skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergies. It takes less time and money to treat minor infestation before it converts into major infestation which can highly affect your pockets. So before the situation gets worse, Get out that bug from your beds. To get rid of bed bugs and bug bite, it is essential to check for bed bugs.

Different Ways to Check for Bed Bugs

  1. Bed Bug Professional to Check for Bed Bugs

If you don’t have time and not successful to check for bed bugs, then call bed bugs professional exterminator who use registered and safe insecticide in the form of the spray. These special pesticide management companies who help in getting rid of most bed bugs who trouble you and feed your blood at night. They use the cover entire home for pesticide which does not include a kitchen. Before they come to check it necessary for you to move out the necessary items like move furniture, cover bedding, keep away the pricey objects, electronics and also eatable items. This preparation is very necessary before they arrive at home. Most bed bugs will get out in the first application and second application is also important as it will take out all the bed bug’s egg and larvae.

How to check for bed bugs

  1. Bed Bugs Trap to Checkout Bugs

As you know, Bed Bugs live inside and outside of bed. It is very easy to get rid bed bugs who are outside the mattress or your bed, but it is very difficult for those who live inside the mattress of beds. If you really want to check for bed bugs which are living in the mattress, you need to make traps catch these bugs. Use hot air of hair dryer and blow the hot air inside the mattress which forces the bed bugs to come out of cracks and crevices. After when they came out, just simply kill them with a paper towel. You can also use sticky tape to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Steam to Get Away Bed Bugs

Steam and hot air are an easy and convenient method to check for bed bugs. If you do the steam treatment at 120 degrees F it easily kills all the bed bugs and their eggs. Use dry air directly on these bugs who suck your blood badly. Dry air helps in to get rid of mold and other household allergens. This the easy and very convenient method to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Cover Seal and Cracks to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Keep a check for bed bugs, you can find bed bugs everywhere and they keep spreading in the house. Generally, they came out at night and hide in the daytime. They start coming out in the night from the crack walls and furniture to feed and go back in holes in the daytime. So it’s better to destroy and block their homes so they don’t get the place for survival. Use sealing tape and caulk to cover to block their home like cracks and crevices in the walls and furniture in your home. This helps in reducing the space for bug bites to live and help with a check for bedbugs.

  1. Vacuum to Inspect Bed Bugs

As you know the advantages of vacuum cleaner that suck up dirt and dust that are found on the floor and another surface like carpet and rugs. Bed bugs live in the bed frame, couches, and furniture, and you must vacuum them daily to check for bed bugs. The best is to use the brush and crevice tools of the vacuum to check for bed bugs. It’s also good if you have bag based vacuum to take out the bed bugs who are inside the mattress and carpets. If your vacuum is a filter based then clean it with hot water to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Clean Home to Keep Away from Bed Bugs

It’s necessary to clean your home and check for bed bugs regularly as the bed bugs live in the cleanest home and 5-star hotels. While cleaning you can also use the other methods to clean the house properly and disinfect the home. Removing unnecessary items from home and give less preference to second-hand furniture or used furniture.

  1. Laundry to Get Away from Bed Bugs

Laundry to clean your bed clothes and linen to check for bed bugs. Cleaning all the items which show the sign of bed bugs like a blood stain, discarded exoskeleton and fecal matter. Clothes like a bed sheet, linen and curtain are necessary to get washed, which might contain bed bugs and signs of bed bugs. Use dry air at the highest heat setting mode, which burns the eggs and larvae and help to check for bed bugs. Everyone loves to sleep on clean and neat bed sheet which also prevents the rashes, itching and raised bump caused by the bed bugs.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth Powder to Kill Bed Bugs

The Diatomaceous earth powder is very effective in killing the bed bugs as they contain diatoms, which goes to the innards of bed bugs and dried up the bed bugs which leads to the death of bed bugs. The chemical detergent gets sticks to exoskeleton joint. As the bug’s exoskeleton contains the waxy layer which allows moisturizing area within the bugs, but diatomaceous dry up the layer and kill them. It fights again all of the bugs like flies, ant, and bed bugs. The advantage of diatomaceous is: it promotes skin condition and skin health, good for heart health, internal cleaner and pesticide.

  1. Stay Away from Infested Item

In some cases, after doing cleaning and disinfecting the item still, it’s not a surety that your every item is safe and get rid of bed bugs. An item like a box spring, which needs so of efforts and hardly to disinfect. A Box spring is highly infested with bed bugs and not easy to get treated or cure. So to check for bed bugs, an item like a box spring should be the first wrap in the plastic and label it by mention ‘highly infest with bed bugs’ and should throw into dustbins to avoid reuse and stranger should not pick them.

  1. Recheck for Bed Bugs

After getting rid of bugs, it is necessary to check for bug again. Places like a magazine, books, paper, floor, mattress corner and box springs should be checked and recheck again to prevent the chances of infestation even though these ways worked for you. Weekly treating to check for bed bugs helps you to get rid of bed bugs and bed bug bites. If you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time for such things, then you can also call the bed bugs professional to check bed bugs again, inspect them and retreat them again to get rid of bed bugs.

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