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How to Cure a Headache?

In this article, we will be discussing various home remedies to cure a headache. But, first, let’s discuss what is a Headache? Also termed as Cephalalgia in medical terms, it is the occurrence of the shooting of mild pain in the region of the head or maybe neck. This disorder is one of the most common in our nervous system and it has been estimated that about half of the adults of the total population have suffered from a headache in the previous year.

Causes of Headache

Reasons that lead to a headache may include Migraines, stress, fatigue, and tension. Sometimes it occurs due to too much of stress in the eyes or depression. In such cases, a person cannot just let go the situation. Immediate precautions and treatments are to be taken under the Doctor’s guidance otherwise, things can even go worse.

It’s not necessary to trouble your Doctor every time, when the pain struck. Sometimes the situation is not serious and the pain is caused due to some common reasons. These reasons include sleep deprivation, side effects of some medicines that you have taken, viral infections or hangovers. In such cases, it is best to treat yourself through home remedies and some rest.

Studies say that a headache is the most common and under-rated disorder in the world. Reason being that almost 50% of the total world population suffers from a headache. Ranging from moderate or severe cases depending upon the causes of its occurrence. A migraine is the most common reason for a headache as about a half to three-quarters of the adults of ages 18 to 65 are suffering from headaches. About 30% of them were the reported cases of a migraine, across the world.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine can be termed as the primary stage of headache disorders, that can be both severe or mild. These headaches are characterized as recurrent, that means they tend to reoccur repeatedly in a certain period. A weird tendency of this disorder is that it affects only a particular area of the head and neck.  Also, they are pulsating in nature, means that it tends to give a throbbing sensation.

Symptoms of a migraine include vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to sound and light also some smells. This disorder is believed to occur due to genetic or environmental factors. Some patients complain that they have faced a short period of visual disturbance before a headache. This depicts as the sign of the beginning of a headache. Sometimes hormonal imbalance also leads to a migraine.

how to cure a headache

Home Remedies to Cure a Headache

1.) Apple to Treat a Headache

Apple not only helps you keep the doctor away, but it also fights a headache. As apple helps in maintaining the Acid-Alkaline balance in our body.

Who doesn’t love apples so all you need to do is just snack on them without peeling the skin off. Skin is the main source of nutrients that some of you’ve been considering as waste till now.


  • Apple cider vinegar will also work the same for you during a headache. You can use it as a salad dressing or mix it with water and honey  to form a diluted solution and sip on it.
  • If you don’t really like the taste, then go for the hot steam inhalation remedy.
  • Mix ACV and water in equal proportions.
  • Boil it in a covered wok or saucepan.
  • You can also use a Nati pot if you have one.
  • This will help you get instant relief from a headache and soothe the pain.

2.) Ginger and Clove to Cure a Headache

Ginger is the best remedy to cure a headache, moreover making it an all-rounder to treat several others diseases. It is helpful in reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels present in our head that is the major reason for the pain.


  • Also, it is helpful in digestion so it helps soothe nausea that occurs due to a headache especially for migraine patients.
  • This simple recipe of Ginger, lemon and honey is the best remedy to cure a headache. This magic ingredient will become your best friend once you try.
  • If you are a tea lover then adding 2-3 cloves in your recipe will help you ease the pain. As it has cooling and pain relieving properties.

3.) Essential Oils to Cure a Headache

Essential oils like peppermint, lavender or Eucalyptus helps to cure a headache. When you massage the forehead with it, the menthol presents in the oil helps to open the clogged blood vessels and ease the swelling, thus providing relief from pain.


  • Mix these essential oils with other base oils like almond or coconut.
  • Give yourself a head massage to cure a headache.
  • Mix 3 teaspoons of one of these essential oils in boiling water.
  • Taking the steam to soothe the pain.

4.) The Yoga Pose

Yoga not only helps you get thinner, but it also has some health benefits, making it capable of curing many diseases and disorders.

  • This is because yoga postures combine stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation. This helps to boost the immune system and relax your body at the same time.
  • Meditation also helps to improve the concentration levels and the posture. It also helps to stretch the muscles as this will ease tension.
  • If an individual practice Yoga on a daily basis, their immune systems gets stronger to fight against various disorders and diseases. It also maintains the body’s blood sugar level and prevents weight gain.

5.) The Hot and Cold Trick

  • If the reason for your headache is Migraine then going for a Cold pack is the best way out.
  • Place a bag of ice cubes or frozen peas on your head for 15 minutes.
  • This can give you instant relief and cure a headache. A cold shower can also work the same.
  • But if the reason behind your headache is tension, then you better go for a hot shower or use a heating pad by resting it on the back of your head. Sinus headaches are also treated with this hot pad trick.

6.) Do Not Tie Your Hair Tight

Tying your hair too tight can also result in a headache. So always try to tie them a bit loose on your head. Some people often complain of headbands or swimming goggles being the reason behind their headache. This is because of the “external pressure (compression)” around the head area that causes tension and thus leads to a headache.

7.) Sensitivity to Light

  • Apart from Migraine patients, sometimes other individuals also get prone to a headache due to sensitivity or usage of too bright or flickering lights.
  • In that case, you should always prefer curtains to cover up the windows during the daytime. Total blackout in your room will help to cure a headache.
  • Also, those who work on their laptops and computer systems, are prone to this disorder. So better lower down the brightness or opt for anti-glare screens.
  • You can also opt for daylight spectrum fluorescent bulbs, replacing the normal lights or CFL’s in your home or workplace. Using sunglasses is mandatory for such individuals.

8.) Too Much Chewing Gum is a No No

The latest trend of facial contouring has made all the women to chew gums 24*7 and tone their face. Thinking that this will give them a perfect jaw line. But have you ever noticed that why does too much chewing sometimes leads to a headache as well. Having too much of chewy, crunchy and sticky foods can also result in a headache.

Some individuals, especially those children who have a bad habit of chewing pencils, nails and everything that they get in hand. If nothing, then they start chewing their own lips or grinding their teeth while asleep. You may be unaware of the fact that these bad habits can lead to a headache. So if you can relate to the statement, then please quit before it’s too late.

Further Tips to Cure a Headache:

  • Do not go for hard painkillers that are available in the market. Try opting for a mild one so that it doesn’t have any side effect on your body.
  • Also, try having liquids than tablets as they are absorbed more quickly by your body giving immediate or quick results.
  • Try taking the medicine as soon as you feel pain and don’t wait for it to worsen. This will help you to cure a headache with smaller and mild dosage.
  • Avoid coffee during headaches. Also, avoid those drugs that contain caffeine or other multiple ingredients. Because they do not help you instead worsen the situation even more.

Hope these tips and tricks that we have enlisted, helps you to cure a headache and stay healthy. Apart from these remedies, it is very much important to keep up your health and hygiene and prefer being rehydrated by continuous intake of water and other salt solutions, especially during summers.

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