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How to Cure Hangover?

Hangover, BUH! People love drinking alcohol. But what they didn’t like the after effects of alcohol. After effects means a hangover. You must have thought after drinking that there should be any miracle available in the home. It can cure hangover immediately. Hangover usually feels when you consume heavy drink and that triggers hangover in next morning. The excess amount of alcohol damages your sensory perception, gastrointestinal system, liver, brain and central nervous system. For a hangover, there is an only cure is time. As well as you can try some best methods to get relief from the hangover. Here are the best methods to cure hangover.

how to cure hangover

Best Methods to Cure Hangover

1.) Painkillers to Prevent Hangover

Pains killers are the one of the immediate relief to cure hangover. As painkiller is a good choice to cure a headache. Try ibuprofen or aspirin to get a relief from a headache and to cure hangover. Make sure you are aware of the dosage and instruction while taking the medicine.

Do not try Acetaminophen, which caused liver damaged when it reacts to alcohol metabolites. Don’t make it a habit of taking medicine. As the excessive use of medicine can cause liver damaged to your body. Especially, when you take it to cure hangover. If you can’t stop taking pills in a headache, Accept that pain then you will see it will automatically go.

2.) Honey to Ward off Hangover

Honey is miraculous and it has many essential properties. When you consume or apply honey on skin. It also very helpful in curing the hangover. Honey also thwart the effect of drinking too much alcohol. It contains fructose, ergo it is very helpful in metabolizing the alcohol in your body and also cure hangover.

To cure hangover with honey, just take 3-4 tablespoons of honey in one-hour interval of time until the hangover cures. Although, you can also add 2-3 tablespoon of honey in water and drink it several time to ward off hangover. You can consume honey with toast or any snacks to prevent hangover.

3.) Tomato Juice to Cure Hangover

Tomatoes are available in every kitchen and also helpful to cure hangover after heavy booze. It is another effective way to reduce the symptoms of hangover. As the tomato juice contain fructose, the substance that is very helpful in metabolizing the alcohol effectively in your digestive system. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and enzyme that play important role in curing the hangover.

Tomatoes for Hangover, Take a full glass of tomato juice or you can take tomato soup in a bowl. Add ingredients like one teaspoon of lemon juice, honey and cayenne pepper. This ingredient not only delicious in taste, but also very effective in reducing the hangover.  Add these ingredients in tomato juice or tomato soup and stir it well. Drink this delicious soup and juice twice in a day to cure hangover.

4.) Rehydrate your Body to Get Rid of Hangover

When you consume alcohol, your body becomes of dehydrates. Drinking ample amount of water can save you from hangover which causes a headache, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Especially hydrates your body if you are vomiting. Maintain a good water level in your body by drinking coconut water and sports drinks which are rich in electrolytes.

Especially for the happy feeling of the brain, sodium balanced potassium, magnesium, and calcium. When you consume a large amount of alcohol, it stripped away the necessary nutrients from your body. Don’t drink coffee, when you wake up with hangover. Caffeine will only dehydrate you.To cure hangover and nausea trigger by alcohol, drink ginger ale that will ease your stomach.

5.) Banana to Prevent Hangover

When you drink alcohol, your body get dehydrated and lack of potassium. Banana is very effective to cure hangover as it is rich in potassium. The electrolytes present in the banana complete the deficiency of water as well. Banana also very helpful in calm down the stomach and increase your energy level.

To cure hangover with banana which caused by heavy booze, take 1-2 banana in your breakfast to reduce the symptoms of hangover. For delicious taste, you can also drink the banana shake sweetened with honey.

6.) Peppermint to Cure Hangover

The peppermint is the very effective herb in curing the hangover. As the peppermint speed up the detoxification process in our body. It helps in reducing the tension, bloating, nausea and also very helpful in proper digestion.For the easy method, simple chew leafs of peppermint which is very helpful in proper digestion.

To cure hangover with peppermint leaf, you can also make a peppermint tea by adding some peppermint leaf in boiling water. Let the leaf steep in boiling water for 15 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink the water after wake up in the morning. You can also try another method by adding a few drops of peppermint oil in the bathtub full of warm water and soak your body in the water. You get immediate relief after taking the bath of that water. If you want to cure headache trigger by hangover, you can just take cold compress to get relief from a headache.

7.) Ginger for Hangover

Ginger is another method to cure hangover. The soothing properties of ginger are very helpful to get relief from hangover. Ginger is not only used in food for taste, it also helps in improving the digestion. It digests the alcohol that is consumed by your body and also help in speedy recovery from hangover.

To prevent hangover with ginger, chew small pieces of ginger for instant relief and you can also make ginger tea to get relief from hangover. You can try another method to cure hangover, take 10-12 pieces of ginger in 4 cups of water and boil it. Strain the water and add one cup of orange juice, one-half cup of honey and the half cup of lemon juice. Stir the mixture and drink it throughout of day, when it is still warm to cure hangover.

8.) Coconut Oil Pulling to Get Relief from Hangover

When you wake up in brutal hangover condition. If you want to get rid of hangover symptoms, try coconut oil to cure hangover. This method is best to remove the toxin from the body. As it has natural detoxifying property present in the coconut.Take one teaspoon of coconut oil for swish around the mouth and between your teeth. Do this for 10-15 minutes to get relief from the hangover. Spit the oil and wash your mouth with water. Do this remedy as the first thing you do after wake up to cure hangover, even before you brushed.

9.) Don’t Consume Alcohol to Prevent Hangover

When you drink alcohol your body get dehydrates. It causes hangover and again drinking of alcohol to cure hangover, make your body more dehydration in your body. Drinking alcohol to cure hangover will only give you temporary pleasure but leave you worse for the whole day.If you already plan for alcohol, then you should drink bloody marry and cold beer. Do not consume a lot, if you want to recover from the hangover. If you don’t have any obligation for the day like school or office then you can only drink to cure hangover.

10.) Carbohydrates to Cure Hangover

Carbohydrates is also another option for immediate relief to cure hangover. Food that is rich in carbohydrates has a capability of curing nausea and help in absorbing the alcohol in your system. Don’t consume spicily and acidic food which is not easy to digest by your digestive system. Also, don’t consume oily and heavy food that triggers the feeling of nausea.

Tips to Cure Hangover:

  • Do not consume alcohol empty stomach.
  • Drink alcohol slowly.
  • Do not consume any sweet thing while drinking.
  • Take a light meal and small meal.
  • Go in fresh air to get relief from hangover symptoms.
  • Do not smoke while drinking.
  • Warm water bath can ease your headache and muscle pain.
  • Do not consume alcohol to cure hangover

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