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 How to Gain Muscle Mass?

Some people spend years trying to get the most toned body, but can’t appear to make it happen. Others twig themselves in the mirror and realize that they want to get more toned or fill out some muscle mass, but just don’t know how to start. Go through this article, whether you want to gain muscle mass, get more toned calves, enhance your chest, or achieve any other muscle building goal, to get tips to gain muscle mass fast.

Tips to Gain Muscle Mass Easily

1. Train Yourself in Gym to Gain Muscle Mass Easily

You should be sure that you are focusing on keeping the strength high rather than making the workout drag on. Additionally, there is no research that says marathon training sessions are better for muscle growth. Focus on keeping your rest periods under a minute and limit the small talk with other gym members.

how to gain muscle mass

2. Eat Eggs to Gain Muscle Mass Easily

Eating eggs can help you to gain muscle weight easily. Egg whites contain protein, that is important for muscle building. Even they contain high-quality protein with all nine essential amino acids required for favorable muscle recovery and building, as well as important minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron.

On the other hand,  the inner part of the egg called egg yolks, a rich source of vitamins, including A, E, K and a range of B vitamins like B12, folic acid, and riboflavin. All these nutrients are very important for boosting up your metabolism and converting fat into energy.Eat one or two eggs every day to build muscles and remain healthy.

3. Salmon to Gain Muscle Mass

Fish, especially salmon, is known one of the best foods to gain muscle mass. It can help you build slant muscle and burn fat because of its special fusion of long-chain omega-3 fats EPA and DHA, B vitamins and high-quality protein.

Salmon also has other nutrients like calcium, selenium, magnesium, and iron that aid slant muscle building, recovery, and repair.

Eat few grilled salmon with a salad or green vegetables almost twice a week. If possible, take wild salmon. If you don’t like it, you can take a fish oil supplement.

4. Quinoa to Gain Weight Fast

Quinoa is high in protein and low in calories, it is an effective food to gain muscle mass. The protein quinoa contains is formed of all nine essential amino acids, that means it is a pure protein which will help build and repair muscles. It is also high in fiber, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin E, potassium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, magnesium, and beta-carotene.

Additionally,  the ecdysteroids found in quinoa boost increased muscle mass and help reduce fat mass. Plus, it is cholesterol free and gluten free. It tastes great and is easy to cook. You can include quinoa in your diet, like soups and salads, meat and green vegetables. Try to eat it after exercise to gain muscle mass.

5. Almond Milk to Gain Muscle Mass

Two glasses of milk consist of around 14 gram of protein. The polyunsaturated fats in almond add extra calories when involved in the everyday diet.


  • Crush a handful of almonds.
  • Add it to the boiling milk.
  • Simmer it for five minutes.
  • You can sweeten it with a tsp of sugar.
  • Pour it into a glass and sip it slowly.
  • To make it more useful, you may put in dates and dried figs in the boiling milk. Drink it twice daily for two months.

6. Bananas to Gain Muscle Mass

Bananas are prompt energy boosters as they are packed with lots of calories. Thus, you must consume banana to put on weight. Consume one banana in your breakfast with a glass of warm milk.

7. Clarified Butter and Sugar to Gain Muscle Mass

  • Take an equal amount of clarified butter and sugar.
  • Blend them together properly.
  • Consume 30 minutes before your meal. You can also add nuts for added flavor.
  • Follow this for one month.

8. Raisins and Figs to Gain Muscle Mass

Raisins are loaded with essential fatty acids and figs contain polyunsaturated fats that will certainly add required calories to your diet.


  • Soak thirty grams of  raisins and six dried figs in water.
  • Leave them overnight. Eat them in two portions during the day.
  • Do this for 30 days to put on weight.

9. Regular Exercise for Healthy Weight Gain

Exercising on a regular basis will increase your metabolism and makes you feel hungry. Spend more time in the gym to get a balanced weight. Do aerobics and cardio exercises. Besides, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and dancing will also help to gain muscle weight.

10. Cheese to Healthy Weight Gain

Cheese is packed with calcium, protein, and fats, it helps to gain muscle weight. One tablespoon of cheese can give enough calories to your body. It really tastes delicious. Choose cottage cheese as it contains high-quality protein ‘casein’, which takes the time to digest, and thus, results in weight gain. For the quick result, eat it before bedtime.

11. Dandelion Root to Gain Muscle Mass Naturally

The nutrients present in dandelion root help to gain body weight and increase the appetite. To get its benefits, make a decoction in a cup of water and sip it. Put sugar or honey to make it taste better. It also treats constipation, dyspepsia, gallstones, and improves digestion.

12. Gentian to Gain Muscle Mass

Gentian is known to gain muscle mass. Its root is bitter and is being used to treat people who suffer from lack of appetite and unwanted loss of weight. It helps in the absorption of food in the right way. It also increases the flow of bile and gastric sensations.


  • Wash the gentian root and cut it into small pieces.
  • Now take some water and boil these roots for 20 minutes.
  • Allow the solution to cool down and drink a cup daily to reach desired weight.

13. Chicken Breast for Healthy Weight Gain

Chicken breast is the another superfood to gain muscle mass. It is a good source of protein, which can be easily synthesized to repair cells and muscle tissues damaged during hard exercise. It also has other bodybuilding-friendly nutrients like vitamin B6, niacin, selenium, iron, and zinc.

Baked, grilled or roasted chicken breast dishes are the great options to get slant muscle-building protein in the diet. You can also take a chicken breast in salads and soups.

14. Flaxseeds to Gain Muscle Mass

Flaxseeds hold so many nutrients which are important to gain muscle mass. They are one of the best plant sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, that help reduce inflammation. minimizing inflammation in the body is very important when gaining muscle. That means the muscles will not be painful after lots of workouts and the body will be able to heal muscles faster.

Additionally, flaxseeds are rich in fiber and help boost energy and boost stamina. They are also a source of complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids that your body requires.


  • Grind the flaxseeds.
  • Have one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with milk or yogurt before going to bed.
  • It can also be taken in salads, soups, cereals, smoothies and protein shakes.

15. Sweet Potatoes to Gain Muscle Mass

It is observed that sweet potatoes are also good to gain muscle mass. It is bodybuilding diet because of their high fiber, vitamin and potassium content. Sweet potatoes can be taken as a post-workout snack. They are high in carbohydrates that refill your glycogen stores after a workout.

Plus, they’re filled with vitamins B6, C, E, D, carotenoids,  iron, magnesium, copper, and quercetin which are important for a healthy body. Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, they also help control burn fat, appetite, and maintain healthy digestion.


  • Roast or grill sweet potatoes, and eat.
  • Preferably in combination with a good source of lean protein such as grilled chicken.

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