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How to Gain Muscle?

Every guy dreams to have a muscular body. If you really have good  muscle, then you recognize and treat better than others. Good muscle is a part of good appearance and how much you care about yourself. Even every person is judged by their personality. Appearance plays an important and effective role in everyone’s life. If you don’t look good you escape from so many things, you hide yourself to get captured. Honestly, this is the worst thing you are doing, it’s better to face and fight the situation, and work upon it, is the best thing to do. If you are really not too skinny and eagerly waiting for a miracle to gain muscle, So here I will share some of the effective tips to gain muscle to leave an  impact on others.

Muscle cells contain protein filaments of actin and myosin, that goes slide past another and create a contraction that changes the length and shape of the cells. It doesn’t happen overnight unless you will find a way to add mass to your muscles. When you don’t work out properly, don’t follow protein diet and make a less use your muscles, your muscles often get weaker and smaller. Skinny guys desperately want to have a pack on  the muscles and not so skinny guys are trying to convert body mass into muscles. You must have tried a couple of things to gain muscle and nothing work out, but trust me, you haven’t tried the right things to gain muscles. Don’t worry, here I will share some effective tips to gain muscles.

Best Tips to Gain Muscle

  1. Train Under An Hour to Gain Mass

Trained under an hour means, you have to focus on the right areas you have to work upon. Right areas and techniques, it means you have to do a workout for muscle growth. Keeping the intensity high rather than drag the workout and focus on another workout. Plus there is no research say that marathon training sessions are good for muscle development. You just need a limited time, but your limited time should be spent on muscle growth not talking to gym members to gain muscle.

How to gain muscle

  1. Warm Up to Gain Muscle

If you are looking hoist serious poundages, You will destroy your chances if you short change your warm up. You become stronger when you do more warm up sets than you need and that’s more important. Lifting up by warming first, that just not helps in pushing muscle more weight also the tendon and alignment to support the heavier resistance. A warm up muscle helps in lifting more weight and fewer chances of getting hurt. To gain muscle, warm up is important.

  1. Exercise Big Muscle to Gain Muscle Weight

Training big muscle helps you to jump start the muscle building process, result in faster and bigger muscle gain. The largest muscle group are the leg, back, and chest. You make sure that you are involving these muscle once a week. As you need your muscle by heavyweight as these muscles become used of the heavyweight. If you are using 100 pounds in your first week of training, try to use 10 pounds extra in your next week and so on. Additional weight tells your body to grow muscle fibers to keep up with the load. See yourself getting bigger and stronger every week.

  1. Improve Your Eating Habits to Gain Muscle

When we generally go the gym, we give more focus to training, proteins, and supplements. We forget to notice our eating habits, that’s also a part which helps in muscle growth. Your body is pre-programmed with genetic deposition. If you have very fast metabolism, you easily digest and burn your calories. Focusing on 5-6 calories a day  with a gap of 2-3 hours will keep your metabolism fast as the body will have something to provide to metabolize and build muscle.

  1. Stop Lean on Supplements to be Muscular

A supplement is a supplement as like its sound. It’s not going to make or break your gains in your workout in the gym. Only supplements which are recommended is protein powder, it has a direct effect on your building muscle and also some Gatorade powder after the gym to gain muscle. This recommended only if you are not following a good diet or you have less time to eat. Excess of protein leads to liver and kidney problems as well as it converts into glucose and ketones in the body. The excess of protein will eventually turn into fat. So stop, lean on supplements to gain muscle weight.

  1. Know Your Calories to Increase Muscle 

As so many people say that, they are eating so much and working hard for it, but still not gaining. You also must be tired of hearing this thing a million times, let me tell you are so wrong. The truth is if you are not eating, you are not gaining. You should know how much calories you are taking and burning. Sometimes, you burn extra calories than you eat. So this could be one of the reasons that you are not gaining. To gain muscle, you need to increase your calorie intake more than you burn to gain muscle.

  1. Focus on Development to Build Muscle

As mention above, Your focus should be on exercising for an hour. But the main aim is to make sure that you are developing at a workout. It’s a simple thing, but so many won’t understand. They put more efforts to take their workout should be about 2 hours.

For gaining weight you should be better focused on the development of muscle, not in the unnecessary weight lifting, and reps you do within your main program. Just like you do  with overeating. It’s tough, but you have to do this to gain muscle.

  1. Change Rep Set Every 3-4 Weeks to Have Muscle

Change the rep range to avoid plateaus. A Plateaus occurs when there is a halt to progression that had previously done to gain or lose muscle weight. Changing the rep will make your body adapt the stress causing weight, to gain muscle weight. It’s not recommended unless you make a good gain and progress in the muscle gains. Our bodies lose weight consistently at a certain point when we do all the things same and right like same exercise, same eating habit, and same time for rest. So that body stops at certain points when the body doesn’t receive any change. Change Rep set every week to help you gain muscle.

  1. Alter Your Exercise Routine to Increase Muscle Weight

Alter your exercise routine means, if you are doing workout three times a day training two body parts, make it six days doing workout only one part per day. Make a proper plan like if you are doing a workout for chest and biceps on Mondays and back and triceps on Wednesdays. Change into Chest and triceps and back and biceps. As they will put more stress on your common muscle to grow more muscle fibers to gain muscle.

  1. Stop Moving Around Unnecessary to Build Muscle

As a skinny guy, You must understand that you should stop wasting your energy unnecessarily. You might move a lot or fidget that may be the reason you are not gaining muscle. Learn to relax and try to limit your activity as much as possible to gain muscle. Don’t waste your calories unnecessary. Limit your activity so that energy will use for good work.

  1. Try Buffet Once a Week to Gain Weight

This for extreme skinny guys, Try to eat buffet once a week. Eat buffet after the workout so that majority of calories get shuttled into the muscle. Eating Frenzy food after the gym helps you pack on those pounds that help you gaining at the right place. Don’t go regularly, but this will increase your appetite and train your body to accept the food in the days to come. Take advantage of this strategy.

  1. Consider a Mass Gainer to Gain Mass

A mass gainer is basically calories in the form of a shake. When you can’t eat more food, you can replace it with mass gainer so instead of having rice, chicken, veggies, you could replace it with mass gainer. There is another option, you can take mass gainer between your meal. But be aware you have three meals of real food no more than three of these mass gainer. It’s better to make your own protein shake, by adding fruits and mass gainer into your protein shake.

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