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How to Gain Weight Fast For Women?

Overweight problem is quite common in women, but there are many women who are under weight and wants gain fast. In this article, you are going to read about how to gain weight fast for women. The women who have body index mass below 18.5 comes in underweight and unhealthy lifestyle. Underweight body mass leads many problem. If you are not overweight but underweight, it is also disgusting for your appearance. If you really want curvaceous body like hips and breast, classic figure that salivate men then you really maintain a healthy weight and figure. Don’t eat unhealthy and fat food which makes you overweight and also having risk of many diseases. If you are really fussing about your weight and wants to gain faster. Here are best ways to gain weight fats for women.

Underweight women aren’t always happy with the figure. Sometimes when the thin women wear their dresses, it seems like a dress is hanging on a hanger, no shape, and no curves. Underweight not only ruin our appearance but also caused many diseases. So to look healthy and attractive try the best ways to gain weight fast for women.

Signs of Underweight:

  • The immune system becomes weak.
  • Decrease muscle mass.
  • Unhealthy skin, nails, and hair.
  • Improper menstruate.
  • Week bones.

Best Ways to Gain Weight Fast For Women

1.) Improve Portion Size to Gain Faster

How to gain weight fast for women

Try to eat more than you generally, consume while taking a meal. Increase size proportion can also help you to gain weight fast for women. If you really want to gain weight than come out from your comfortable zone and eat more than you usually do.

Increase proportion will increase your stomach size and then you no longer be underweight. You can also try the trick to gain weight, try to take a big plate so that you will take more and eat more.

2.) Eat Regular to Gain Pounds

Add a habit of frequent eating in your diet and try to eat more in less time gap. If you eat more often than the normally you does, you can gain weight faster. Never skip meals. You can take 6 times a small meals rather than 3 times a large meal which really help you to eat more.

This method can help to gain weight fast for women, as you feel less bloated after having each meal. Maintain a balance in your daily diet with starch, vegetable and fat.

3.) Add More Snacks in Diet to Increase Weight

Add more snacks in your diet to gain weight fast for women. As it is the effective way to increase the weight without eating too much because snacks are full of calories. Take a handful nuts and bananas while watching T.V. when you are waiting for dinner take hummus on whole grain and eat it, before the meal comes.

4.) Change the Taste of Food for Mass Gain

It shown in the research that people who are underweight doesn’t tempt much toward the food. People who don’t feel food is appealing for them, it is very necessary for them to change the taste of the food. To gain weight fast for women, you need to add some spices and herbs to make the food appealing. It’s better to cook meal at home with proper ingredients and herbs so that you eat more and gain more. There are many calories contain food with finger licking taste available in the market to gain weight.

 Add finger licking calories food like a dollop which is full of mayonnaise fat, turkey sandwiches, sprinkle cashew nuts over the stir fry salads to gain weight. Add lip smacking hand full cheese on your tacos or spaghetti Bolognese.

5). Eat More in Less Time for Weight Gain

As the dieter who want to lose weight are advised to eat slow so that the brain register the signal of fullness in less consumption, this goes against for underweight women. You need to eat more quickly so that you consume more at the time when brain sent stomach full signals.

Eating more quickly help to increase the intake of calories consumption, thus you gain more weight. It is also necessary not to go too fast that leads to bloating and sickness.

6.) Increase Caloric Consumption to Gain Faster

Add Extra 500 calories in your daily help to gain fast for women. Increase calories means you need to add healthy, vitamin food which is filled with packed nutrients for gain weight. Gaining weight doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy and junk food that may leads to health issue. Always consult a doctor for weight gain plans.

Add healthy fat in your diet to gain weight fast for women. Fat food like nuts, seeds, avocado and pea nut which contain healthy fat for weight gain. You can also eat animal fat which include lean meat and dairy products to gain weight faster. If you are suffering from high cholesterol problem then you should stick to low fat diet.

7.) Add Oil, Butter and Protein for Rapid Weight Gain

To gain weight fast for women, protein helps lean muscle to gain faster. Food which is rich in protein are egg, fish and dairy products. You can also advice to take the supplement which can complete the deficiency of proteins.

While oil and butter, increase your caloric consumption and leads to weight gain so make food in oil and butter. Try to fry vegetable in oil or butter, also add olive oil to your salads and cooked vegetables. Simply add these calories in your food to gain fast. If you follow this method, you are 100 calories in your food.

You can also drunk the calories like smoothies and protein shake that leads to gain weight fast for women.

8.) Exercise Help to Gain Weight Fast for Women

Exercise is very helpful in reducing and gaining weight. It is the effective way to gain weight fast for women. Don’t focus on the cardio for weight gain as it will reduce hard earned calories. The best way to gain weight, focus on strength weight training which increase the weight and muscle mass. You can do squats, bench presses, crunches, chin-up, deadlifts and bicep curls to increase mass. If you not aware of these exercises and doing it first time, then it’s to have a personal trainer who can show you the right moves of these exercises.

The more you do exercise the more you eat, that leads to weight gain. Make sure you consume more calories than the burned calories. You can also add protein shake in your diet and exercise will also increase your appetite.

9.) Stay Committed and Quite Smoking to Gain Pounds

Gain weight is not simple task, it require more efforts than the lose weight. It’s very important that you stick to your goals to see the results. Set an appropriate goal like gaining 5 pounds in a month. If you set the goal too high, you will give up.

Smoking suppresses the appetite and leads to weight loss. If you want to gain weight, stop smoking that will increase your appetite and also help you to eat more. Stop smoking is the healthiest option, it will not increase the appetite, but also increase overall appearance. If you can’t stop smoking, then at least avoid smoking before 2-3 hours of the meal to gain weight fast for women.

10.) Maintain a Food Journal and Stay Healthy for Weight Gain

Make a food journal that will help you to get aware of the calorie consumption. You need to write the calories intake and calories burned, to figure out the calorie consumption. Measure your weight and note it down in notebook that give you a full picture of your efforts. Stay healthy by consuming healthy fat food and exercise to gain weight. Do not binge on junk food which make you unhealthy and sick.

Remember, you are not only going to weight gain, you are changing your attitude toward the food to gain weight fast for women.

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