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How to Get a Six Pack?

Look is the most important thing that we care about most. The reason behind its importance is that a person is mostly judged by its look. Everybody wants to have a great body and if you try hard with some smart work, you will able to get a six pack. A girl always wishes a zero figure and the boy runs for getting six pack abs. Attaining a zero figure needs proper food and making six pack need a lot of hard work. If you are devoted towards hard work out, then you can easily get a six pack. It needs a lot of determination or hard work, healthy diet, daily work out and above all, it requires a lot of time.

To attain the body physique that you have always desired for, you also need the correct advice. If you do not know the right information about getting six pack, you can’t get a six pack. You should know the correct steps of work out or exercise also to get a six pack abs. You should know the do’s and don’ts of exercise. So, in this article, we have mentioned some steps to get a six pack in a few months.

Get a Six Pack

Work Out to Get a Six Pack

1.) Dead Bug Workout to Get a Six Pack

  • First, lay on your back on the mat with your both hands straight above toward the fan.
  • Straight your feet, hips, and knees in 90 degrees position.
  • Breathe out hard to bring your chest part down and press your back onto the floor, moving your pelvis up and pressing your gluteus. Be in this posture during the movement. It will be your position in the beginning.
  • Start the exercise by stretching one leg, flattening the knee and hip to get the leg just above the mat.
  • Uphold the posture of your lumbar and pelvis as you do the exercise, you will see that your back is in the position of the arch.
  • Remain tight and bring the leg to the initial position.
  • Now do the same on the other side, doing until the set is complete.

2.) Back Kick to Get a Six Pack

Back kick is very helpful to burn the extra fat near the belly region, that is not allowing you to get a six pack abs. Do it by doing the steps mentioned below.

  • Stand on one leg and elevate another one slightly behind it.
  • Keep your body and hips tight and fold your knee a bit to stop joint locking.
  • Turn forward as you kick and raise your leg a little, but make sure your body is straight.
  • Concentrate on pressing the muscles in your hip and reverse the move to return back to the earlier position.
  • Repeat this for a few times.
  • Do the method for another leg also.
  • Perform this regularly to get in shape.

3.) Cycle Crunches to Get a Six Pack

  • Lie straight on the mat with the lower back pushed into the ground.
  • Put your hands a bit on each side of your head, avoid doing the locking of your fingers or pulling the head up.
  • Straight your knees to a 45-degree angle without any difficulty.
  • In the beginning, simply go through a cycle pedal manner with the legs.
  • Off and on touch your elbows to the alternate knee going back and forth through the core.
  • Maintain the elbows below rather than onward to the torso as this could strain the neck muscles.

4.) Downward Technique to Get a Six Pack

The downward technique is a yoga position that tones your belly and arms as all the weight is being distributed equally between them. Do this exercise to lower your belly fat and get a six-pack.

  • Start by lying on your stomach or belly.
  • Drive yourself up and around with your both palms on the mat like you are going to press the mat.
  • Now, drive yourself upward with your hip leading your whole body into the air.
  • By doing all these steps, your will see that your body is in the shape of letter ‘A’.
  • Hold this position for some time and then ease.
  • Continue this for a few times initially and rise slowly.
  • Follow this daily to get a six pack abs and reduce body fat.

5.) Butt Bridge to Get a Six Pack

The butt bridge workout can lower the fat in your butt as well as the belly. Do this work out regularly to get a six pack fast.

  • Start by lying down on the floor keeping your back straight and knees folded.
  • Your both feet must be fixed on the floor firmly.
  • Put your arms at your sides and increase your pelvis towards the fan.
  • Your body must be at 45-degree angle without any difficulty.
  • Come back to the regular position by pushing yourself back to the mat or floor.
  • Do this for 5 to 6 times.
  • Continue this exercise daily till you get a 6 pack.

Diet to Get a Six Pack

1.) Protein Rich Diet to Get a Six Pack

Protein will benefit you to build strong muscle as well as reduce body fat. Out of all the nutrients like protein, fat, and carbs the lean protein has the maximum thermogenic effect on the body. So, this makes it one of the most valuable nutrients of all. This is because your body burns a hefty amount of calories. This is one of the biggest reasons why qualified athletes and good bodybuilders eat a meal that is rich in lean protein. It is also the reason that these people have best physiques on the earth. This is not just for men only, but for the men also. As we are all human beings with the same tissues and cells, we all require protein in order to live and also to burn body fat.

2.) Avoid Heavy Diet at Night to Get a Six Pack

If you have your meal late in the night, the power released by this meal does not get metabolized properly. This leads to the accumulation of fat in the body. The main reasons behind is that we are not active during the night. Less work during the night leads to more unused calories accumulating up in your body. These vacant calories, later on, get stored in the form of fat. You must stop this habit of eating heavy in order to get a six pack abs.

  • To escape this routine, eat a big meal in your lunch time or nosh up heavily before your dinner. Raw fruits and nuts would work great to enjoy before dinner meal. This will make you consume less at dinner. Do not over eat.
  • Consuming a cup of water or tea before the dinner time will make you feel satisfied. By this way, you will eat fewer calories in your dinner.

3.) Breakfast to Get a Six Pack

You should never avoid your breakfast in order to eat fewer calories to get a six pack. According to a research people who avoid their breakfast ends up consuming more calories later in the day. The reason is that after avoiding the breakfast, the craving of food becomes high. Proper breakfast will keep your hunger in control.

  • Eat lean protein diet in the breakfast like egg white, yogurt, turkey, flax seed, banana etc.
  • Do not have sugary syrups, white bread and smoothies etc.

4.) Improve Digestion to Get a Six Pack

It is important to improve your digestion for a healthy stamina and also to get a six pack. With a slow digestion, it will be quite tough to get a six pack abs. For a high and steady digestion, stop eating such foods:

  • Carbs such as pasta, white bread, rice etc.
  • Sugary products slow down your digestion.
  • Fatty stuff or junk stuff like fried and oily food.

Healthy Lifestyle to Get a Six Pack

1.) Sufficient Sleep to Get a Six Pack 

Sleeping is as much significant as workout and nutrition to get a six pack abs. Improper sleep disturbs your hormones that result in hampering your hunger. Lack of proper sleep can make you tired all day and make you feel less active. This can lead to increased weight and other severe problems. For healthy muscles, you must sleep for eight hours daily.

2.) Be Tension Free to Get a Six Pack

Tension affects your healthy dietary habits and it grows into difficulty for maintaining it. There can be a hormonal disparity, the reason behind your tension. Cortisol is a hormone liable for keeping:

  • Fat and carbohydrate
  • Healthy digestion
  • Blood pressure
  • Body sugar

Any disparity in this hormone can lead to increased weight and can distract you from your goal to get 6 pack abs. Tension is a part of our life. But, maintaining it under control is your task in order to live a healthy life.

Methods to Reduce Tension:

  • Yoga
  • Picnics
  • Games
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy

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