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How to Get Rid of a Headache?

Headache is a severe ache or pain you feel in your head, mainly in forehead or temples. It starts from the forehead and reaches to the back of the head in a form of a chain. Other parts where it affects are top or back of the head, around one eye or head and one side of the head. Headaches occur so often that according to a report of World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 45% of people of America had suffered from headache by the end of the year 2015. Read the article to learn the remedies to get rid of a headache.

Causes of Headache:

The most common reason for the headache is mentioned below.

  • Migraine
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Eating of certain food.
  • Tension or Stress.
  • Infection in the respiratory tract.

Types of Headaches:

Rebound Headache: Sometimes overdose of headache medicines can also reduce the brain sense and start a rebound headache. The headache medications mostly include caffeine, which is helpful in treating a headache, but also create you more susceptible to another headache.

Sinus Headache: It occurs because of the swelling caused by sinus obstacle. In this type of headache, you will have a regular pain on the forehead, between the nose and cheekbones. The swollen face will be appeared. You may also experience a fever. Sinus headache disturbs with your daily actions and your pain may get deep with movement.

Migraine Headache: It is a neurological disease that leads to frequent headaches. They are typical pain that is present in half part of the head. Nausea and vomiting are major symptoms. It gets severe with any hard activities and causes break to your daily activities. In research it has shown that migraine is hereditary. There is no particular cause for migraine headaches. But, some people might have daily triggers, because of food additives like glutamate, definite odours, certain medications, and change in hormones.

Tension Headache: It is a very frequent type of a headache, faced by people. It is caused because of stress or tension. The dull feeling and continuous pain with pressure around the forehead neck and near shoulders too. This headache does not cause vomiting or nausea at all. But, they make you feel uncomfortable.

Top Methods to Get Rid of a Headache

1.) Massage to Get Rid of a Headache

Get Rid of a Headache

A calm soothing head massage can help release tension and severe headache. Mix one spoon of carrier oil like the sweet walnut oil with your favorite essential oil.  After mixing well have a soothing oil massage for painful headache. For one spoon of carrier oil just add a few drops of chamomile, mint or lavender oil. You can take a few drops of oil in your finger tips and apply gently on the head, scalp, on the forehead, and the back of the neck.

2.) Caffeine to Get Rid of a Headache

A number of headache medications contain popular ingredient caffeine. For migraine patients, it is not as beneficial as it could trigger. But for normal headaches, caffeine provides help to get rid of a headache instantly. Caffeine decreases exhaustion, boost muscle functioning and increases mental alertness. Many people suffer from headaches because of the caffeine withdrawal. Tea, cola, coffee, and chocolate are loaded with good amount of caffeine that makes one feel better during the headache. Drinking warm coffee, having a hot chocolate or a walnut brownie can help you to cure your headache.

3.) Basil to Get Rid of a Headache

Basil is a great analgesic and a powerful remedy for headache. You can have basil to release your headache in numerous ways.

Basil Oil: You can massage basil oil to your forehead for instant relief.

Basil Tea: Boil three to four basil leaves in a glass of water and let it boil for a few minutes. Use strainer to strain the liquid into a cup and drink it with a teaspoon of honey.

4.) Carrot to Get Rid of a Headache

Carrot juice helps in curing headache, as it allows proper blood flow towards the brain. When the carrot is mixed with other vegetables like ginger gives best great result in curing the headaches. Ginger offers instant relief from the pain and is loaded with the folic acid, vitamins, minerals and iron which help in reducing pain.

Things You Need:

  • A few carrots.
  • Some spinach leaves.
  • One ginger slice.

Steps to Follow:

  • Take a few raw carrots, and some spinach leaves.
  • Next, take a slice of peeled ginger root.
  • Take the help of your juicer, grind all these vegetables and extract juice.
  • Have this juice regularly and it will treat your headache.

5.) Lemon to Get Rid of a Headache

Lemon is a great anti-depressant that decreases stress and soothes your nerves. It has been a tried remedy to release hangover headaches too. You can use lemon in numerous forms.

Fresh Lime Soda: Crush half a lemon into a cup; add table salt as per your need and pour a can of carbonated water in it. Mix some fresh mint leaves and little ice to the glass. This could be an energizing drink to cure headache and vomiting. The table salt in the lime soda will help to balance low blood pressure that could also be a reason for a headache.

Lemon Oil: Lemon oil could also be a great remedy for headache. It has a raw citrus aroma that can lower stress, fights depression, soothes the tensed nerves and lifts spirits. It is helpful in getting rid of sinus headaches.

Lemon Tea: Mixing a drop of lemon juice to black tea with a few mint leaves is a great refreshing remedy for nausea and headache.

6.) Ginger to Get Rid of a Headache

Ginger is an excellent remedy for headache, motion-sickness and nausea. It also helps to treat cold and sinus infection. Chewing a piece of ginger root can help ease headache fast. You can also have one or two pieces of sugarcoated ginger candy.

Ginger Juice: A can of chilled ginger juice can help to treat tension headache and cure the nausea also.

Ginger Tea: Take a half inch piece of ginger root. Slice it into coins after peeling. Crush a large strip of lemon peel. Boil ginger root with three cups of water until the ginger root becomes soft. Add a drop of lemon juice and pour it in a teapot. Add two teabags of black tea. Drink this tasty tea as it lessens your headache. It is one of the top most natural remedies for a sinus headache and nausea.

7.) Hot Compress to Get Rid of a Headache

A hot compress is also a great alternative to lower your sinus headache or rebound headache. Just take a small cloth, soak it in lukewarm water, squeeze and compress your forehead slowly. You can use this cloth to soothe your eyes, cheeks and nose pain. The other way to make a hot compress is just take two small cloths. Soak them in the water. Squeeze out the extra water. Now hold the wet towel and put it inside a microwave safe bag. Place this bag in the microwave and heat it for one minute. Take this bag out, and wrap it in the dry cloth. Use this as a compress to get rid of a headache.

8.) Peppermint Oil to Get Rid of a Headache

Peppermint oil helps lower your tensed nerves and fetch a soothing effect. It has vasoconstriction and vasodilation effects that progress the blood circulation.  Rubbing a few drops of peppermint oil on your forehead gives a soothing effect and helps to get rid of a headache fast. Just add a few drops of peppermint oil to lukewarm water and breathe in the steam. It dismisses the sinus.

9.) Chamomile Tea to Get Rid of a Headache

If you are searching for how to get rid of headache faster, then this tea is an outstanding remedy for you to cure headache fast. Chamomile tea has anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties that can lower your headache. If you suffer from regular headaches, it will be good for you to stock chamomile tea at office or at home. Try this remedy on regular basis to get rid of a headache.

10.) Aromatherapy to Get Rid of a Headache

Aromatherapy has found to be very beneficial for numerous pains. The aromatherapy works by using essential oils that provide relief from numerous migraine symptoms, particularly the headaches. Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender oils and peppermint are basically used in curing a headache. Lavender oil helps in lowering muscle spasms, and anxiety whereas peppermint oil relax the pain due to its soothing effect.

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