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How to Get Rid of Bats?

After writing about how to get rid of raccoons?, how to get rid of rats?, and how to get rid of squirrels?, Here is our next article on how to get rid of bats? Bats are known to be one of the most human-friendly living beings on earth when it comes to preventing unwanted insects and bugs from attacking your home. But, they can also cause various diseases to humans like Histoplasmosis. This is similar to flu with its symptoms and it is caused when you inhale bat droppings. That’s why people suffering from their infestation in the house search for remedies to get rid of bats as soon as possible.

The most important and the first step that leads to their elimination is to find the hiding place. Usually, bats smells bad and so does their droppings, this makes it easier to invade their refuge. Some of the common places where you can find bats include attic, old unused things/rooms, where the dormer meets the roof, where the porch connects to the main segment of the house. The pergolas on the terrace that you hardly use are also a more common place for bat refuge. You can evacuate bats easily once you manage to discover the exact place of their shelter.

Living With Bats:

Due to the loss of their natural habitat, bats have adapted the domestic environment and started to roost in the house and rely on residential areas in order to refuge and survive.

Facts About Bats Residing With You:

  • Bats aren’t rodents: so, they will not nibble or gnaw on your wooden furniture, wires, and cables.
  • Bats do not build nests: so, they won’t sneak any of your bedding to their shelters. Neither do they bring any prey in their roots because they like to keep it.
  • Mostly bats prey on insects: This is why they act as a natural pest control system.
  • Bat droppings are harmful to health as they can be inhaled along with the air and cause flu.
  • Female bats only have one baby per year. So, they do no multiply like rodents or other pesky animals.
  • Bats are seasonal visitors to your house, this means they do not live in the same roost throughout the year,but since they are loyal to their shelters so they may visit back once a year.
  • The risk of rabies infection is very small from these domestic bats. Rabies is only transmitted through bat bites or scratches so you won’t be at risk because they do not attack humans easily as they are human-friendly.
  • Bats like to socialize and keep themselves clean, this is why they spend much of the time in grooming themselves.

How to Know that Bats are Roosting at Your Property?

It is very difficult to discover their presence at your place because bats are very silent throughout the day and do not cause any nuisance or other activities to warn us about their presence. Some people have been residing along with the bats for years and haven’t been able to discover their presence at all.

1.) Bat Droppings

They are similar to that of rodents and can be found at their roots or nearby area. The way to differentiate is that the bat droppings can be easily crumbled under little pressure. So you can go for a crumble test, but do not forget to wear the gloves to avoid any infection.

2.) Keep a Check During the Dusk

Bats are very much active in the dark so, check outside the building if you can find evidence of their presence nearby.

3.) Bat Chattering

Bats make a chattering sound while they communicate with each other. They also make this sound when they prepare to fly out in search of food at dusk. During the months of July and august the sounds are almost vocal as the bat babies make a call for their mothers to return with the food.

how to get rid of bats

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bats

1.) Use The Moth Balls

The moth balls also called naphthalene balls are the most effective remedy that helps to get rid of bats. They don’t only chase them away but also avoid their recurrence in the house.

  • These balls are easily available at pest control stores, buy them and tie a few balls in a soft cotton ball.
  • Now, hang it to the places where bats mostly roost.

2.) Sealants To Restrict The Entry

Sealants are used to seal the entry points of the bats. Once all the entry points are properly sealed, bats won’t be able to sneak in again. This will help you to get rid of bats easily.

  • Get sealants, netting material or hard boards in enough quantity.
  • Now, analyze the roosting place and the entry points.
  • As soon as the bats leave at the dusk, seal all entry points and clean the entire area with disinfectants.

3.) Spray The Phenol to Get Rid of Bats

Bats do not like the smell of Phenol. This makes the place unpleasant for them to roost. This makes it easier to get rid of bat infestation in your property.

  • You can use white phenol and spray it to the infested area with a spray bottle.
  • Repeat the process until the area is filled with the strong smell of the disinfectant.
  • This will irritate the bats forcing them to relocate.

4.) Repair Crack Open Walls

Your house may have small holes either on the roof or on the side walls. This generally happens to the dark unused part of the house. A hole that is as small as 1 or ½ inch is enough for a bat to enter.

So you should always keep a check on such holes in your house. Seal them as soon as you find evidence at any of the entry points before the bats enter and start sharing the property with you.

5.) Repellents Do The Trick

A number of bat repellents are available in the market for all those who are suffering from unwanted bat intrusion on their properties. These repellents do not kill the animal, but only help to chase them away with their unpleasant smell that is immensely disliked by the bats. This makes it easier to get rid of bats.

  • These repellents are available in many forms like sprays, balls, floodlights, gels etc.
  • You just need to plant the repellent at the bat roosting area and let it work.
  • You need to reapply the repellent a couple of times to make the area unfavorable for the bats to roost anymore.

6.) Mylar Balloons Will Help

This is effective and a creative remedy that helps to get rid of bats by scaring them away.

  • You can plant them in the bat-infested areas and then, set them free to move with the breeze.
  • This movement will scare away the bats for sure, especially in the dark their movement can even scare away humans, and they are just small creatures to scare off.
  • You can also use wind chimes or hang strips of aluminium foil. The sound made by them when the wind blows will scare away the bats for sure. If not scare then definitely disturb them while roosting.
  • The light reflections from the aluminium foil also distract the bats forcing them to relocate to some favorable environment for roosting.

7.) Hang Some Mirrors

Mirror technique is used to irritate the bats at an extreme, forcing them to leave the place for sure.

  • You need to hang small pieces of the mirror to the places infested by the bats.
  • When these mirrors reflect light, the bats get distracted with it and get disturbed to an extreme while roosting, that they immediately relocate.

8.) Water Spraying Trick to Get Rid of Bats

Bats do not like disturbance when they roost during the day. Spraying water on them during this time will chase them away without any harm caused.

  • All you need is a hose pipe to spray the water on them.
  • This will disturb their roost, and repeating this process will force them to relocate.

9.) Install Plugging at The Entry Points

Instead of using sealants that may look a bit odd on your roof, you can also install one-way doors at the bat entry points. This will let the bats take an exit at the dusk, in search of food but, it won’t let them re-enter as the doors will close automatically after they take the exit.

  • All you need to do is buy these plugging from the hardware store, as many as required.
  • Now, install them to all the bat entry points.
  • They are easy to install without much fuss.
  • They are the most effective and proven remedy to get rid of bats quickly.

10.) Bat DIY Trap

If no remedy works then comes the bat trap. This is another tried and tested method to get rid of bats. Follow the steps given below:

  • Cut a piece of wire mesh, long enough to cover the entry hole of the bats and 2 feet extra around the entrance.
  • Place the mesh over the hole and tape the top edge above the entrance.
  • Carefully seal it on the place.
  • Now, take the bottom corners of the mesh to form a loose funnel and tape the edges to seal them in place.
  • Seal the bottom edge below the entrance with the duct tape.
  • The funnel is loose enough for the bats to make an exit, but difficult for them to get in again.
  • Now, you have to observe the trap for their entry and exits.
  • Do this for the next few days during the evenings.
  • If they are able to re-enter through the trap, then you need to modify it again.
  • As soon as you evidence no more exits taken from the trap this means that the area is now clear from any infestation.
  • If the exists are still active then you need to seal other entry holes in the house as well.
  • As soon as the area is free of bats, remove the traps and permanently seal these holes.
  • Clear the roosting area with disinfectants to eliminate the dirt and avoid infections.
  • This trap is an effective remedy that will help you to get rid of bats without much fuss.

11.) Mechanical Repellents

It is considered that the noise due to ultrasonic sound emitter device hunts the bats from your home. However, these devices are not very efficient, but worth a try. Loft can be cooled with the help of fans to make the heat unsuitable for bats. You can also use floodlights to control bats from the area.

12.) Christmas Décor

Yes, it is not Christmas, but the Christmas decor knocking at your home in the coming 11 months may become convenient to get rid of bats. Take some bling balls, rice bulbs, and glitter materials and hang them in bat infested area of your house. The moving objects that are also bright keeps the bats away.

13.) Aluminium Foil to Get Rid of Bats

This is one of the most effective remedies to keep bats away. You have to use aluminium foil at the nesting regions and entry points of the pigeons. All you need to do is hang some aluminium points on the entry points. You will notice that the bats will leave the place in minutes. This foil makes chime like sound when the wind blows and reflects the surfaces. Both these things frightens the bats and they leave the place.

14.) Birds Gel to Keep Bats Away

Birds gel is very popular and is available in markets all over the world. This effective remedy will keep the bats at a distance. All you need to do is pour this birds gel at all the entry points. Bats loathe to land on this sticky gel and hence they will leave your place and go. Once the place is clear, seal up all the roosting areas.

15.) Aerosol Repellent to Get Rid of Bats

This is one of the most effective remedies but you need to be very careful while trying this. Make sure you use this repellent when the bats are not present in that particular area. Otherwise this repellent may harm or kill them. And in some places it is illegal to kill bats as they play a very important role in the ecosystem.

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