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How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Do you know bed bugs are the greatest traveler of the world? It is true, you should be aware of the bed bugs as they can be found anywhere in your home, in your five-star hotel, in your luggage, in your sleeping mattress or anywhere. Even after when you see the bugs, it need various methods to get rid bed bugs. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, take action at the first sign of infestation and use different methods to get rid of bed bugs. In this article, we will share different and useful methods to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are the insect that feeds on our blood to live. The bed bugs name comes from the insects who love the warm house, bedding and sleeping mattress to live. Bed bugs usually get activated at night and but are not absolutely nocturnal. They usually feed humans without get noticed and bed bug bites has adverse effects on the skin. The bed bugs bite can cause skin rashes, allergic and psychological effects. To get rid of bed bugs, follow these methods.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs:

  • Red and itchy bites on the skin.
  • Uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • Marks on arms and shoulders.
  • Buggy beds.
  • Smelling bedroom.

how to get rid of bed bugs

Different Methods to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A). Notice Bed Bugs Sign to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

  1. Notice the sign of bed bugs to get rid of bed bugs. At night when you see rashes on the skin, it may be the result of bed bugs bite. They often come in the night, but the serious infestation happens during the day. A bed bugs bite is unlike the mosquito bites which swell the skin surface and spreads. Mosquito bites are neat and clean while the bug bites are in the form of the lines and cause inflammation.
  2. Notice the other sign also like when you see a light brown, molten skin of the young bugs and the dark spot of the dried bugs blood, which is can be present on your mattress or where the bugs resided.
  3. Bed bugs are smart enough to fool you. So please check all the area of the home when a human can take a rest. They can be under the school desk, computer table, restaurant benches, computer in the library, hospital beds, and curtains. It can also found in the carpets. Mostly it happens when you brushed on infestation on the wall cause bed bugs in your house. These bugs are very cruel that they are perfect in clinging into the fabric. Airport, train station, and bus services are also highly infected by these bugs.
  4. Don’t believe that the bed bugs only reside in the poorhouses. You can see bed bugs in the richest houses, even in the five-star hotel. Airports are also infected by the bed bug infestation.

B). Treatments to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

  1. It is necessary laundry the item of home and keeps checking the items to get rid of bed bugs. An item like like mattress covers, linen, clothes, leather bags and the teddy bear which are easy to launder. Small items which are difficult to launder can be get rid of bed bugs by placing into heat. Wrap the small items in the plastic separately and place it in the hot temperature or sunny location. In some metropolitan cities, dry cleaners also offer the bed bug killing and cleaning services. If the item cannot wash or discarded like leather handbags, spray the non-toxic bed bug spray on it and wrap it in the plastic bag for about few months. After that, dry or clean the leather bag to remove the odor.
  2. Give steam all the corners, as the steam can kill all the bed bugs and the eggs. You can purchase any device from the electronics store, which is capable of generating the steam to kill the bed bugs. If want to use the kettle, you can also use your kettle for generating the steam to kill the bed bugs. You can make your own steam machine by attaching the flexible tube in your kettle for the steam to get rid of bed bugs.
  3. Regular use of a vacuum cleaner in the house helps to get rid of the bed bugs. By the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove all the bed bugs which are present in your mattress, curtains, walls and another surface. Be more focus on the giving steam to the edges of the mattress, box springs and the perimeter to the edges of the wall carpets. After that dispose of all the vacuum collection in the sealed trash bag. If there any eggs or bed bugs left over the carpet, you can remove that by giving steam.
  4. Most of the bed bugs are seen in the nights and in the morning, they hide in the cracks and damp walls. To get rid of the bed bugs, repair the cracks by plastering the walls and glue down the walls to get rid of the bed bugs.
  5. Use insecticides to get rid of bed bugs. As you know bed bugs reside in the cracks and crevices. You can kill bed bugs only if you first remove the debris and dirt from these cracks with the help of a vacuum cleaner. As the dust and debris, protect the bed bugs from insecticide. After removing it, spray the aerosol pesticide on these walls to get rid of bed bugs. Repeat this process after one week after the initial treatment. Be aware of the pesticides, as it is harmful and toxic.
  6. For excess removal of bed bugs, call the professional pest control firm which is so experienced and know the hiding places of the bed bugs.
  7. Highly infested mattress and spring box should be discarded from home. As they can’t be laundered or clean with any other options. It will only spread the bed bugs and their bites in the home. It’s better to discard by cutting or damaging it so nobody will be tempted to use.
  8. Apply the silica gel in your bedrooms to get rid of the bed bugs and also put it on your mattress. The silica gel sticks to the bed bugs and they cannot shake which leads to dehydrate the bed bugs as a result they die. Don’t inhale the silica gel as it is very harmful for you.

Tips for You to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bite:

  • Apply the baking soda on the infected area on the skin, which reduced the inflammation and irritation caused on the skin caused by the bed bugs bite.
  • Use Aloe Vera gel to get relief from the bed bug bites. The Aloe Vera gel has cooling properties that soothe the pain and inflammation caused by the bed bug bites.
  • Use witch hazel that removes the redness of the skin and stop the itching too. The effectively healing properties of the witch hazel make the skin dry and apply the moisturizer on it.
  • You can use honey and cinnamon to get rid of the bed bugs bite. These both ingredients are very effective in the bed bugs to bite as it can cure swelling, itching and infected area.
  • Basil is a very convenient method to get rid of bed bug bite. You can take essential basil oil or dried basil leaves powder to get rid of the bed bugs bite.
  • You can apply the lavender oil as the smell of lavender oil irritate the senses of the bed bugs. It will also give you relaxing sleep as it has relaxing properties. You can also spray the lavender oil on the bed bugs infected area.
  • Tea tree oil, it is the world number one repelling oil for bed bugs. It can also kill the crawling creature on the skin. It very highly effective for the sensitive area so dilute the oil before you use it.

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