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How to Get Rid of Bees?

These hardest working creatures on this planet can land your children in trouble by their sting. Though they are beneficial for the environment, but you can’t share the same house. They can sting you if they feel threatened and some types of bees can also destroy your wooden things. In this article, you will read some natural ways to get rid of bees.

Types of Bees:

Honey Bees: They are well known for producing and storing honey. They have a giant hive with hundreds of bees in it. These are social creatures and can make their nest in your garden or backyard. Though they help in pollination, but can sting you causing pain and allergy.

Carpenter Bees: If you ever see a hole in the entrance wooden door or in your favorite wooden closet then it could be carpenter bee.

Bumble Bees: These are found underground or on fluffy materials. They can become very aggressive if they feel threatened.

how to get rid of bees

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bees:

1. Vinegar to Get Rid of Bees:

This is a simple method to kill the bees. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of vinegar and water. Spray the solution on the bee hive or on the holes of carpenter bees. Do this during the night when they are less number of bees. In the morning when you will check you will find the nest empty. Sweep away the dead bees. Do this until you get rid of bees completely.

Precaution: This can be dangerous if bees come around as they can sting you. It is suggested that you should wear fully covered clothes and gloves for your protection.

2. Petrol to Kill Bees:

For Carpenter Bees: If you want to get rid of carpenter bees then pour some petrol into their holes. Do this during the evening hours because at that time the bees are present in their hole. When you will pour the petrol they will not get time to escape and hence will die.

For Honey Bees: Try this method when there is less buzzing around and wear protective clothes while doing this.

  • Take a wooden stick and tie a cloth to one end.
  • Dip the cloth in petrol or diesel.
  • Light it using a matchstick.
  • Burn the hive.

3. Make Your Own Bee Trap:

This method only requires an empty plastic bottle. You just have to allure the bees with a sweet drink.

  • Cut a plastic bottle in half.
  • Remove the funnel part.
  • Fill the other part with a sweet drink like mountain dew.
  • Keep it near the bee hive or in your garden.
  • The bees will be attracted to it and will gradually fall into the drink.
  • When a lot of bees are collected in the bottle you can replace the bottle.

4. Citrus Spray to Get Rid of Bees:

This method is environment- friendly and natural. Bees have a natural abhorrence to citrus sprays.

  • Boil a pot of water.
  • Add any citrus food such as lemon or orange.
  • Allow it to boil.
  • Fill a spray bottle with this solution.
  • Spray on the beehive and the holes of carpenter bees.
  • Do this 2 to 3 times a day for encouraging results.

5. Build Your Own Nest to Get Rid of Bees:

This is a creative thing to do. The main idea behind this is that the bees do not build their hive in places where they find another hive. They leave that place. So your artificial beehive will help you to get rid of bees.

How to Make:

  • Take a paper grocery bag.
  • Disintegrate it and tie a thread to it.
  • Hang it in your garden or backyard.
  • You can also order an artificial beehive from online websites.

6. Almond Oil to Kill bees:

This can be an effective method to kill bees. Try this method during the daytime when most of the bees are not in the hive. This will prevent you from the bee sting. Pour some almond oil in the beehive and also on the holes of carpenter bees. Now when the bees will come in contact with the almond oil they will die immediately.

Precaution: While inserting the almond oil in the beehive wear fully covered clothes and gloves. You should also cover your face with a cloth.

7. Black Pepper to Get Rid of Bees:

This common ingredient is found in the kitchen of every home. This is a cheap method and prevents you from spending money on the bee removal products. During this method, the bees can attack you so it is recommended that your wear protective clothing and gloves. Spray the black pepper on the beehive and the inside the holes of carpenter bees. Bees are very sensitive to black pepper and hence they will die when coming in contact with it.

8. Boric Acid to Kill Bees:

Boric Acid is safe for human beings, but at the same time, it is very toxic to bees. The ingredients present in it can eradicate the bees quickly. Insert it into the beehive and holes to kill the entire population of bees present in the hive or the holes. You can buy the boric powder from some chemical stores.

9. Soap Spray to Eradicate Bees:

This is one of the best remedies to get rid of bees as this spray attacks the entire colony of bees. But while doing this you have to protect yourself from a bee sting. You can do this by covering your face. You should also wear gloves.

How to Make:

  • Fill a spray bottle with detergent water.
  • Add lemon juice and peppermint to it.
  • You can also add hot peppers.
  • Spray the soapy water on the beehive and inside the holes of carpenter bees.

10. Block the Entrance:

The carpenter bees generally make their nest on the wood. So to get rid of carpenter bees you can block their holes. You can do this by covering it will steel wool as a carpenter bee cannot dig it. You should try this method during the night as carpenter bees are foraging actively during the daytime.

11. Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Bees:

The drying properties of Diatomaceous Earth will kill the bees. Insert some powder in the holes of the carpenter bees. Cover the holes using a duct tape. Pour it again after a few hours.

Precaution: Wear fully covered clothes and gloves to protect your skin. Also, wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

12. Make Noise to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees:

This is a 100% safe method and you just need to make a loud noise. Carpenter bees are unable to tolerate noise and hence they leave the place.

Tips to Prevent Bee Sting:

  • Avoid looking like a flower. This means don’t wear bright colored clothes. This will attract more bees towards you.
  • Don’t smell like a flower. Bees are attracted towards sweet smells. So avoid using strong perfumes, especially during the daytime or when you are in a garden or visit a flower nursery.
  • Avoid walking barefoot as bumble bees make their nest on the ground and can sting you.
  • Wear clothes with a proper fitting. This will not give the bee an easy opening to crawl inside your pants.
  • When a bee buzzes around you, stay still. Don’t threaten her otherwise, it will sting you.
  • Use a covered dustbin and clean it daily.
  • These hard working creatures are busy in collecting pollen so don’t spend too much time in a flower garden.
  • Call for a professional help if needed.
  • Soda attracts bees. So whenever you drink soda make sure that the bee has not tasted it.
  • Keep a bee spray to eliminate bees.
  • Use hardwood rather than soft wood for furniture. Carpenter bees will not be able to dig hardwood. Choose oak, maple and cherry wood for furniture.

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