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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants?

When you see carpenter ants at home, you become worried about your furniture and don’t want a nest hiding out in the walls. This is the widespread trouble, which is mostly found in the homes of united state. These destructive common insects hollow out of the wood to create their nests. As they like wet woods and dead woods, which easily infect the wooden structure within the home. If you found the nest in the furniture like the corner of the windows, it’s necessary to take the steps to get rid of carpenter ants. Read this article to get rid of carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants are widely seen in the forested parts of the world. They form a nest on the inner side of the wood. They build the different galleries by chewing with mandibles as they like wet and dead woods. Carpenter ants don’t use wood as a source of food. They just hollowed out the section of the tree for their nest. These household pests are responsible for the structural damage. The most familiar species of carpenter ants is black carpenter ants. It is mostly found in the United States. The most painful thing is when their nest is disturbed they easily bite a human. As they are large in size, their bites are painful and break the skin. They are highly active in the month of summer and spring. As they found lots of dead and wet woods in both the seasons.

A carpenter ant is very large in comparison to other ants. Mostly the aunt is yellowish, brown, black and red. The most important source of food of carpenter ants is sugar and proteins. They also feed the living and dead insects. They hollowed out the section of wood to build galleries. These past galleries can be very destructive. If you really care about the furniture of your home, try these different ways to get rid of Carpenter ants.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

  1. Lemon Juice to Prevent Carpenter Ants

Home remedy of lemon juice is very effective to get rid of carpenter ants. They hollow out the section of wood from our furniture. Extract the lemon juice and put into the spray bottle. Spray the lemon juice on the carpenter ants prone area. It will take the time to work, as the acid present in the lemon irritate the sense of tracking and the disturbed the communication of ants. So ants avoid lemon juice.

How to get rid of carpenter ants

  1. Cinnamon to Disturb Carpenter Ants

Cinnamon leaf disturbed the sense of smelling, which the carpenter use to track the areas. Ant lives on chemical scent which they used to track the food and to go back home. So when you spray the cinnamon oil or powder on carpenter ants, it destroys the communication. As ants don’t like cinnamon. Cinnamon not only destroys the communication but also kill the ants as the cinnamon has anti-microbial and antibacterial property.

  1. Peppermint to Keep Away Carpenter Ants

Peppermint has a very strong smell. It is very annoying for the ants, as they create problems in their tracking senses and stop the communication between the ants. Sprinkle the peppermint spray on the window or any other affected area. You will easily get rid of carpenter ants, plus it will give nice fragrance to your home. Spray the peppermint oil or spray and watch them suffer.

  1. Boric Acid to Control Carpenter Ants

Boric Acids works like stomach poison for the carpenter ants and for other insects also. The dry powder of the boric acid sticks to the ants’ exoskeleton. As they intake boric acid while cleaning the powder from legs, which resist them to move. You can also put the boric powerful powder on the nest and galleries of the carpenter ants. Especially where they forms a layer of dust. When they move to the galleries and in the nest, they will intake the acid to clean the legs which cause them to death. This is one of the best remedies to get rid of carpenter ants.

  1. Vinegar to Repel Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants have strong scent sensitivity. Scent sensitivity of ants helps them to find ways by keeping moving on a trail. If you disturb the trail, which in results ants lost their communication and move in a different direction. When you spread the vinegar on ants, they not only lose the communication and which also result in their faster death. Use vinegar to destroy the scent sensitivity of ants to get rid of carpenter ants. Vinegar is made up of fruits, the natural acidity of vinegar help in killing the carpenter ants faster. Insect-like carpenter ants avoid the acidic item.

  1. Dish Soap to Kill Carpenter Ants

Dish soap is easily available in the home. The chemical nature of the dish soap is very dangerous for all kinds of ants. As the dish soap contains lots of chemicals, which break the sticky layer of the exoskeleton and create dehydration for the ants. Mix the dish soap with water and directly spray on the entry point of the ants’ path. It is very annoying for the ants. To get rid of carpenter ants use dish wash, which is a very convenient home remedy.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

This method is very effective to get rid of carpenter ants. Diatomaceous earth is made up of silicon dioxide and fossilized remains of diatoms (aquatic creature having silicon composed skeleton). It gets glued in the outer layer of the exoskeleton, which extract the liquid and melt the cuticle of carpenter ants. It caused carpenter ants dry up and faster death. Just sprinkle some quantity on plants and in furniture to get rid of carpenter ants. It’s not harmful to human and animals but still keep it away from children.

  1. Pepper to Keep Away Carpenter Ants

It is very useful in repelling the ants as it has very strong smells. This smell irritates the scent sensitivity. It results in destroying the communication of the ants and also killed the ants. Just sprinkle the black pepper in the windows or the path of the carpenter ants. It will disturb the communication, the ants will get confused and lost their direction. The strong black pepper helps in kill ants, as they intake the powder to clean the legs for moving. A very convenient and safe remedy to get rid of carpenter ants.

  1. Mint to Prevent Carpenter Ants

The strong fragrance of the mint destroys the smelling ability of carpenter ants. Mint prevent them entering into rooms or home. As the mint leaves works similar to peppermint, which also helps to stops the communication and irritates the ant’s scent sensitivity. Ant will get afraid and goes away.

Put a mint leaves plant in a home, if you face this problem again and again. Place the mint leaves around your window or places. Put the mint leaves in the corner of cupboards to get rid of carpenter ants.

  1. Salt Water to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

This the best and cheapest ways to kill the carpenter ants. As the salt doesn’t kill the ants but repel the carpenter ants to entering in rooms or particular area. So where you found carpenter ants, put boiling water and salt to kill the ants. You can kill the ants as ants are so cruel. Add salt into the boiling water and pour it into the spray bottle. Spray the mixture in the rooms and galleries of ant to diminish the ants quickly.

Tips to Get Rid Of  Carpenter Ants:

  • Keep maintaining the house, don’t make the woods damp and death because this attracts the carpenter ants.
  • If you found damage in wooden furniture caused by the carpenter ants, cut down or repair the damage.
  • Remove wood debris, and eliminate the nest by repairing the injured wood tree.
  • Apply the Tero ant bait plus which is weather resistant, which prevents the damage caused by the carpenter ants.
  • Put the insect killing granules to get rid of carpenter ants.

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