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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Permanently?

Are you afraid of roaches and fed up of their unwanted presence in your house? Well, then you are at the right place. We will discuss various natural remedies that will help you to get rid of cockroaches easily and effectively. Cockroaches are the peskiest insects ever witnessed. Though many people do not find them ugly, but a few of them consider roaches as monsters. These resilient pests can even survive a nuclear explosion, so just forget about commercial pesticides and chemical bug killers. Later, you can read how to get rid of rats?, how to kill ants?, and how to get rid of bed bugs?.

So, when you are thinking to eliminate these ugly looking creatures from your house, then you need to think beyond those commercial bug killers. This is because the roaches are now immune to these chemicals and can easily rebel its effects. But, there are a few natural ingredients that these roaches dislike the most. What we will do is that we will use these ingredients in such a way that they will tend to effectively eliminate roaches from your house without much fuss. All you need to do is have patience.

Why Do We Need to Get Rid of Roaches?

Despite the fact that Cockroaches are not monsters that we need to be afraid of, but their infestation is a sign of an unhygienic environment. A few factors that explain the point include:

  • Poor domestic hygiene.
  • Contamination of uncovered food.
  • Infestation in kitchen sinks, pipes and crevices.
  • Immense fast multiplication.
  • Highly resilient.
  • Cockroach bites.
  • Secrete bad odor.

An ignored cockroach infestation can lead to many diseases like:

Signs of Cockroach Infestation 

  • Discarded cases of hatched eggs.
  • Roach feces that resemble coffee powder.
  • Pungent or musty odor.
  • Dead cockroaches.
  • Scurrying sound at night.
  • Stomach infections, especially in children.
  • Spotting roaches during the day is a sign of severe infestation.

how to get rid of cockroaches

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches Permanently

1.) Bay Leaves To Repel Cockroaches 

Bay leaves are an easily available ingredient in the market and various grocery stores. It is also one of the common ingredients used in various recipes. Now, bay leaves are not just limited to these uses. It is also an effective roach repellent that helps to get rid of cockroaches permanently. This is because of the smell of these leaves that help to ward off the roaches. 

  • Simply place a bundle of  bay leaves in the infested areas of your house.
  • The can also be placed at their entry points to keep the roaches away.
  • Then leaves can also be placed in bookshelves and wardrobes to protect your books and clothes from infection.
  • Also, these are the places where the roaches can easily escape.

2.) Use Ammonia Solution Carefully

Ammonia is the best solution to get rid of cockroaches that hide in drainage pipes, sinks, crevices, etc. It is the best solutions to eliminate roaches and also prevent their entry in the house. This is because of the strong pungent smell of ammonia is what the roaches cannot resist.

  • Dilute a cup of ammonia is water and pour it in the sink.
  • This will clean out the drainage pipes.
  • You can also pour this solution in your toilets.
  • Repeat the process until no signs of roaches are visible.

3.) Moth Balls To Repel Roaches 

Mothballs are an excellent remedy to ward off the roaches easily. This is because the smell of these balls is what repels the roaches and help to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

  • All you need to do is place a few balls at the roach infested areas.
  • Keep on replacing the balls as they tend to evaporate with time.
  • Regular usage will help to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

NOTE- Moth balls are poisonous, so keep them away from children.

4.) Mint Oil to Get Rid of Cockroaches 

Mint is an excellent remedy to eliminate roaches. This is because the strong smell of menthol repel the cockroaches and prevent their entry into your house. Though, mint is not potent and beneficial as other remedies but, is surely a not toxic and natural remedy to eliminate roaches from the house.  

  • Crush a few fresh mint leaves and extract the juice. 
  • Mix it water to form a solution. 
  • Spray it on the infested areas using a spray bottle. 
  • Repeat regularly until the roaches are gone. 
  • You can also soak a cotton ball in peppermint oil. 
  • Apply to the entry points of the roaches. 
  • This will prevent the roaches from entering. 
  • Repeat the remedy until they stop coming in. 

5.) Listerine for Roaches 

Use of Listerine is not just limited to your mouth, it also helps to get rid of cockroaches from the house. This is because it has natural disinfectant properties that are used to eliminate the pest infestation in your house. 

  • Dilute Listerine in water to form a solution. 
  • Spray it to the roach infested areas. 
  • Regular application will help to get rid of cockroaches permanently. 

6.) Cedar for Roaches 

Cedar is easily available in all forms like balls, chips, blocks, etc. They are an excellent remedy to ward off the roaches from the house including various other pests. This is because the smell of Cedar prevents roaches and other pests to infest in the house. Cedar is also used to line cupboards and closets to keep the pests away. 

  • Simply place the Cedar balls or chips to the infested areas. 
  • You can also line the infested areas like closets, kitchen shelves, cupboards, etc with Cedar to eliminate roach intrusion. 
  • Regular application will help to get rid of cockroaches over time. 

7.) Bleach to Eliminate Roaches

Bleach is one of the most common disinfectants used to ward off the pests and especially roaches. This because it kills the roaches and other pests, thus making it an excellent remedy to get rid of roaches. 

  • Dilute bleach in water and pour it in the sink and toilets.
  • The solution will either kill or drown away the roaches and other pests living in these areas.
  • Regular application will eliminate the cause for sure.  

8.) Lemons to Get Rid of Roaches  

The sour smell of lemons is what repels the roaches. Also, it has natural anti-pathogenic properties that helps to get rid of cockroaches easily. This is because roaches and other pests just can’t stand the citric odor. 

  • Dilute lemon juice with water to prepare a solution. 
  • Spray to the roach infested areas. 
  • You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to water used to mop the floor. 
  • This will help to get rid of cockroaches easily. 

9.) Borax to Eliminate Roaches 

Borax is an excellent remedy to get rid of cockroaches. This is because when the roaches come in contact with Borax it tends to burn their exoskeletons and acts as a slow poison for them. The affected cockroaches take it back to their nest and kill other roaches as well. 

  • Simply sprinkle borax to the roach entry points. 
  • This will kill the roaches and eliminate them from the house easily. 
  • Repeat until all the roaches are gone

10.) Soap Solution for Roaches 

Soap simply clogs the pores making it difficult for the roaches to breathe. This will help to get rid of cockroaches easily if repeated regularly. 

  • Simply prepare a thick soap solution. (Lemon flavor recommended)
  • Drain it in the toilets, kitchen sinks and other drainage pipes. 
  • You can also spray the solution directly at the pests.
  • But, it is a bit hectic and tiring to run behind the pests whenever you see them.  
  • Regular application will help to get rid of roaches easily. 

11.) Cucumber for Roaches 

Cucumber helps to get rid of cockroaches, this is because it has many roach repellent properties. Also, it is nontoxic and an organic natural remedy. 

  • Place a few freshly cut cucumber slices to the infested areas. 
  • This will help to eliminate roaches easily. 
  • As an addition, you can also add a few bay leaves with cucumber to get better results. 

12.) Boric Acid and Sugar Remedy 

This is an effective remedy because sugar acts as a bait for roaches on the other hand boric acid is a poison that will kill roaches. So, the duo serves as an excellent remedy to get rid of cockroaches overnight. 

  • Simply prepare a mixture of Boric Acid and Sugar. 
  • Place it on the kitchen shelves, cupboards, and wherever the pests infest. 
  • Clean the large number of dead roaches the next morning. 
  • Repeat the remedy until all the roaches are gone

13.) The Vaseline Trap

When nothing works and you wanna show your creativity skills, this is what will help you to get rid of cockroaches. This is because the roaches get stuck in the Vaseline due to its gooey consistency.

  • Just use Vaseline to outline the rim of a jar. 
  • Put in few food items or simply sprinkle sugar in the jar. 
  • This will act as the bait for the roaches. 
  • Place it at the roach infestation areas. 
  • When the roach tries to reach the bait, they will get stuck in the Vaseline. 
  • Repeating the process several times will help to eliminate all the roaches from the house. 

14.) The Coffee Trap to Kill Cockroaches

The other effective method to eliminate roaches is The Coffee Trap. This is because Coffee powder clogs their pores making it difficult for them to breathe. Thus, the roaches die easily. 

  • Just fill the bottom of the jar with coffee powder. 
  • The caffeinated aroma will surely attract these pesky little creatures.
  • Fill the jar with water to drown the roaches when they try to get in for the bait.
  • Also, repeat the remedy to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

15.) Insecticide Spray to Get Rid of Cockroaches

There are thousands of chemical insecticide sprays available in the market that contains Cyfluthrin, which is very efficient in getting rid of the roaches fast. Spray the insecticide in the infesting areas of roaches such as cracks in the wall, drainage areas, vent, in the trash can etc. Cockroaches usually produce in warm and damp areas.

  • It is important that you follow all the safety instructions while spraying the insecticide.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the insecticide.

16.) Cockroach Bait to Kill Cockroaches

The cockroach bait consists of a chemical gel which works as slow poison for the cockroaches. The roaches will get attracted to the bait and will also bring their family to the bait. The entire cockroaches will be removed within two weeks.

Keep the bait where the cockroaches roam frequently such as near the vents, cracks on the floor, trash can, cabinets, bathrooms, under the sink, etc. Cockroaches will consume the bait and may carry it to their nest exposing to other roaches as well to eat the poison in the bait.

17.) Pepper, Garlic and Onion Solution to Kill Cockroaches

When you combine these three ingredients together a smell is created which is unbearable for the cockroaches. All you need to do is take one liter of water and add one tablespoon of pepper. Add half mashed onion and some garlic cloves. Mix some liquid soap and sprinkle this solution in every corner of your house. You can even mop your kitchen counters and floor with this solution.

18.) Lilac Oil to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Lilac oil is a very good choice if you do not want to try synthetic methods to get rid of cockroaches. The highly volatile components present in lilac oil act as an insect deterrent. It is less toxic and cheap than chemical repellents. All you need to do is fill a regular sized spray bottle with water. Mix one tablespoon of lilac oil. Spray this solution in the infested areas.

Tips To Keep in Mind While Killing Cockroaches:

The given remedies for cockroaches are very useful in getting rid of roaches from your home, however you need to take responsibility of certain things while attempting to get rid of cockroaches permanently:

  • If you are using chemicals and insecticides to get rid of roaches, maximum care should be taken to stop the inhalation of chemicals. These chemicals may affect breathing problems and lung inflammation in your body.
  • The baits and chemicals used for eliminating the roaches may contain some harmful ingredients for children and pets. So always keep the chemicals and baits in places not easily accessible to pets or children.
  • Keep your kitchen area and bathroom, dry to prevent being the breeding area of roaches.
  • Cleaning the kitchen floors and counters using disinfectant liquids will resist the entrance of roaches.
  • Keep the food containers sealed. Make sure that dirty dishes are not left outside overnight.
  • Cockroaches can’t live without water for more than a week. So discard any water leakage by fixing it properly.
  • Always store your cooking pots and vessels upside down to avoid cockroach eggs or droppings in them.
  • If you are killing cockroaches manually, then clean up the place immediately.
  • Clean the house with non toxic disinfectants.
  • Keep all the rubbish in trash cans that are covered with a lid.
  • Make sure there are no holes in the walls and cupboards.
  • Vacuum your house on a regular basis.
  • Keeping naphthalene balls in various parts of the house like inside the cabinets and clothes to prevent cockroaches as they hate the smell of naphthalene.

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