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How to Get Rid of Gas Pain?

The uncomfortable situation that appears at the wrong time during a meeting or test in a silent room, or in a crowded area. Though it is not harmful but can be uncomfortable. There can be many reasons for gas and gas pain but is easy to treat. Here are many home remedies to get rid of gas pain. Read this article and get remedies to get rid of gas pain.

A Few Common Causes of Gas Pain:

  • Swallowed air.
  • Spicy food.
  • Breakdown of undigested food by harmless bacterias present in the large intestine.
  • Improper chewing of food.
  • Stress and Anxiety.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Bacterial infection.
  • Swallowed air.
  • Chewing tobacco or smoking.
  • Malfunctioning of intestines.
  • Improper digestion.
  • Talking too much while eating.
  • Overeating
  • Constipation

Symptoms of Gas Pain:

  • Passing gas.
  • Burping
  • Knotted feeling in abdomen.
  • Pain or bloating in stomach.
  • Abdominal bloating.
  • Flatulence
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Excessive hiccups.
  • Bad breath.
  • Tightness and swelling in the abdomen.
  • Sharp punching cramps in the stomach.
  • Coated tongue.
  • Belching

Tips to Get Rid of Gas Pain Effectively

1.) Ginger to Get Rid of Gas Pain

Ginger, due to its different chemical components ginger is an effective indigestion treatment. It’s also beneficial to get rid of gas problem. Gingerols and shgaols present in the ginger relax the intestinal system and relieve any kind of inflammation. It also acts as a carminative, which prevents the excess gas formation of gas and eases the pain caused by this.


  • Take ground ginger, fennel and cardamom in equal amount.
  • Combine them thoroughly.
  • Now take a cup of water and put one tablespoon of the mixture and a dash of asafetida in it.
  • Drink this two times a day to get rid of gas pain.


  • Another way is to consume a little ginger juice mixed with a pinch of asafetida.

2.) Peppermint Tea to Cure Gas Pain

Peppermint can be utilized in different ways to get rid of gas pain. Menthol present in peppermint essential oil has antispasmodic which ease the muscles of the digestive system. It eases the stomach irritation by soothing nerves. Drink peppermint tea to cure gas and gas pain.


  • Prepare a tea of fresh peppermint leaves by adding a few peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes.
  • Strain the water and add some honey.
  • Drink this tea two to three times a day to get relief.


  • You can also chew some peppermint leaves for quick relief.

how to get rid of gas pain

3.) Cardamom to Treat Gas Pain

Cardamom is also an effective home remedy to get rid of gas pain. It is a popular spice to cure gas pain by improving digestion and gives the relief from gas and pain caused due to gas.


  • Add some roasted cardamom powder to your food such as vegetables, lentils, rice before cooking to prevent gas.
  • Or You can also chew cardamom twice or thrice a day to cure stomach gas.
  • Or You can make a tea by steeping a few cardamom pods along with a small piece of ginger and a teaspoon of fennel seeds in boiling water for several minutes.
  • Drink this tea when it’s warm, several times a day to treat gas and gas pain.

4.) Baking Soda and Lemon

Baking soda and lemon are very effective for many problems. When they are taken together, they cure so many health problems, gas pain and gas are one of them. The combination of both of them is very beneficial to get rid of gas pain and its symptoms.


  • Take a glass of water and add one tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Squeeze a lemon in the baking soda solution and stir well.
  • Add more water, once all the fizz is gone.
  • Now add a little amount of ACV to it and drink. Apple cider vinegar helps to increase the pH level which is helpful to alleviate gas problems.

5.) Get Rid of Gas Pain with Chamomile Tea

Due to the relaxing properties like anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic chamomile works very effectively to ease gas pain and heartburn.


  • Make a tea of chamomile leaves or you can use tea bags.
  • Add a dash of lemon and honey according to your taste.
  • Drink twice and thrice a day to get rid of gas pain quickly.

6.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Gas Pain

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies to get rid of gas pain. Drink ACV makes stomach acidic to digest food and ease both gas and digestion.


  • Make a mixture of one tablespoon of apple vinegar with a cup of water and one tablespoon honey.
  • Mix them all together and drink this solution thrice a day to get rid of gas pain.

7.) Black Pepper to Ease Gas Pain

Black pepper is also very effective to cure gas pain. It is packed with some amazing medical properties which are good for healing stomach issues. It helps to heal acidity and indigestion by releasing hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


  • Take black pepper, dried mint leave, ginger powder and coriander seeds in the same quantity.
  • Grind them all together to make a mixture.
  • Consume a teaspoon twice a day to treat gas pain and its symptoms.

8.) Warm Water to Ease Pain

Drinking warm water is one of the best home remedies to get rid of gas pain. Because warm water flushes out all the toxins overloading digestive tract.


  • Simply drink enough water a day, especially in the morning and after you have your meal.
  • Only drink warm water, neither cold nor too hot.

9.) Carom Seeds to Get Rid of Gas Pain

Carom seeds are helpful to cure heartburn or indigestion and are good for gas or gas pain as well. It can cure almost every stomach related problems. It releases the gut juice to improve the digestive system, hence cure gas pain and its symptoms.


  • The best way to cure gas pain is to consume 5-10 carom seeds a day.
  • You may eat them with a pinch of salt and a glass of lukewarm water and see the immediate effect.

10.) Garlic to Treat Gas Pain

After consuming garlic, you can feel that pungent smell lingering in your mouth, but this is one of the best ingredients to get rid of gas pain and its symptoms. It helps to stimulate the gastric system and cure the ingestion problems. Consume raw garlic to get rid of gas pain. You can also make garlic  part of your daily diet by making it the part of your meal.


  • Take a few garlic and crush them
  • Boil them in the water for a few minutes and put some black pepper and cumin seeds to it.
  • Strain the solution and leave it to cool.
  • Drink this solution two to three times a day to get effective results.

11.) Lemon to Cure Gas Pain

Lemon is popularly known for its citrus flavor and health benefits. It can cure indigestion very effectively. Benefits of lemon are countless. It works as a blood purifier and stimulates digestion by producing bile juice in the body. It helps to get rid of gas pain, nausea, belching, and heartburn.


  • Drink lemon water in the morning can help to prevent so many problems, including weight lose, digestion, gas etc.
  • Drinking hot water in the morning is more effective to cure gas and gas pain.

12.) Activated Charcoal to Get Rid of Gas Pain

Charcoal is best known to draw excess gas from the intestines. Consume one charcoal supplement before and after having your meal. It is very effective and easily available at food stores.

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