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How to Get Rid of Moles?

Moles, all people are familiar with moles. Some people don’t mind to have black mold on their skin, but there are also some people who want to get rid of black moles because the way they look. Most moles are harmless and cause no health problems, but the people take it from an aesthetic point of view find them ugly and unattractive. Don’t worry, in this article, you will read about how to get rid of moles easily without using commercial products and hazardous skin surgeries.

A mole is a type of fungus which grows in the form of multicellular cell known as Hyphae. This is the result of having too many melanocytes in the skin. Melanocytes are the cell that produces pigment, the coloring substances that are also known as Melanin. If you are not aware of melanocytes are, this is in charge of melanin which gives the skin color. It is important to get rid of moles as it can be cancerous for some people. It is important to take the advice of a doctor when you feel that your mole is cancerous.

Moles are in different hues like black, brown, flesh-colored spots and patches on the skin that usually forms when there is a too much collection of melanocytes. Moles generally appear at the age of 20-30 and take different forms like the flat mole, raised mole, smooth mole, and the rough male with or without hair mole. The texture differs from person to person. The appearance of moles also depends on different factor, factors like hormonal imbalance, genetic and sun exposure which change the appearance of the mole. To get rid of moles follow different ways to get rid of moles in this article.

Types of Moles:

  • Moles look same for some untrained eyes, but they are different in texture and color. Here are different types of moles that are most common in people.
  • Dermal Melanocytic Naevi: These types of moles are spread on the skin and have the pale color that might contain hair.
  • Junctional Melanocytic Naevi: These types of moles are flat, round and in black or usually deep brown colored.
  • Compound Melanocytic Naevi: These types of moles are spread on the skin as well, commonly light brown in color and also contain hair.

Uncommon Types of Moles:

  • Blue Naevi: They are generally dark blue in color.
  • Halo Naevi: These types of moles contain a pale circular ring surround it. In this case, skin loses the pigment around the edges of the moles.
  • Dysplastic or Atypical Naevi: These moles are big and unattractive. They could be flat or may be raised in bump and also appear in different shades.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Moles

Here are different ways to get rid of the black mold easily that are eating your self-confidence without using commercial products and surgeries to kill black moles.

  1. Iodine to Get Rid of Moles

When moles are no longer seems beautiful on the face, you can remove it by using iodine tincture. When the mole can develop into cancerous melanoma. A tincture of iodine can remove the mole and also the skin marks. It helps in activating the natural  death cells and removes the cluster and it is easily available in the drug store.

To remove the mole from the skin, clean move affected the area and drop few drops, which contain 5% of iodine solution. If you have flat moles then scratch the area with an emery board before applying the solution of iodine on the moles. Wrap the affected area after applying the iodine solution on the move, repeat this remedy twice a day to get rid of moles.

how to get rid of moles

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar to Prevent Moles

As the apple cider, vinegar contains acetic acid to prevent the growth of moles. The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar help in preventing the moles. It contains acid to remove the moles and dried up which helps in falling off the skin.

For this apple cider vinegar method to get rid of moles, just take one teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar. Apply the apple cider vinegar with the help of cotton swab on the affected area and wrap the area. Leave it in overnight. Do this method for 10 days to remove the mole.

  1. Aloe Vera to Heal Moles

Aloe vera works as anecdotal to get rid of moles. It is completely painless and also has anti-bacterial properties to fight against the bacteria. It also works as a natural sunscreen. The acid content in the aloe vera gel lightens the mole and also mildly remove it from the skin.

For this natural way, you need aloe vera gel to get rid of moles naturally. Apply the aloe vera gel on the affected area and wrap with cloth or bandage. Leave the area like this for about 3-4 hours and repeat this method 2-3 times in a day for easy removal of moles.

  1. Tea Tree Oil to Remove Moles

Tea tree oil also contains anti-bacterial properties to get rid of moles from the skin. A large amount of anecdotal present in the tea tree oil, which proves it the effective remedy to prevent the moles. It also protects the area from any other infection. But it is not recommended for the people who has highly sensitive skin, which can cause burning sensation in your skin.

For this highly effective method. Take a small amount of tea tree oil and with the help of cotton ball and place it on the affected area. Cover the area with a bandage and leave it for an hour. Repeat this procedure every day in the month to get rid of moles.

  1. Garlic to Cure Moles

Garlic is a very useful remedy to get rid of moles at home. As the garlic contain enzymes which destroy the cluster of cell that produce pigments. It also lightened the skin and helps in the complete removal of moles.

For garlic convenient remedy, take the clove of garlic and crush it. Then place the crushed garlic cloves on the affected area and wrap the area with a bandage. You can leave it for 4 hours or for overnight, the mole will fall naturally in the five days of application.

  1. Castor Oil to Ward Off Moles

As the castor oil rich in anecdotal enzymes that make it highly effective to get rid of moles. It also dissolves and irregular growth of moles as being a discutient. This method is highly effective but takes the time to remove the moles because it removes one layer of the mole at one time.

For the result, take a pinch of baking soda and a few drops of castor oil. You can also mix ground aspiring for better removal. Stir the mixture and apply to the mole affected the area. Repeat this method twice a day for one method to get rid of moles.

  1. Flaxseeds, Ground Seed and Honey to Remove Mole

Honey has anti-bacterial properties which help in preventing the area from getting infections and also lighten the marks. When you combine these ingredients together, the mixture becomes highly effective for the raised mole and help to get rid of moles. It helps in loosening the root of moles and allows it to fall off from the skin.

For this remedy, wash the area with warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth. Take a teaspoon of flaxseeds, ground seeds, and honey. Wrap the mole affected area with a bandage and leave it for an hour after washing with warm water. Repeat this treatment for a few weeks to get rid of moles.

  1. Juices to Get Rid of Moles

 The acetic and astringent element present in the juice of vegetables and fruits makes the moles fade and disappear from the skin. These juices maintain the skin stone and also has acetic properties to dissolve the growth of pigment cells.

You can apply different juices like sour apple juice 3 times a day for few week to remove moles, onion juice 2-3 times a day for 3 weeks, and pineapple juice to get rid of moles naturally.

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