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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

After writing about how to get rid of pigeons?, how to get rid of squirrels?, and how to get rid of bats?, Here is another article on how to get rid of rats? Imagine one day you wake up and find your home in a total mess. The kitchen full of fallen containers with things kept in it comes out. A hole in your favorite dress or your favorite food in a pathetic condition. Suddenly, you wake up with the alarm and realize that it was just a bad dream. But let me warn you, this bad dream of yours can come true if you ignore rats and mice in your house. These obnoxious creatures can intrude in your life and make it hell. Though some people find them cute, but let us not forget that they can land us in hospitals by causing plague and other diseases. However, it is not such a big thing and by using the ways given in this article you can get rid of rats.

What Attracts Rats and Mice to Homes?

If you want to stop rats and mice entering into your house, then you need to check the source of their entry. Once you figure out what is turning your house into a center of attraction, then it becomes much easier to get rid of them. In most cases, the easy accessibility of food and water draws most of the attention of rats to your kitchen and living area. Poor maintenance of pipelines and basements make it much convenient for the rats to become your house members.

So When Can You be Sure You Have a Rodent Problem?

Like every condition or disease has its symptom, rat infestation also have its own marks. From rat droppings to anonymous gnawing marks on furniture and walls. Rats are popular for cutting through fabric and once in a while you will notice cuts and holes in your favorite pair of trousers or your cardigans. You will start noticing large holes in furniture and floorboards. Not only this, rats have the habit of excavate burrows under the roots of trees and lushy fields. These are a few of the certain signs of rodent infestation.

Causes of Rats:

  • Easy availability of food and water
  • Broken pipelines
  • Basements
  • Too many shrubs near the home

how to get rid of rats

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

1.) Onions to Keep The Rats Away

The pungent smell of onion will make the rats run away in the opposite direction. This smell of onion makes it a good choice to get rid of rats.

  • Cut fresh slices of onion
  • Keep it near their burrows or the places where you have seen them most. For example,  your kitchen.
  • Keep replacing the old slices of onions with fresh onions, otherwise the rotten smell will not let you live peacefully.

Precautions: The toxins present in the onion can be dangerous to pets.

2.) Carefully Use The Ammonia

The bad and strong smell of ammonia will repel the rats. It might not kill the rat, but for sure it will scare it. To try this method follow the steps given below:

  • Take 100ml of water in a bowl.
  • Add 2 cups of ammonia and a little detergent powder.
  • Keep the bowl in the rat prone areas.

3.) Make Use Of Peppermint Oil

Humans love the pleasant smell of peppermint, but the same smell loathes the rats away. Peppermint oil helps to discourage rats from entering your home.

  • Take a few cotton balls.
  • Dip it in peppermint oil.
  • Place these balls in the whole house.
  • Replace it with a fresh one when the smell fades away.

4.) Bring Home A Cat

The tale of tom and jerry does not match with the real life. In real life, cats are the biggest fear of rats. So the best way to get rid of rats is to bring a cat home. Not all cats are good mice catchers. Barn cats are good rat catchers but are not socialized to humans.

5.) Try The Cow Dung

Though this is a little yucky, but is an amazing way to get rid of rats. It not only kills the rat but reduces your tension as the rat will not die in the home. Spread the cow dung in the rat prone areas. When the rat will eat the cow dung, its stomach will cause bloating which will make him  run outside in the air. Thus, it will eliminate your worry of finding the dead rat.

6.) Kitty Litter Will Help

Now, if you don’t want to keep the cat as a pet, then you can use the urine of the cat to threaten those small creatures who have been continuously creating a havoc in your house. The strong odor of urine will just ward off the rats at the speed of lighting.

7.) Use The Baking Soda

The strong smell and caustic nature of baking soda make the rat flee overnight. You just have to sprinkle some baking soda on the suspected points. It will make the rats run away.

8.) Creating Some Barriers

The most common causes of rats are broken pipelines or holes in the walls or the strong smell of food from the dustbins. Here are some instructions for you to follow:

  • Find the place or spot from where the rats enter. You can do this by the marks that the greasy body of rats leave or the rat feces.
  • If there is a hole on your wall then use plaster of Paris to close it permanently.
  • Before blocking the hole make sure that the rat has left the place. Otherwise,  if it is inside it will chew up the new filling.
  • Check all the exterior points and if you find a hole or gap fill it to get rid of rats.

9.) Use Some Human Hair

Though this a little weird trick, but the results are amazing. The sight of human hair is unbearable for the rats. You just have to spread your hair where the rats come more often. You can also keep some strands of hair in their burrows. Now, whenever the rat will eat the hair, it will die immediately.

10.) Use The Moth Balls

Though these balls are small, but can be very dangerous. This is an effective remedy to get rid of rats but is preferred to be kept in basement areas. Keep these balls out of the reach of children.

11.) Try The Pepper

This tasty spice found in every kitchen can become an effective method to get rid of rats. The strong smell of pepper is unbearable for the rats. The only thing you have to do is sprinkle some pepper on the areas where the rats are likely to come.

12.) Keep The Mashed Potatoes

Instant potatoes can help to kill rats. Mashed potatoes are dehydrated before storage so when the rats eat it they expand causing bloating which kills the rat.

13.) Use The Baby Powder

This simple way can help you to get rid of rats to some extent. All you have to do is sprinkle some baby powder in the rat prone areas. For example, sprinkle it in the holes or gaps. You can also spread baby powder in the corners of the house. This powder will intoxicate the rat and will make him flee.

14.) Place The Owl Feathers

This is one of the inexpensive and handy methods to get rid of rats. You just need owl feathers or a plastic snake. Owls are predators of rats. Place some owl feathers in the burrows and holes of the rats. These feathers for sure will scare the shit out of them and will make them run.

15.) Use Plaster of Paris

This homemade way can help you to get rid of rats. This method is non- toxic for adults. To try this method, follow the steps given below:

  • Take a bowl and add 100gm of cornmeal paste.
  • Add 100gm of Plaster of Paris.
  • Add one cup of milk.
  • Mix the paste well and make small balls out of it.
  • Spread the balls in your house.
  • Keep replacing it as Plaster of Paris gets hard.

Precautions: Keep this away from children as it could be dangerous for them.

16.) Make Use Of Bay Leaves

This is one of the most safest remedies to get rid of rats. It is a great remedy if you have kids in the house. The smell of bay leaves attracts rats and mice. The secondary metabolites present in bay leaves are very harmful for the rodent system. This is a perfect remedy to solve the rodent problem in your house. All you need to do is spread some bay leaves around the infested area.

17.) Hole Patching

Rats can’t enter your house if there are no cracks or holes. You will be surprised to know that mice and rats can even enter the house through a very small hole also. Make sure that you seal all the holes in the exterior and interior walls. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find the holes. If you see feces lying or greasy stains nearby or you sniff a distinct odor, then you are close to the holes. For small holes, you can use green kitchen pads or copper scouring pad.

18. Steel Wool to Repel Rats

Steel wool is a perfect way to deter rats. Rats are unable to chew this wire and it irritates the teeth and makes them run away. You simply need to stick the steel wool on the holes and crevices. Use a bit of silicon to make sure that steel wool stays in place.

Other Useful Tips to Prevent Rats From Entering Your Home:

  • Keep food items in airtight containers.
  • Keep the dustbin away from the house as food always attracts rats.
  • Use the dustbins with fitted lids so that rats are unable to reach the contents in it.
  • Use mouse traps.
  • Keep your house clean and tidy. In this way, the rats will not be able to find a shelter.
  • Caulk around places from where they enter the house.
  • Block the holes from where the rat can enter.
  • Plant mint leaves in your garden.
  • Plant lilac trees near your house.
  • Clean up the garbage near your house.
  • Cut down tall grass from your garden.

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