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How to Get Rid of Red Eye?

Red eye is a simple term used for describing red and irritated eyes. Red eye is very common in human beings. Almost every human has experienced red eye at least once. Red eye is caused by swollen blood vessels on the outer coat of the eyeball. This can include pain, irritation, itching, swollen eyeball, and low vision. Red eye can cover the whole white part of the eye or it can be just a few blood vessels that appear on the eyeball. The cause of red eye could be an allergy, eye fatigue or over usage of contact lenses. Red eye can be caused by common eye infections like conjunctivitis. However, in some cases, the red eye can be an indication of a bigger disease like glaucoma or uveitis. There is no need to get panic as we bring you some effective ways to get rid of red eye.

Causes of Red Eye:

There are certain causes that cause red eye like:

1.) Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis can also be called as Pink Eye. It is the most common cause of red eye and is most common in children. It occurs when a thin and transparent membrane that covers the sclera gets infected. The blood vessels within our eye get irritated giving the red look to the eyes.

2.) Dry Eyes: Our eyes need constant nourishment which is provided by our tear glands. When the tear gland is unable to produce sufficient lubricant to keep the eye nourished, then the situation of dry eyes arises. The best way to cure the situation of dry eye is to keep the eye nourished with artificial lubricant.

3.) Allergy: Sometimes red eye is also called as allergy eyes as the redness of eye is a common indication of allergic reaction. When another substance such as dust or chemicals present in contact lens solutions comes in contact with our immune system, our body releases histamine to fight the allergens. The histamine released by the body causes the blood vessels in the eye to enlarge and become red.

4.) Contact Lenses: One of the main reasons for a red eye is over wearing or incorrect wearing of contact lenses which can cause a buildup of unnecessary deposits on your eye. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea and can limit the tear production.

5.) Computer Vision Syndrome: Red eyes can also be called tired eyes in some cases. When we stare the computer screen for too long, our eyes get tired and can result in computer vision syndrome. The other reason could be less blinking of the eye while looking at computer resulting in dried out eyes and Redeye.

6.) Ocular Herpes: This is caused by the same virus which causes the common cold. Eye redness, swollen eyes, and eye pain are the signs and symptoms of Ocular Herpes.

7.) Lack of Sleep:  One of the most common causes of red eye is tiredness. The eyes will tell if the person is tired. If you haven’t got enough sleep, then there are chances that you will get red eye.

8.) Swimming Pools:

Swimming in swimming pools may cause you red eye as the water in this pool contain chlorine and other water sanitizers which can lead to red eye.

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Red Eye

Red eye is a very common problem which can include itchiness and pain in the eye. Here are the best ways to get rid of Red Eye

1.) Cold Compress to get Rid of Red Eye:

The use of cold compress on the Red Eye can be a very effective way to get rid of Red Eye.

Things Needed:

  • Ice Cold Water and a Cloth


Soak the cloth in the Ice cold water and place it over the affected eye. Do this several times a day to get relief as soon as possible.

2.) Cucumbers to Get Relief from Red Eye:

Cucumbers are known to have anti-irritation properties which help in reducing swelling and irritation on the eyes.

Things Needed:

  • Cucumber


Take a fresh cucumber and thoroughly wash it. Now cut the cucumber into thin slices and refrigerate them for about 20 minutes. Then put the slices over your eyes for a minimum time of 10 minutes. Repeat this for 3-4 times a day to get best results.

3.) Rosewater to Cure Red Eye:

Rosewater has natural cooling tendencies which can help in cooling the red eye and leave a soothing effect.

Things Needed:

  • Rosewater


Wash your eyes with rosewater at least two times a day to get the best results.

4.) Water and Salt to Get Rid of Red Eye:

The combination of water and salt is known to heal the itchiness that causes red eye. And salt being an antibacterial that kills bacteria.

Things Needed:

  • Distilled Water and Salt


Make a mixture of Distilled water and one teaspoon salt. Boil the solution till the salt is dissolved. Leave the mixture for some time so that it cools down. Now rinse your eyes with the solution. Repeat this process for few times a day.

5.) Potato for Curing Red Eye:

Potatoes are known to have astringent properties which help in getting quick relief from itchy and red eyes.

Things Needed:

  • Raw Potato


Take a raw potato and cut it into thin slices and refrigerate it for about 20 minutes. Now put the slices on the red eye for about 10 minutes. Do this process daily for about 3-4 nights before going to bed to get the best results.

6.) Water to Get Rid of Red Eye:

One of the main causes of Red Eye is dehydration. So it is advised that one suffering from Red Eye should drink as much water as possible to get rid of red eye. Just drink plenty of water and Red eye will be gone in no time.

Preventive Tips to Avoid Red Eye:

1.) Wash Your Hands: Sometimes we are exposed to some people who are having eye infections. And a formal handshake is like a habit while meeting others. But this handshake can lead you to some serious eye infection. Make sure to wash your hands after meeting any of the people who is having an eye infection.

2.) Remove the Entire Eye Makeup: Eye Makeup should be removed every day as it can cause irritation in eyes and Red Eye.

3.) Contact Lenses: Contact lenses should be used in a proper way and only for the time which is prescribed. Wearing contact lenses for a longer period of time or wearing them incorrectly can lead to red eye.

4.) Eye Strain: Eye strain means that our eyes are doing a lot more work than they are supposed to do. These works include longer reading time, continuous computer work and other work which include longer visual work. Avoiding all these activities can prevent red eye.

5.) Diet: Having a balanced diet can prevent red eye. A balanced diet includes vitamin B complex, B2, and B6 as they have properties to reduce eye redness.  Many fruits and vegetables are rich in these vitamins which will help in preventing Red Eye.

6.) Proper Rest:  Lack of sleep or rest can lead to Redeye. Ensuring proper rest can help in preventing red eye.

When to Consult a Doctor?

There are many causes of red eye, some of them can be treated at home but some needs professional medical treatment. Those cases are:

1.) Corneal Abrasion: A cornea is a thin and transparent layer which covers our eye’s Pupil and Iris. Any small foreign particle like dust, grains of sand or any small particle can scratch cornea and this scratch is known as Corneal Abrasion.  Most corneal abrasion heals quickly. But some can cause burning pain in the eye which is called as a corneal ulcer. The symptoms of Corneal Ulcer are sudden eye pain with rapid blinking. If you feel these symptoms then you should consult an eye specialist as soon as possible.

2.) Eye Emergency: An eye emergency can occur when any foreign object makes a direct contact with the eye. The symptoms of eye injury include loss of vision, burning sensation in eye, the eye is not moving, and blood in the eye. If these symptoms match your symptoms then you should seek a professional medical assistance.

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