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How to Get Rid of the Flu?

Flu is infection diseases triggers by the influenza virus. It’s a kind of viral infection which first attack to our respiratory system. Flu is most common in children as they also cause nausea and vomiting. It starting affecting body from 2 days before and last up to a week. When you are suffering from cold, headache, fever, muscle pain, chill, sore throat, stuffy and runny nose, then you must understand that you are the victim of flu. Medicine can also help cure the flu quickly, but you can also cure flu at home without any medication. In this article, you will read about how to get rid of the flu.

There is 3 type of influenza viruses which affects the people known as Type A, Type B, and Type C.  It is usually caused by the air from a cough and sneeze. Mostly happened when you come in contact with this virus by maintaining short distance. Regular washing hand can reduce the chances of the spreading virus because it gets inactivated. You can also protect yourself by using a surgical mask on face. Many medications of flu can also cause damage to your immune system. You can also cure flu at home without any worries, try the different methods to get rid of the flu.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of the Flu

1.) Take Steam to Get Rid of the Flu

Steam give relief to the flu. In flu, both nasal and sinus congestion get relief when you take the steam. Well, the heat gives moisture to mucus and also give moisture to a nasal passage that prevents dryness in your nose. The body needs an immense amount of moisture in flu by hydration and steam.

You can also take the hot or warm water bath, which gives relief to your congestion and also helps in get rid of the flu. Just stand below the hot shower or filled the bathroom with hot steam to get relief. If you feel irritation and sickness stop immediately. After taking bath dry your hair as the wet hair loose the temperature and make you sick.

how to get rid of the flu

2.) Salt Water to Prevent Flu

Symptoms of flu cause infection in the throat which makes your throat tickly, dry and sore. To deal with these symptoms try gargle. Gargle with salt water is a natural way to get rid of flu symptoms. As it antiseptic and hydrate your dry throat. Antiseptic properties of salt water help to fight against the infection to cure the flu.

Take a hot water in a cup and add some salt into it. Mix the gargle solution to get rid of the flu. If you don’t like the taste of salt, then add baking soda to make it bland. You can also do gargles with apple cider vinegar. Do this remedy 5 times a day to get relief from the flu.

3.) Neti Pot to Get Relief From Flu

Neti pot is pot which helps in clearing the nasal passage by flushing and thinning the sinus with saline solution, which helps to get rid of the flu. You can purchase neti pot that is available in the market as well as online. You can also try any kind of utensil has a thin spout which is available in the store or pharmacy. Buy the saline solution from the food health store or drug store to clear the passage.

If you want you can make the saline solution at home by adding the half teaspoon of kosher salt into the cup of sterile water. It’s very important that water you used in this process should be sterile or distilled as you take inside your nose to prevent infection. Boil the water before use and allow it to cool to a room temperature. For this process, add the saline solution in a neti pot. Insert the spout in one of the nostril and tilt your head over one side sink. Slowing start pouring the saline solution from one nostril and drain the saline solution from the other nostril. After completing this process from one side, start again from the other side.

4.) Let Your Nose Blow to Cure Flu

Let your nose blow. It draws out the mucus from your sinuses and nasal passage, which get stuck inside and get dry. Do not inhale mucus while breathing, which cause an earache and sinus pressure. With help of the tissue, blow your nose by covering the tissue on your nose and tissue will collect the mucus which comes outside with the pressure. Also, apply the slight pressure on the other nostril and blow it. You will in tissue that a large amount of mucus get accumulated, wash that cloth and your hand to get rid of the flu.

5.) Warm Your Body to Prevent Flu

Keep your body warm to get rid of the flu. Warm temperature will help you for speed up recovery from the flu. Turn on the heat in the house to get the required warm temperature. You can also keep the body warm by wearing the fuzzy robe and warm cloth. Stay in blankets, covers and near to heater so that your body get the necessary heat to cure the symptoms of the flu.

Be aware of dry heat that can cause irritation in nose and throat which make the symptoms of flu even worse. Try to use a humidifier in the room where you spent the most of your time to avoid the dry air. Adding moisture in your room help to ease the coughing and congestion.

6.) Rest to Ward Off Flu

Sickness needs lots of body efforts to get rid of the flu. This can only possible if you give more rest to your body. When you become sick, your body drain all the energy in curing the symptoms. If you do not give the proper rest to your body, you will make your condition worse. It means you have to take rest because your body is working hard to get rid of the flu. If you do not give rest to your body, the flu symptoms become worst and last for longer.

It is mandatory to take 8 hours of sleep or even more when you are sick. Take a proper sleep and long nap to prevent the flu. Take off from your work or school so that you can give proper time to ward off the flu.

7.) Drink More Water to Cure Infection of Flu

When you become a victim of flu, you lose more water through cold, cough and fever. Your start losing hydration from your body. If you are drinking water in flu, this will make more headache and sore throat due to less hydration. Try to drink more water or liquid food than the normally you consume. You can add these foods to your diets like decaffeinated hot tea drink, soups, electrolytes and fruits which are rich in water content like watermelon, tomato, pineapple, and cucumber. When you are in flu, drink more juice and water.

Avoid soda drink which acts like diuretics. Which triggers urination more and lose hydration. You can also drink ginger ale if you have an upset stomach, but drink more and more water to get rid of the flu. If your urine is light yellow or pale that means your body is properly hydrated but if your urine is dark yellow than your needs hydration.

8.) Consult Doctor to Treat Flu

You should contact the doctor if you have no cure to get rid of the flu. If you are feeling flu symptoms more than the 2 weeks then it advisable to go for a medical checkup. Symptoms like feel difficulty in breathing and pain in the chest, confusion and sudden dizziness, feeling of vomiting, fever, worse cold and change in the mental status.

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