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How to Get Rid of Wasps?

In this article, we going to discuss different ways to get rid of wasps. Wasps have two varieties: social and solitary. Social wasps live in nests, and usually, these are the wasps from which people are trying to get rid of, either because the wasp population is becoming noxious that is noticeable and stingy or  may be because the wasp nest is too close for serenity. On the other hand, solitary wasps are not less scary that the social one. But, they are easy to control. Solitary wasps are not harmful, in fact, they are good for human because they reduce the development of many creatures that are not good for humans.

Types of Wasps: –

  1. Yellow Jacket
  2. Paper Wasp
  3. European Hornet and
  4. Bald-faced Hornet

In order to kill wasps, we will tell how to identify and control them. There are some effective and natural home remedies that will help you to prevent wasps and wasp’s infection.

Identify to Get Rid of Wasps

1.) Getting Rid of Solitary Wasps: –

The identification of a solitary Wasp is, usually it is not particularly colorful and has very long thin body and waist. They are usually quite docile and not very territorial. They rarely sting human, only in case, you tease them. They are good for human in the sense of gardening and economy and they do not consider as pests. They frequently prey garden pests like aphids and beetles.

DIY: –

  • To kill Solitary wasps, simply fill a spray bottle with Citrus Oil and use if you get any pesky situation caused by solitary wasps and you will get rid of wasps.

2.) To Get Rid of Paper Wasps: –

Paper wasps are yet another species of beneficial wasps. Paper wasps are one of the most harmless social wasps species and they only attack if they get teased by humans or if they found so much human traffic around their nest. People should feel amazing to see their growing population because the structure of their nest is unique and seeks attention. It looks much like honeycomb without the outer shell.

DIY: –

  • The most effective way to kill paper wasps is to use a pressurized spray and during the night, pump the spray into the nest in a sweeping motion.

how to get rid of wasps

3.) Kill Yellow Jacket Wasps: –

The yellow jacket wasps are dangerous for human as their bite can directly bring us to the next life. It is easy to identify them because they have thick and bright yellow patterned waist. They are very aggressive and territorial kind of social wasps. They defend their nest to the bitter end. Yellow jacket wasp is the only wasp that considered as a pest in the wasps’ family.

DIY: –

  • To get rid of yellow jacket wasps, find out the nest and pump up the enough poison solution into the nest. That can kill yellow jacket wasps in one shot. But make sure you safe to doing it. Because it is easy to say but very hard to perform.
  • At the time of sunset all the yellow jacket wasps go to their nest, so wait until dusk and when all the wasps are returning to their nest and attack with the poison spray but safely. We are asking you to spray at night because there are very fewer chances that they will come to fight with you. So night will be a safer option.

Natural Ways to Kill Wasps Faster 

1.) Hot Water to Get Rid of Wasps: –

If you do not want to spray pois0n all over your home lawn, then you can simply pour some hot water into the yellow jacket wasps nest at night when all the wasps are sleeping. This is definitely not a humane way to get rid of wasps but if they annoy you, then you are left with no sweeter revenge.

2.) Vacuum a Wasp: –

Okay, this may sound quite funny, but if recently you have been stung by a yellow jacket wasp then you have to follow this funny remedy at home to get rid of wasps. Vacuum the wasps away, but you can do it only if the wasp is low energetic and crawling on the ground.

3.) Peppermint Oil to Kill Wasps: –

There are many insecticides that are made of peppermint so you can simply buy a peppermint insecticide or if you cannot find one, we will tell you how to make a peppermint insecticide spray to kill wasps.

DIY: –

  • Take two cups of water and add 30 – 35 drops of peppermint essential oil to it.
  • Mix them well and pour into a spray bottle.
  • Spray out the solution on the wasps.
  • You can add some shampoo or dish washing soap to the solution to make it more effective.

4.) Soap or detergent to Get Rid of Wasps: –

A soap and hot water solution can you to get rid of wasps. The soap will dehydrate the wasps and they will die.

  • In two cups of water, add 2 – 4 teaspoons of liquid soap or detergent powder.
  • Pour the solution in a spray bottle and pump on the affected area.

How to Trap Wasps?

1.) Water Trap to Catch Wasps: –

  • Cut off the neck of a plastic bottle and take off the cap of the neck and turn it upside down.
  • Rest the bottleneck inside the Bottom portion of the bottle and tie them with a tape or thread.
  • Pour some sugar water, soda or any other protein in the bottle trap and wipe some oil around the trap edges to make it slippery for the wasps.
  • Hang it on with the help of a rope.
  • Pour hot water into the trap to kill the wasps before emptying it and the throw them away.

2.) Glue Trap to Catch Wasps: –

This trap usually effective when the nest is initially developing.

  • Apply some glue on a cardboard and place that where you see wasps frequently.
  • Alternatively, you can place some glue around the wasps’ nest and near the entry of the nest to get rid of wasps

3.) Fake Nest to Catch Wasps: –

  • Make a fake nest to get rid of wasps and or you can buy a product that seems like a wasps nest.
  • Wipe some around the glue on the edges of the fake nest and place some sugar or pieces of meat to attract wasps.
  • When the wasps come inside the fake nest pour boiling water and cover it.
  • Throw away the dead wasps.

How to Treat With Wasps’ Nest to Get Rid of Wasps?

Once the sun is down all the wasps start coming back to their nest and this makes removing a wasps nest an easy process. In the night you will see the less traffic around the nest.

Make sure you are wearing multiple layers of clothes and gloves in your hands. Avoid inhaling too much spray poison or to prevent it you can wrap your mouth with a cloth. Though most of the wasps will die by coming in the contact of poison but it will be safe if you leave the area to avoid the sudden attack of wasps.

You should know, which insect killer you should use in particular areas. For example, you can’t use strong poison in the school garden as children may come in the contact with the poison.

1.) Underground Located Nests: –

  • For the nests that are located underground, use a wasps killer which is not labeled as a projectile spray. You will need wasps killer in a very less amount to kill yellow jacket wasps.

2.) Nests That Are Higher Than the Surrounding Area: –

  • Use a wasp and hornet killer that is labeled as a projectile spray. Make sure that the stream of poison should be 15 – 20 feet in length. You can use raid insect killer, it is a strong pests killer. Allow plenty of distance to escape quickly in necessity. Keep children and pets away.
  • Repeat the process twice or three times to get rid of wasps quickly. Before destroying the wasps’ nest, it is safe to knock down if it is on aerial or if it is in the ground, fill some dust into it.

These are the ways to get rid of wasps naturally and faster. The prevention is very important from the wasps otherwise, they can spread infection and the infection can become a cause of disease.

Note- The stings of wasps are not sharp like a honey bee. Wasp repeatedly stings its victim and to prevent the infection simply wash the affected area with soap and water or also you can apply ice to the affected area. And if you are allergic to insect bites then immediately concern to a doctor.

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