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How to Go to Sleep Fast?

‘Sleep is a golden chain that binds the mind and body together’. In this busy lifestyle and limited time, it is very necessary to have a good sleep. Lack of good quality sleep affects all aspects of life, mostly importantly, your health, mood and job performance. But don’t worry planning and patience can make you coax in your dreamland as soon as you lie down. In this article, you will read some easy tricks to go to sleep fast.

how to go to sleep fast

Tricks to Go to Sleep Fast:

1.) 4-7-8 Technique to Sleep Fast:

  • Touch the ridge of tissue behind your upper front teeth with the help of your tongue.
  • Keep your tongue there throughout the exercise.
  • Make a whoosh sound while exhaling.
  • Inhale through your nose to a mental count of 4. While doing this keep your mouth closed.
  • Hold the breath and count till 7.
  • Make a whoosh sound at the count of 8 while exhaling completely through the mouth.
  • Do this exercise 3 to 4 times to fall asleep fast.

2.) Acupressure to Go to Sleep:

This is a Chinese technique which is used to restore the balance of your mind, body, and spirit. Here is a list of some acupressure points that will help you to go to sleep fast.

  • You will find this point on the bottom of your foot. This is very tender, so you have to be very careful while applying pressure.
  • There is small depression right above your nose. This is a point between your eyebrows . Press this point for a minute to go to sleep fast.
  • Press the depression between your first and second toe to fall asleep.
  • Massage your ears to sleep fast.

3.) Bedroom Ambience to Go to Sleep Fast:

  • Room Color: A good mattress, a fluffy pillow, and comfortable bed sheets are not just enough for a sleeping. The color of your room matters too. It has a great impact on your sleep. Cool colors are a good choice for a sleeping area and warm colors are a good for a room where you do communication or creativity. Muted blue is one of the best colors for your bedroom. This is because it is very calming for the eyes. You should avoid primary colors like red as it increases blood pressure. Purple is the least restful room color.
  • Right Mattresses: This includes the right kind of mattresses, pillows, and bed sheets. The right mattress can help you to wake up refreshed with no back aches and pains. Memory foam is a type of mattress that molds according to the shape of your body. If you want to sleep on a cold surface, then these mattresses are a good choice for you as it does not get warm. Other types of mattresses include sleeping number beds and hard or soft mattresses.
  • Pillows: The reason behind for not being able to sleep sometimes is neck pain and stiffness. So it is very necessary to select the right kind of pillow. Here is a list of pillows you can prefer to go to sleep fast. The first kind of pillows is cervical pillows which support your neck and head. These pillows are made with memory foam. The second kind of pillows is feather pillows which are good for people who change sleeping positions frequently. The last one is memory foam which is specially designed for your head.
  • Bed Sheets: The material of bed sheets plays an important role in your sleep. Here is a rundown of the popular materials. The first one is silk which you will love in winters as it traps the heat. It is a luxurious material and is worth your investment. The second one is linen, which is one of the strongest materials and is a perfect choice for hotter climates. The third one is cotton sheets which are the most common choice of people as it is cheap. The last one is Egyptian cotton and puma which is soft but expensive.

4.) Bedtime Routine to Fall Asleep:

  • Keep Away the Electronic Devices: Though these electronic devices have made your life easier, but they can also lead you to certain health problems or sleeping disorders. These are so addictive that they will eat up your sleeping time. The reason behind keeping away the electronic devices atleast 4 hours before sleeping is that these devices stimulate your brain and the light from these devices obstruct the internal body clock. It can also create stress if you check work emails before sleeping. Stress is again a major factor for not able to sleep.
  • Reading: Prepare a relaxing drink for yourself and sit in another room with your favorite book. The reason behind reading the book in another room is that you should only associate your bed with sleep. While reading if you feel sleepy then lay on the bed and continue reading until you sleep.
  • Music: It will help you to go to sleep fast by easing your soul. Remember one thing you only have to listen to music and not see the  videos. But you choose your songs very wisely. They should neither be party songs nor be emotional ones. Listen to calm music that can help you to sleep fast.
  • Meditation: You can include a little yoga and meditation in your bedtime routine. Meditation brings peace and clarity of mind which makes it easy for you to go to sleep fast.
  • Right Temperature: For having a beauty sleep it is necessary that the temperature of your room should be normal. The ideal temperature of the room is between 65 and 72 degrees. You can open the windows of your room so that the hot and stuffy air goes out. Take a cool shower half an hour before sleeping. Go for a short walk to get some fresh air.

5.) Keep a Notebook by Your Side:

Many times when you lie down to sleep you suddenly remember something important. For example, you have to send an important mail, or pay the electricity bill. Now these thoughts create fear. The fear of forgetting. The brain keeps giving the signal to remember the important things due to which you are not able to sleep. Keeping a notebook by your side is a simple trick which can help you to go to sleep fast. When you will write down your worries and important things on a piece of paper your brain will relax.

6.) Force Yourself to Stay Awake:

The reverse psychology works best in this case. This is the most easiest and simplest method to go to sleep fast. You just have to keep your eyes wide open.  This will make you feel sleepy. According to a study, you cannot sleep if you try hard. So instead of closing your eyes keep it wide open to fall asleep.

7.) Daytime Enhancers to Go to Sleep Fast:

Exercise during the day is very necessary as it not only improves your health but also helps to reduce stress. Remember one thing that do not do exercise 3 hours before going to bed. Water is very good for your overall health, but in the case of sleeping, it can be an obstacle. The reason is that if you drink too much water before sleeping your sleep will get disturbed every time you get up to pee. You should also avoid drinking too much coffee as the caffeine in it stops you from sleeping. You should also avoid drinking alcohol to go to sleep fast. If you sleep during the daytime then sleeping at night would be difficult for you. So avoid taking naps in the afternoon. You can take a power nap of 20 minutes.

8.) Hide Your Clock to Go to Sleep Fast:

When you lie in bed you often see the clock and calculate the hours of your sleep. This can increase your stress level. Now let us understand how. If you are going late to bed or you are not feeling sleepy you see the clock and count the minutes left. This increases your stress and your nervous system remains active and you are not able to sleep. To avoid this stress it is better to hide your clock.

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