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How  to Go to Sleep Faster?

A good sleep is the base of good health. An amount of sleep we create an impact on our lives every aspect. From my point of view, everyone starves to get a good amount of sleep. But around 25% people face trouble while getting asleep almost every day. Taking insufficient sleep leads to many health issues like depression, headache, nausea and much more. Ensure that you are taking enough sleep and falls asleep as fast as you hug your pillow. If you are facing problems, then read this article and get tips to go to sleep faster.

An average person sleeps for minimum 6 hours. It is enough to sleep, but a report says that the around 50 million people in the US don’t get enough sleep.to live a healthy life you need a healthy night’s sleep, because it is very important for your overall health.

Benefits of Night of Sleep Matters:

According to specialists, seven hours of sleep is an average sleep for an adult. That means an adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep to get up healthy. Skipping your average sleep can have dangerous result towards your health.

Methods to Go to Sleep Faster

1.) Make a Sleeping Schedule

Calm yourself before you go to the bed. Take a time to relax and let go all the thoughts, stress and tension out of your mind, which don’t allow you to sleep. Stick to a sleeping schedule. Go to the bed on time and keep your electronic gadgets away from you as they won’t let you sleep.

Some habits which can help you go to sleep faster in the night:

  • Drink a cup of herbal tea before an hour before heading towards your bed.
  • Do some gentle stretches before sleeping.
  • Make a good habit to read a book every night.
  • Take a warm Bath at night. Add a few drops of essential to get easing benefits of aromatherapy as well.
  • Do meditate before heading towards your bed. It will help to ease your mind of cluttering thoughts.

2.) Go for a Warm Bath

Go to the shower before heading towards your bed. Taking a shower before sleeping helps us a lot because the body experience a sudden fall in body temperature after the bath. The fall in temperature can increase the sleepy feelings because almost every system like heart rate, digestion, and metabolic processes slows down. This also makes brain to power down easily. So taking a shower before sleeping is the best method to go to sleep faster.

3.) Drink Milk Before Sleeping

Milk helps to relax our body and mind. It also carries a good amount of sleep improving components. Tryptophan, a component in milk, which releases itself in the brain and produce serotonin, which helps you to fall asleep faster. Herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile also have these properties, but consuming these drinks cannot  allow you to sleep. So drink a glass of milk to go to sleep faster.

how to go to sleep faster

4.) Wear Socks to Go to Sleep

Wearing socks while sleeping makes you go to sleep faster. It expands our body vessels and helps blood to flow. This process signals our brain that it’s time to sleep. So put up your socks and go to sleep faster.

5.) Sour Cherries to Go to Sleep

Sip the tart cherry juice twice to go to sleep faster. Cherry juice is rich in the melatonin which helps to sleep in the night. So drink at least two cups of tart cherry juice to go to sleep faster in the night. It increases the level of melatonin a kind of  hormone that helps to regulate sleep cycles.

6.) Get More Melatonin to Go to Sleep

Melatonin is the most important component to sleep, but our body gets it from outside sources. It can be taken from foods and as a natural supplement pill form.

Consume Cherry: cherries are one of the best sources of melatonin as I mentioned in the above point. It contains a good amount of melatonin. So consuming cherries and juice is very effective to go to sleep faster in the nights.

Eat Banana: Eating a banana 30 minutes before heading towards your bed. As they help our brain to calm down. It is a good source of potassium, magnesium, and tryptophan, all of them works as  muscle relaxants. Consume a banana 30 minutes before you go to sleep every night and increases the magnesium level, which simultaneously relaxes your muscles.

7.) Intake of Magnesium and Calcium in Your Diet

Magnesium and calcium together work very effectively as a sleep boosters. Consuming then together works more effectively. Magnesium helps in the working of GABA receptors (gamma-Aminobutyric acid). GABA is the major neurotransmitter, which tranquil the central nervous system, relaxes the body and brain, and helps to go to sleep faster. Another health benefit of consuming magnesium is that it can help to cure any heart problem which can occur due to calcium consumptions. Consume 200 mg of magnesium and 600 mg of calcium daily before going to bed. You can reduce the magnesium dose if it causes diarrhea.

8.) Valerian to Go to Sleep Faster

Valerian is the most popular sleep remedy to treat insomnia. Like magnesium, it also plays an important role in GABA receptors. It works by increasing the amount of GABA receptors, it helps to control the action of nerve cells. The calming effects has proven that the valerian triggers the speed of falling asleep faster. Though it works most effectively when consumed for a long time period. Making a tea of valerian is not a difficult task. You can consume valerian supplements instead of tea.

9.) Drink Chamomile Tea to Sleep Faster

Chamomile tea is an effective remedy to go to sleep faster. Consuming chamomile tea helps relax muscles. It contains a component called apigenin which helps to bind GABA receptors, which makes you sleep faster. Make a cup of chamomile tea and drink it every night before going to sleep. It will help you to go to sleep faster.

10.) Aromatherapy to Go to Sleep Faster

Aromatherapy is commonly used to create a feeling of drowsiness and relax your senses. If you can’t sleep faster at the night, makes a lavender sleep sachet and keep it under your pillow or beside your bed to relax you. It will also make you sleep faster.

11.) Consume Almonds to Go to Sleep Faster

Almonds are the rich source of magnesium, which is a very important mineral to get a quality sleep. A study says that it’s harder to sleep when the level of magnesium in the body is low. So consume few almonds in the night before going to sleep.

12.) Honey to Go to Sleep Faster

Honey is also very effective to regulate a better sleep in the night. It contains a good amount of glucose, which advice your brain to close orexin, a chemical present in the brain which is known to trigger your alertness. Consume one tablespoon of honey to go to sleep faster in the night.

13.) Eat White Rice to Fall Asleep Faster

White rice is rich in glycemic index. So it makes you  fall asleep faster. you can also consume jasmine rice, which brings a good amount of sleep. It is proven that eating rice in the night makes you sleep faster.

14.) Dark Chocolate to Sleep Faster

Don’t worry — you can eat chocolate day and night (whew!). Although milk chocolate is a stimulant, dark chocolate contains serotonin, which relaxes your body and mind. Not to mention the other health benefits dark chocolate has, too.

15.) Kale to Go to Sleep Faster

The green leafy Kale is a vegetable loaded with calcium, it helps the brain to form melatonin. Spinach and mustard greens are also very good to boost your sleep in the night.

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