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Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is mostly used for weight loss. It is shown in the studies those who drink green are able to lose weight more easily rather than who don’t. You can burn lots of calories easily by simply taking the sip of green tea. As it is originated from the china and japan, it is being used in the Asian diet for about 3000 years. Drinking green tea is the magic wound for weight loss. It is very easy to consume as compared to exercises you to reduce weight. Green not only help you to lose pounds but also gives many health benefits. In this article, you are going to read about tips to drink green tea for weight loss.

Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss:

  • Green tea burns more calories when you do the exercise.
  • It increases the metabolic rate.
  • Green tea loses fat from the abdominal area.
  • It helps in metabolizing the fat cell from the fat cell.
  • Green tea improves the exercise performance.

green tea for weight loss

Tips to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

1.) Select the Right Green Tea to Lose Weight

Choose the right green tea for weight loss. As many people don’t like the taste of the green tea as they select the strong flavor which is so unpleasant to taste so they start hating the green tea. It is shown in the research that most of the people who don’t drink green tea are those who choose wrong tea and don’t like the taste of it. Select the green tea so that you enjoy while drinking green tea. You should also know the benefits of the teas while selecting the right tea for you. There are many types of tea like

  • Green and White Teas: These are the lightly processed tea available in the stores which have positive benefits on health.
  • Oolong Tea: Oolong tea help to increase the metabolism of the body more than the green tea.
  • Decaffeinated Tea: it is a tea which doesn’t contain caffeine, which is so useful for weight loss, but it contains other helpful substance.
  • Black Tea: Black tea goes into the heavy process, which converts helpful chemicals into more complex forms. These chemicals still stay in the black tea but work less effectively.
  • Herbal Tea: The tea made from the plant other than any traditional plant. It works less effectively, but it’s a great option to consume instead of sugar content drinks.

2.) Read  Labels of Green Tea for Weight loss

As so many varieties of tea available on the market, but it is not very hard to distinguish between green teas and other teas. Read the label to solve the problem. Purchase a green tea for weight loss by reading the label of the green tea from the back of the tea. If the green tea contains sugar or any sweetener, don’t buy. It doesn’t mean that you have selected the without flavor green tea, it means you have to select the green tea containing no sugar and having an ingredient which is better for weight loss and waistline.

3.) Prepare Your Green Tea for Weight Loss

People face so many problems by making green tea. Well, the process is not hard and not that easy as it seems to be. You can make green tea in the microwave by pouring water into the ceramic cup and heat the water for 2 minutes until it gets boiled then add a tea bag into boiled water. If you want to make the process easy to make green tea for weight loss, follow these methods:

  • You can use an electric kettle to make the green tea. It very simple to make a green tea in the electric kettle you just have to simply pour the water into the kettle and switch on the button or lever to bring it boil. Add the water into the cup and add tea bag in water for 2-3 minutes then drink the green tea.
  • Ice tea maker: During the summer time, drinking hot tea in warm weather is not fun. But you can drink green tea as much you want by the help of ice tea maker. Like in electric kettle, you just have simply added ice cubes in water with some tea bags. Turn it and start drinking fresh ice tea.
  • You can brew ice tea over the night so that you can drink during the day. If you don’t have time to brew ice tea just make the ice tea at a night and keep it in the refrigerator and drink it for the next whole day.

4.) Drink Green Tea Daily for Weight Loss

Make a habit of drinking green tea. You can lose weight if you make a tea time regular drinking. Take a cup of green tea for weight loss in the morning then in the afternoon then take herbal tea during the bedtime. Do not add anything in your tea like sugar, it will destroy your weight loss benefits earned by the tea. You need to add it to your habit. It will boost your metabolism. For better result, drink whenever you feel a craving for food and unhealthy food. Green tea is very helpful in avoiding the temptation and settle your stomach. There are many teas which are made for weight loss like Green tea and white tea is the most effective tea in weight loss. While black tea effects moderately and decay and herbal tea is less effective. Sweet tea and diet tea is very harmful in excess.

5.) Don’t Get Bored to Lose Weight

At one point in time, your taste bud will get bored, drinking one tea flavor from time. If you feel anything then add some flavor, enhancement and use different green tea. It would be really exciting if see the different flavor of green tea in your home and office cupboard then you can choose different flavor tea according to your mood. If you want, you can add honey and candy rock in your green tea but doing this will reduce the effects of green tea for weight loss. You can do add honey occasionally that doesn’t hurt much. To improve the taste of green tea, you can add splash fat-free cream and lemon in your tea. A single slice of lemon will give you better taste. Drinking lemon tea with black tea will reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. To know about new flavor and style of tea is really very exciting. Here are some good teas and their benefits:

  • Peppermint tea: it speeds up your metabolism and boosts your digestion.
  • Pu-erh (poor air) tea: it help in shrinking the fat cell so drink it in the morning.
  • Star anise tea: it soothes your stomach and also promotes digestion.
  • Rose tea: this contains lots of vitamin and help in preventing constipation.
  • Chickweed tea: it prevents bloating and works as mild diuretics.

6.) Balance Your Green Tea with Your Diet

The benefits of green tea for weight loss is much better when you take a healthy diet. If you don’t see any result in new diet, then switch to a healthy diet with full of vegetables and fruits. When green tea and healthy diet combine together to give you heavy weight loss. The best food you have with green tea is fruits, vegetables, whole grain and low-fat dairy product. Drink green tea for weight loss with healthy food, you can cook your own meal to avoid unwanted calories. Cutting out all packaged food and outside food which is full of calories as they are oil, greasy and buttery food.

Important Point to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss:

  • When you make a green tea, don’t steep the leaves of green tea for longer as it will give you the bitter taste.
  • Do not steep the tea in extremely hot water.
  • As tea experts say, do not boil the water in the microwave for green tea.
  • Touch the leaves of green tea with the spoon instead of a finger, as fingers reduce its freshness and nutrients.
  • Consume green tea for weight loss, when it’s fresh and warm or little hot.
  • Avoid the consumption of cold tea as it can hurt your organ.
  • Do not drink any liquid tea after 5 p.m as you feel trouble in sleeping and you will suffer from insomnia.
  • Buy only good quality of green tea, never compromise when you buy a green tea for weight loss.

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