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How to Grow a Beard?

This article is about the beard and different ways to grow a beard faster. A thick luxurious beard or a groomed mustache is a dream of most of the men on the planet. However, growing facial hair is not that simple and easy task that many think. A lot of credit for the same goes to our genetics. It’s our genes that decide our facial features. One cannot change his genetics, but he can do is try different remedies and ways to get the desired look. Before looking for the ways to grow a beard faster, you need to understand that our lifestyle also plays an important role in shaping our features. So, one should make the necessary changes in his lifestyle accordingly. Apart from it patience is the key to get the desired beard.

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Best Ways to Grow a Beard Faster:

1.) Therapies to Grow a Beard

Apart from other ways therapies such as testosterone therapy can help you to grow a beard. Your testosterones play a vital role in the growth of the facial hair. However, consumption of testosterones then requires might effect in the opposite way. You can ask the doctor to inject testosterones directly into the body. Or you can take them orally. Since testosterones cannot be stored so you need to produce them in a good amount. So make sure you stick to the intake of the supplements for positive results.

2.) Keep Your Face Clean and Moisturized to Grow a Beard

The golden rule for growing a beard is to keep your face clean and moisturized. Many times a diet, pollution, and excessive oil get trapped in the pores and thus the facial pores are not able to breathe. All the gunk and debris accumulated in the pores does not let the facial hair grow. Thus it is very important to wash keep your face clean and remove all the dirt and gunk’s present in it. Apart from washing your face, apply a cleanser and a face scrub with mild granules. The cleanser will clean your face and the scrub will remove all the remove and particles trapped in the pores. After it, you can also take a steam to clean the pores followed by a nice face pack that will help to close the opened pores. Do this at least 2 times in a week.

After cleaning make sure you moisturize the face. If your face is dry then use a nice moisturizer to hydrate your facial skin and if your skin is too oily then use a moisturizer accordingly. Also, make sure that you wash your face nicely once you enter your home or feel sweaty. Initially, you might experience some irritation due to the new hair growth but it will subside in a couple of days.

3.) Include Good Fat and Protein in Your Diet

The major portion of the good lifestyle depends on your diet and what you eat. Your food defines your body and helps to grow the facial hair i.e. beard and mustache.  Since the hair is made of the protein so you need to consume a good amount of this nutrient. Moreover, saturated fat and protein will also affect the testosterones obviously in a good way. The higher will be the testosterones, the higher would be the growth of the facial hair. So now you know what changes you have to do with your diet in order to grow a beard faster. Foods like eggs, animal fat, fish, and beans are packed with the good amount of protein and fat.

4.) A Good Massage to Grow a Beard Faster

A good and regular massage will also help you to grow a beard and that too at the fast speed. What it will do is, it will promote the blood circulation and thus the facial hair will start growing. It will unclog the pores and cleans the pores. Plus it will keep the hair follicles healthy and clean. A regular massage around the beard area with vitamin E oil or similar is enough. You do not have to seek the professional help for this. But if you want you can. Simply Dip your fingers in the oil for beard or a cream and massage the area in the circular motion for 10-15 minutes continuously. Do these 2 times a day until you get a desired volume of the beard.

5.) Consume Vitamins to Grow a Beard Faster

Other nutrients that your diet should consist in order to grow a beard faster are Vitamins. One should consume all types of vitamins that are Vitamin B5, B9 SND B7. It promotes the growth of the facial hair. Nuts and egg yolk are two foods that have abundance amount of vitamins. So make sure that you include these two in your diet. Apart from this one should consume beef, chicken, milk, avocado, milk and whole grains. Vitamins such as B9 and folic acid improves the volume of the beard thus one should consume cereals, green leafy vegetables, and processed nuts.

It will improve the circulation and you will get a desired growth of the facial hair. On the other hand vitamin, C and A are also good for the hair growth. Vitamin improves the immune system and Vitamin A maintains the production of the oil that helps to speed up the growth of the facial hair. Moreover, Vitamin E boosts the blood circulation. You can also consume the multivitamins for the good growth of the facial hair.

6.) A Sound Sleep to Grow a Beard

One should sleep at least 6-8 hours, which is called sound sleep. The sound relax your entire body and promotes various functioning effectively. Do you know while sleeping your body restores most of the energy? So make sure that you take a sound sleep. Moreover, it helps to combat the stress as well. Within a few days, you will experience the positive results.

7.) Exercise to Grow a Beard Faster

Regular exercise and workout keep you fit and active. Both the things are very important to grow a beard faster. As they say, you need to work hard for a good result similarly you need to keep your body fit and active. The exercises and the sports activities improve the blood circulation which also helps to maintain the immune system it indirectly helps to grow a beard. The proper circulation and a good metabolic rate help to retain the nutrients from the good. Regularly exercise for 20-30 minutes. Swimming, walking, basic aerobics are a way to remain active and fit in order to grow a beard faster.

8.) Keep the Stress at the Bay

One of the best and simple ways to grow hair (facial hair) keeps the stress at the bay. Stress is the primary cause of many deficiencies and inadequate growth of the facial hair. Thus one should avoid the stress. To keep stress at the bay practice yoga and meditation. It will boost the happy hormones that eventually hit the testosterones and helps in the good growth of the hair. Do not overthink and go for laughter sessions. Other ways to avoid stress are exercise, a brisk walk etc. It will keep you mentally and physically calm and thus help to grow a beard faster.

9.) Have Patience to Grow a Beard

By the time you must have realized that a voluminous beard is not the outcome of one night. You really need to work hard for it. And the key to get positive result is patience. You will get a thick and luxurious beard eventually but not in a day or two. And the most important thing is continue the ways to grow a beard until you get the desired volume of the beard. During the entire period you will get many people who will make fun of your appearance or demotivate you, but simply give them a deaf ear. Once you will get the desired look the same people will not resist themselves from complimenting you.

10.) Plastic Surgery to Grow a Beard Faster

If nothing works for you then resort to plastic surgery. There is a genetic problem in some men that does not let to grow the beard. So to cure it you can go for plastic surgery. During the surgery the hair follicles will be transplanted from your scalp to the face. This method is quite effective. But the only problem with this is it could take some years to show result.

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