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How to Grow Eyelashes?

Are you dying to have beautiful eyelashes? If yes, then you are at the right place to know how to grow eyelashes. Gorgeous eyelashes are the one the dream of women to enhance her beauty. Most women are not blessed with natural luscious eyelashes and they found difficulty in growing the eyelashes. Most of them are worried about the thin and insufficient growth of the eyelashes. Some women have thicker eyelashes, which make them more beautiful and attractive. Don’t worry ladies, you can get longer and thicker eyelashes naturally. You will easily find the solution of getting thicker eyelashes at home after reading this article. In this article, We are sharing some amazing methods to grow eyelashes fast.

Eyelashes are the hair that appears on the edges around your eyelid. It not only increase the beauty, it also protects our eyes from the foreign particles and also gives warning that object is near to your eyes. Eyelash growth also depends on various factors like a nutritional deficiency, eye condition, hormonal change, eye infection, medical condition and especially genetic factor that leads to thin eyelashes. Rubbing the eyes continuously and not removing the makeup also leads to decrease the growth of the eyelashes and make it easily fall off.

Amazing Methods to Grow Eyelashes

1.) Take Care of Health and Hygiene to Grow Eyelashes

  • To Grow’s eyelashes, take a healthy food diet, which promotes hair growth. Include these foods in your healthy diet to grow eyelashes: Eat salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acid that promote the growth and make your hair shiny. Eat Greek yogurt, which contains vitamin B5 to promote the growth of hair and also improve the blood circulation which leads to thick hair. Spinach is also very helpful to grow eyelashes as it contains vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, beta, folate and carotene to give moisture to your hair. Eat guava that helps in stopping the breakage of the hair. Consuming cinnamon helps to improve the blood circulation, which gives oxygen and nutrition to the hair follicle to grow eyelashes.

how to grow eyelashes

  • If you like doing makeup regularly, then it’s important to remove the makeup while sleeping and which leads to the breaking of eyelashes. So remove your makeup every night to grow eyelashes. Wearing the makeup on the eyes, make the hair of eyelashes dried and brittle which fall off easily. When you don’t remove your makeup from your eyes, it causes irritation, reddishness, itchiness and even style in your eyes. The Even style is a kind of a pimple often form on the eyelid around the lash line and they are made by the oil glands and bacteria. The itchiness and irritation in style trigger the eyelashes to fall off.
  • Remove your makeup slowly and gently to grow eyelashes. Use a good makeup remover for your eyes. Coconut is the best to use for removing the makeup and give moisture to your eyes at the same time. As the coconut oil contains the antibacterial properties which also help the eyelashes to get rid of the infection. The best way to remove the make-up from the eyelashes is gently given a message to the eyes with coconut oil and afterward, remove the oil with help of cotton. Don’t press or rub the eyelashes as it cause the breakage of eyelashes.
  • Once you are done with the message and removing the makeup with the help of coconut oil, apply the cleanser over the face. Use a good cleanser to clean the entire face, even your eyelid to remove the remaining oil. Your eyelashes are already clean with the help of coconut oil, but let the cleaner run through it. Don’t rub the eyelashes while doing this application.
  • Take a break from the makeup to grow eyebrows. If it is not necessary to wear makeup and you are not going outside, try to prevent wearing makeup to enhance the growth of eyelashes. Do not wear makeup every day, especially mascara and eyeliner which cause breakage and leads to thinning of the eyebrows. Using makeup every day on the eyelid leads to dry the hair of eyelashes and cause irritation in the eyes that makes the eyelashes fall off.
  • Try to avoid waterproof mascara to grow eyelashes. It is hard to remove the waterproof mascara as it has a non-waterproof formula. The more you struggle, the more you rub the eyelashes, which leads to breakage of the eyelashes and cause irritation.
  • Make your eyelashes darker to grow eyelashes. You can make your eyelashes dark with the help of natural dyes to make dark eyelashes so there would be no use of mascara to darken the eyelashes. Darken the eyelashes with the natural dyes to skip the mascara which leads to decrease the breakage of eyelashes. If you want to dye the eyelashes, use natural chemical-free color. Using dyes which are full of chemicals can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Avoid using the fake eyelashes and eyelash curler to grow eyelashes. As these, both things required pulling and pressing in the while applying over the eyelashes, which leads to breakage of the eyelashes. If you still want to use the eyelash curler then squeeze it slowly and gently rather than pressing hard. Use eyelashes curler before using the mascara which leads to less breakage.
  • To grow eyelashes, don’t rub and pull the hair of eyelashes whether you are cleaning your eye or applying something on the eyes.

2.) Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes

  • Castor oil for Eyelashes. Castor oil is very effective to increase the growth of the hair as it contains powerful ingredients which promote the growth of hair and also grow eyelashes. It is powerful follicle stimulating and also nourishes the eyelashes, which give you lustrous and beautiful eyebrows. It also fights against the microorganism which causes breakage and damage to hair.For this natural method to grow eyelashes, you need to take little castor oil in one teaspoon and add a few drops of vitamin E oil to castor oil. With the help of cotton swab, apply the mixture of oil on the eyelashes and leave it in overnight. Do this method regularly before going to bed to grow eyelashes. You can use castor oil another way to grow eyelashes. You need to take 2 teaspoons of castor oil and fresh Aloe Vera gel for this method. Apply the mixture on the eyelashes and leave it for overnight to grow eyelashes.
  • Brush to Grow Eyelashes. Brushing your eyelashes help to grow eyelashes faster, as brushing the eyelashes clean the foreign particle like dirt and dust, which get stuck in the pore and prevent growing of eyelashes. Brushing also improves the blood circulation as result more nutrition travels to your eyelashes and help in growing.For this method, you need to require petroleum jelly or vitamin oil, brush or comb. With the help of eyelash brush, apply the vitamin oil on the eyelashes directly. Move the brush in upward strokes. Begin with the root of the eyelashes and slowly move into an upward direction. Do this process 5 minutes daily to grow eyebrows.
  • Olive Oil for Thicker Eyebrows. Olive is the best oil when we used to make the thicker hair. It is one of the well-known remedies for thicker eyebrows as well as eyelashes. It contains vitamin C and Oleic acid that gives nourishment to the hair and also add volume to the eyelashes. Olive oil also keeps the eyelashes dark and also grow eyelashes fast, which looks so attractive.For this natural method to grow eyebrows, dip a clean mascara stick or cotton ball in the olive oil. Take the mascara stick that contains oil and applies on the lashes in the direction which you used while putting the mascara on lashes. Leave the oil overnight on the lashes and wash the lashes next morning with lukewarm water. Repeat this method regularly until you will get thicker and beautiful eyelashes.

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