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How to Have a Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is a dream, where dreamer have a control over the dream while dreaming. Dreamer is aware during dreaming and may be able to put some degree of control over the dream environment, characters and narrative. A lucid dreamer can do all the things in his dream world, which he is unable to do in real world. In this article, we will talk about the lucid dream and tips to have a lucid dream.

What is Lucid Dream?

Lucid dream is the ability to observe or control your dream while sleeping. It is very important to have a lucid dream. Lucid dream converts your inner dream world into a living reality- where whatever you hear, see, taste and even smell is as real as real life.

Lucidity happens during the changed state of awareness when you come to know that you are dreaming and your brain shifted into the moving mode inside the dreams. Whereas in normal dreams, your self-consciousness is closed. That is the reason they usually feel fuzzy and remote. But during lucid dreams, the aware brain wakes up during sleep or dreaming.

Getting lucid dreams is a safe and natural state. The lucid dream state is thought to be the out of body experiences. You’re asleep while dreaming lucid dreams. During a lucid dream, human senses become alive. One can find new inner workings of their unconscious mind with total freedom.

How Do Our Dreams Work?

Our dreams are a combined set of visuals and emotions developed into a storyline, which is usually broken and nonsensical but always interesting. When you sleep, brain passes through 5 stages of sleep, which takes about 90-110 minutes to embrace a sleep cycle.

how to have a lucid dream

Benefits of Lucid Dreams:

  • Live Out Your Imaginations

Your dreams will become stronger if you perform lucid dreaming. Live out your imaginations, means fulfill your fantasies such as flying over your hometown, talking to someone you have a huge crush, talking to your deceased relatives and many numbers of things. The only limit will be your thoughts and you will be able to do whatever you want in your dreams.

  • Fall Asleep Easier

A lucid dream can help curing insomnia. Where you’ll be able to control your dreams nightmares to improve your night quality.

  • Feel Relaxed Throughout the Day

After a lucid dream, reality becomes easier to face. You’ll also become more courageous while facing challenging situations in your life.

Tips to Have a Lucid Dreams

1.) Write Down Your Dreams

This can be a long and take taking process but its worth. Writing a few small sentences about your dream is way enough. This will make you to remember your dreams and to start looking for dream signs within your dreams. It can also be a way to analyze your thought process.

2.) Try to Remember Dreams

Everybody dreams but lots of people do not remember their dreams. To start remembering your dreams try some simple techniques if you want to have a lucid dream.

Each night before going to dream, try to remember your dreams. Say yourself that you’ll remember whatever you see as soon as you wake up. Repeat this line over and over until you fall asleep. This line so impactful that you’ll start remembering your dreams.

3.) Increase Your Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is a very important component, required to have a good sleep. A small part of our brain called the pineal gland which produces the melatonin. It makes easier for us to fall asleep during the night and stimulates our awareness during the day. A rich melatonin level effects the quality of our dreams in a good manner. The high level of melatonin level also influences the lucid dreaming. So consume melatonin level in your diet to have a lucid dream.

Increase Melatonin Level by:

  • Sleep in complete darkness.
  • Go to sleep and wake up at a similar time every day.

Increase the quantity of food that stimulates melatonin such as light and dark mustard, sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, and cherries.

4.) Look for Dream Signs

A  lot of dreams will have objects in them that could act as a sign for you to wake up from your dream. For example is you regularly talk to your friend in dreams than it can be a dream sign and can you ask a question to yourself about your dreams. Because you know the friend your were talking is not alive.

5.) Meditation to Have a Lucid Dream

Relaxing your body and mind is very important to do have a lucid dream. It can be achieved by meditation. Meditation is very good way to have a lucid dream and to enhance self-consciousness and visualization skills. There is a state where you feel calm and drowsy, day or night. You lie still and relaxed and allow your mind to relaxed. Now hold on to that thin thread of consciousness while training your body to fall asleep consciously. This is deeply relaxing situation and forms an interesting hypnagogic sensation of seeing flying geometric patterns, hallucinations, and short dream impressions.

6.) Notice Your Waking World to Have Lucid Dreams

Self-awareness is very important in your dream world as well as in real world. To be energetic during your dream, you must be self-conscious in your real world. Self-awareness or conscious means to be alert to the things happening around you in the real world. You must attentive of what you are seeing, saying, hearing, touching and doing. It will also improve your alertness in your dreaming world. Write down the things what you see or learn in this real world. The more you are concentrated in your real world, the more you’ll remember your lucid dreams.

7.) Galantamine to Have a Lucid Dream

Galantamine is very beneficial in enhancing visualization power. It is known to improve the cognitive functions. Galantamine has properties that are helpful to induce mind. It also works effectively to improve waking and dreaming memory. So use galantamine to have a lucid dream. It has tendency to improve visualization, recall, lucidity, cognition, control, and bizarreness

8.) Yoga to Have a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreams and yoga go hand and hand. Yoga and lucid dream practices create a great level of consciousness. Doing regular yoga makes your more attentive, conscious and thoughtful. It improves the power of remembering dreams, imagination power and your ability to go into lucid dreams again and again. So, practicing a simple breathing yoga will help to improve your chance to have more lucid dreams in the night.

9.) Play Video Game to Have a Lucid Dream

If you love to play video games and often play a video game before sleeping. Then I must tell you, you have a great level of consciousness and imaginations. You have a good control in your dreams.

A gamer is always aware of directing their gaming situation, which is very useful for them to have the same control in their lucid dreams as well. A lucid dreamer and a gamer have an extraordinary visualization power.

10.) Green Tea to Have Lucid Dream

Drinking a cup of green tea is also very effective to have a lucid dream in the night. Because green tea has the power to recall the pictures and objects of a dream. The chemical fond in green tea helps to improve mind alertness. So have a cup of green tea twice a day and enjoy your lucid dreams.

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