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How to Heal a Burn?

A very common household injury caused when you touched something hot. Burn not only caused by touching the hot things, it may also cause due to these factors like cold, chemical, heat, friction, radiation and electricity. So when you get in contact with this factor and your skin gets burned, the first that comes to mind is how to heal a burn. Females are more prone to burn, as they are most frequent in a kitchen to use open cooking fires and unsafe cooking stoves. In this article, you are going to read about how to heal a burn.

Burn firstly affects the superficial skin, which is also known as the first-degree burn. The symptoms of the first-degree burn are that becomes red without having pain and any kind of blisters which last around 2-3 days. If the burn damaged the skin and goes into underlying skin, it is known as second-degree burn. The symptoms of the second-degree burn are, Regular appearance of blister and may cause pain. Second-degree burn takes time of 8 weeks and has chances of leaving a scar. In third degree burn, burn damaged all layers of the skin. The third-degree burn doesn’t caused pain, but becomes stiff and need medication for healing.

In fourth degree burn, it the most dangerous and scarring level of burn. As in fourth degree burn it damages the deeper tissue like bone, muscle or tendon. Serious burn needs the immediate medical check-up and medication, while minor burns can cure at home. Here are the best ways to heal a burn at home.

Best Ways to Heal a Burn

  1. Coconut Oil to Cure a Burn

Burns are painful and often leave, but coconut oil is one of the effective ingredients to heal a burn. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the coconut oil are proven to heal a burn. Coconut oil penetrates into the skin and gives moisture to the dead cells. It contains Vitamin C, Capric acid, and Lauric acid which are very effective to help you from the burning scars. The anti-oxidant coconut oil, speed up the recovery of the skin abrasion and also defends the cut from further more damaged.

Take a coconut oil and apply the coconut oil on the burn affected the area for the faster healing process. Coconut oil not only heals the skin but also helps in prevent the burned skin from viral and infection.

how to heal a burn

  1. Honey to Heal a Burn

Honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the burning skin and also help in disinfecting the wounds. The chemical present in the honey is fought against the bacteria and fungus. Honey also provide some essential nutrients and chemical that speed up the recovery process. The antibacterial property of honey is very powerful in healing the burning wound. It also repairs the damaged skin cells, helps in get rid of the infection and also help in removing the scars caused by the burn. It is a conventional home treatment to heal a burn.

Take the gauze bandage, spread the honey over the gauze bandage and place it over the burn affected area. Change the bandage 3-4 times a day to avoid the infection on the affected area. If you want, you can directly apply the honey over the burn.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel to Get Rid of Burn

Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from the Aloe Vera plant and is a cure many problems. It treats many skin problems like burning, scars, skin infection and different kind of skin condition. Aloe Vera has cooling, moisturizing, and healing properties which are very effective to heal a burn. When it applies on the scar, it will automatically start repairs the damaged cells and give less irritation in the skin. It also helpful in reducing the appearance of the scars. The anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera repair the damage skin cell and help in the growth of new and healthy cells.

You can take fresh extracted Aloe Vera gel from Aloe Vera plant to heal a burn. Apply the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area. It will reduce the redness and burning sensation caused by the burn. You can also try the Aloe Vera gel contain locations and creams which are easily available in the market to heal a burn.

  1. Black Tea Bag to Cure a Burn

Black tea is useful to heal a burn. The burn caused by the heat and black tea is very effective to draw out the heat from the burn. As a black contains acid is that draw the heat out the wound to heal a burn. This is for the 1st and 2nd level of burns which is nonemergency burns. The combination of black tea and water to help you soothe the burn.

Take a large pitcher and filled with warm water. Take 3 black tea bags and steep into the warm water. Leave it for a few minutes and let it cool for some time. After the solution gets cool, take a clean cloth and absorb the cloth in the solution. Place the cloth on the affected area. Repeat this procedure with a fresh cloth if needed.

  1. Vinegar to Heal a Burn

White vinegar is helpful in curing the inflammation caused by the burns. It contains the important component which helps in curing the pain, irritation and burning sensation of the burn. The different properties of the white vinegar like antiseptic property and the astringent property of the white vinegar, heal a burn very quickly and also protect from the infection. It also draws out the necessary heat from the burn, thus reduce the pain.

Take water and white vinegar in equal  quantity and dilute it. Wash the affected area with a diluted solution to get relief from the burn. After that covered the burned area with the clean cloth soaked in vinegar. Change the cloth with the fresh cloth every two- three hours.

  1. Potato to Get Rid of Burn

The soothing properties present in the potato make it a very convenient cure to heal a burn. It is anti-irritating and antibacterial properties of the potato helps to alleviate the pain and also reduce the risk of a blister.

For this remedy, chopped one potato and rub it on the affected area. The juice, which comes out from the slice of the potato is very effective to heal a burn. You can try the other option, take one potato and grind it into a mixture. Apply the grated potato on the affected area for about 15  minutes. Use this remedy immediately when you touched the hot things to prevent blister.

  1. Onion to Get Relief from Burn

Onion is the best moisturizer for the burning area. The antiseptic properties of the burn help to heal a burn. Onion is rich in the component which treats the burn, component like sulfur component and quercetin compound which give relief from the pain and heal the burn. It also reduces the chances of the burn.

To heal a burn, take one onion and cut into the pieces. Take the juice of the onion on the affected area and use only the fresh onion because when the onion starts losing its medicinal properties when we cut into the pieces. Repeat this remedy many times until the burns get cured.

  1. Lavender Oil to Heal a Burn

The lavender essential is also helps to heal a burn. The essential oil has different properties to get relief from the burn. It is antiseptic and pains killing in nature. The oil also reduces the risk of scarring caused by the burn. Try the lavender oil, essential oil to heal a burn.

For this method, take lavender oil and add a few drops of the lavender oil in warm water. Compress the affected area by soaking a clean cloth in this solution. You can use lavender oil directly on your wound to heal a burn, but you have to first dilute it before using it. You can try another option to heal a burn, take lavender oil and with the help of a dropper, add a few drops in 2 spoons of the honey. Apply this mixture on the burn to heal a burn.

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