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How to Improve Eyesight?

Improve eyesight, Our beautiful eyes has the power to see the world, but we sometimes forget the importance of our eyes. We become so careless, which leads to weak eyesight. In weak eyesight, we lost the power to see the things clearly. Weak eyesight often leads to nearsightedness or farsightedness. Eyesight also knew as visual perception, which is the ability to see the surrounding containing processing information that contains visual lights. It’s caused by many factors like poor nutrition, excessive strain, aging and genetics, which leads to weakening of the eyesight. The most common symptoms of the weak eyesight are watery eyes, blurry vision, and frequent headache especially. In this article, we have shared the useful method to improve the eyesight.

Useful Method to Improve Eyesight

1.) Correct Your Vision to Improve Eyesight

  • To improve eyesight Consult an optometrist regularly to maintain the health of your eye. Take a regular checkup for visual impairment or disease to get rid of weak eyesight. If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness or weak eyesight, you need to consult a doctor either for the surgery or eyewear to improve eyesight. Consult an eye doctor related to your health, age, and your eye problems, then you will get to know what kind of eye problem you are suffering from and how often you should go for regular check up to your optometrist. If you even have the slightest symptom of low eyesight, visit an optometrist to cure the minor problem otherwise, it will convert into the major one. Go visual visibility checkup to improve eyesight and wear glasses if required. To improve eyesight get screened for glaucoma, which caused damage to your optic nerve. If this thing left untreated, it will become worse and make you blind.

How to improve eyesight

  • You can improve your eyesight by wearing the correct lenses. Before taking eyesight lenses, first, go for a visual visibility test and then take the lenses. It is either nearsightedness or farsightedness to improve eyesight. Correct eyesight lenses act against the increase and decrease the curvature of the cornea or the size of the eye. Eyeglasses are the best to repair and safest the cure to improve the eyesight. You can see a variety of eyeglasses available in the market to improve the weak eyesight. See the wide variety of eyeglasses like progressive lenses, trifocals, bifocals, driving and reading glasses to improve eyesight. You can also wear contact lenses to improve eyesight, which is worn directly on your eyes. Contact lenses come in many ranges like lenses which are extended wear, soft, hard, rigid as permeable and bifocals. But the both the lenses and eyeglasses require safety and lifestyle choice.
  • If you don’t want to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, then go for refractive surgery to improve eyesight. These are surgeries now very much in trend, they are very safe for developed eyes. In this kind of surgeries, doctor changes the shape of the cornea by using laser light on the cornea. There are many types of surgeries which complete the desire of the eyes. It also gives you, your desire visual power. It doesn’t even give you pain, they are immediate and take less time to recover. Some surgeries are complicated, but very successfully to improve the eyesight. Consult a doctor for knowing what kind of surgery you need to cure your problems.

2.) Better Surrounding to Improve Eyesight

  • Keep your room with soft light to improve eyesight. Don’t blow fluorescent light which is so bad for the eyes because it emits radiation and gives the wrong light frequency which makes you feel drowsy all the day. Especially while reading keep the light on the paper you are reading or the light source behind you to prevent strain on the eyes. While doing the work, used a shaded light source which should be located on your desk. Place the light directed to your work, the shade will help you to protect from the direct light. Do not watch television and work on the computer in the dark light.
  • Improve air in your surroundings to improve eyesight. Keep your eyes moisturize and full of lubrication as it caused dry eyes. Dry eyes problem can trigger minor irritation to a major problem in the tissues of the eye. If you want to moisturize the air, then use a humidifier to moisturize the air of your house. To reduce the dust particle and air flow that trigger irritation in the eye, use a thermostat to avoid the problem. If your desk is located to vent, then move it immediately to avoid the air flow and dust particle that causes low eyesight. Stop smoking, it also causes inflammation and dry eye brutal condition. Use lubricates which works as artificial tears to give moisture to your eyes.
  • Be limited to computer usage as the excessive working of laptop caused weak eyes. The Computer screens are the major reason of the weakening of the eyesight and give strain to your eyes. You can take breaks from the computer screen, do eye exercise to reduce the strain caused by the computer screen. Keep your body hydrated while working on the screen. While working on the computer try to practice the exercise which is called 20-20-20 rules. In this rule, every 20 minutes you have to look something which is 20 ft away from you for 20 seconds. Stop glaring at something to prevent the strains. This means you need to adjust the lights behind and in front of you. Place the monitor position exactly in front of your arm’s length and the computer screen should be below to your eyes to avoid the strain. If necessary, adjust your chair. Adjust the brightness, size, and font to prevent the weak eyesight. To improve eyesight, clean the dust on your computer screen.

3.) Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight

  • Exercise is very effective to improve the eyesight as the exercise helps to improve the blood circulation in the eyes and give the energy to maintain the optimal vision. It also makes your eye muscles more flexible to prevent the strain caused by the lights and computer screen. Daily exercise also helps you maintain the focus and concentration while reading and writing. It also fights against the stress and strain which leads to weakening of eyesights.

Different Types of Exercise to Improve Eyesight

1. Pencil Exercise to Improve Eyesight

For this exercise, you need to take the pencil in your hand. Hold the pencil in front of your eyes, at arm’s length and maintain eye focus on it. Keep slowly moving your hand, take the pencil closer to your nose, then move it backward from your vision until you no longer maintain the focus on the pencil. Do this exercise daily to improve eyesight. You need to do this exercise 10 times a day.

2. Rolling Exercise for Better Eyesight

It’s a simple and easy exercise to improve your eyesights. In this exercise, you need to roll your eyes in a clockwise direction which take a few seconds to do it. Then again roll your eyes in counter clockwise that also needs few seconds. Repeat this exercise 4-6 times to improve the eyesight. Blink your eyes in each set. You can do this exercise anywhere to reduce the eye strain.

3. Blinking Exercise for Eyesight

In this exercise, you need to flutter your eyes by blinking your eyes quickly and continuously. You need to blink at least 30 times to improve eyesight without shutting and squeezing the eyes. After that, close your eyes and give rest to your eyes. Do this exercise twice in a day to improve eyesight.

4. Focus Exercise to Get Relief from Strain

This exercise is very helpful in increasing focus and improve eyesights. In this exercise, you need to maintain focus vision on the distant object for a few minutes. The best thing to practice this exercise is the moon, you have to maintain focus vision on the moon for around 4-5 minutes to improve eyesights. Practice these exercise at least for 1 month to see the improved eyesight.

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