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How to Kill Fruit Flies?

Have you ever witnessed those tiny creatures flying over rotten fruits? Well yes, and you must have wondered why they love fruits even more than you and that too when the fruits have already started to rot. This is because these fruit flies love the smell of fermentation. So, if you can also relate to these instances then you are at the right place. We will help you to kill fruit flies using cent percent natural remedies that are safe and easy to implement.

The presence of these creatures in your house is sometimes ignored due to their tiny structure. Their buzzing sound gives you the feeling of hallucination. But, they are a nightmare for your kitchen. The presence of these tiny bugs at your place is also a sign of an unhealthy environment followed by poor hygiene. Fruit flies are generally attracted by the strong fermentation smell that is smeared into the air. The source can be anything that varies from rotten fruits to the garbage disposal areas. These pesks are also sometimes witnessed near the kitchen sink, This is due to the smell of leftover food that attracts the flies, but, are typically in love with the rotten fruits only.

Before we start to learn the methods of getting rid of these fruit flies it important to understand your enemy well. This will prevent any loophole in the way of getting rid of these creatures and refrain them from attacking your place permanently.

Their life cycle of a fruit fly runs pretty fast as they transform from eggs into adults within 8-10 days only. This process of transformation involved 4 stages: 

1.) The egg.

2.) The larva also called maggot.

3.) The pupa, and

4.) Finally, an adult fruit fly comes out. 

Discussing all this is feel like eww.. and will surely send me on a kitchen spree so soon. The fly eggs can be laid simply anywhere, they need no privacy. You can even bring them home along with the vegetables that you buy from the vendor. Trash cans are their favorite place if your house is too clean for them to reside, then, of course, the garbage disposal area is the best option. The only way to get rid of them is to keep your house clean, or these irritants will tend to trespass your place repeatedly.  

In my previous article, we did talk about the annoying presence of fruit flies in your house, and steps to get rid of these tiny, pesky creatures. A few of the homemade fly traps were also enlisted in there and they must have been quite effective in helping you to kill fruit flies and eliminate them from your house permanently. This is also in continuation where we will learn about a few more natural remedies that can help you to kill fruit flies and get rid of their unwanted and annoying presence in your house. Though it is sometimes difficult to wave a “BYE” to these unwanted guests, but the enlisted natural remedies make sure to meet the best of your needs and perform their task efficiently. 

how to kill fruit flies

Methods to Kill Fruit Flies

Method 1: 

1.) The Rotten Fruit Trick 

As we all know how fond fruit flies are of those rotten fruits. Every house has a careless lad like me who leaves the fruits out of the fridge. So, now is the chance to use these rotten pieces instead of increasing the garbage bulk. 

  • Place this rotten fruit in a bowl and use a clear foil to cover the bowl with a lid. 
  • Poke some holes in it using a needle or toothpick. 
  • Leave it for a few hours or overnight to the site of fruit flies. 
  • Next morning, you will witness a mob of these pesks inside the bowl and some outside as well. 
  • These are a bit intelligent ones or either are saviors for those trapped babies. 
  • Simply, sunk the bowl trap into a bucket or warm soapy water and see the flies drowning. 
  • Sounds inhuman and you are more of a PET person then just leave the bowl away from your place.
  • Far enough for them to forget your address. 
  • This will help you to kill fruit flies easily. 
  • All you need to repeat the method in every few days or every time you witness them at your place. 

2.) Sacrifice Your Sip of Wine 

Well if you want those unwanted fly guests out of your house then you simply have too. Those few drops won’t even make you tipsy, so just let the flies die a merry death and take the last sip of their lives. Do you also know that even the flies get alcoholic? Yes, they do, which makes wine an excellent remedy to kill fruit flies. 

  • Simply get a bottle of your favorite wine and drink all of it. 
  • No not in one go, stay sober so that your motive sets aside. 
  • Leave a few drops of your wine at the bottom of the bottle and do not lick even the last drop. 
  • It should be enough to fill an inch of the bottle’s base
  • Again, to convert this into a trap, seal the bottle opening with a clear wrap. 
  • Use a toothpick to poke some holes. 
  • This will make the way for the flies to enter. 
  • Place the bottle to the site of fruit flies.
  • When they get tipsy after enjoying the feast, they won’t be able to find the way out. 
  • Leave the bottle overnight and get back next morning. 
  • You will witness a large population of flies inside the bottle. 
  • A few of them will also be seen gathered around, who now act like saviors. 
  • But, were greedy last night. Overpopulated bottle helped them to escape from the trap. 
  • All you need to do is, drown this bottle in a bucket full of warm soapy water. 
  • Poor babies will now die drowning, while still alcoholic. 
  • This is a tried and tested remedy to kill fruit flies. 
  • Simply follow the method and repeat in every few days to permanently wave them a Goodbye. 

3.) The Life Savior ACV 

Apply Cider Vinegar surely deserves to be awarded some popular live savior award. It is a remedy for almost everything on earth. No wonder if the aliens also use it in any form on other existing planets. Since we all know that fruit flies meritoriously make love with fermented things. What could be best than a vinegar, after wine? It is also an easily available ingredient in your kitchen. 

  • Simply pour ACV in a blow and cover it with a clear wrap. 
  • Mix soapy liquid to refrain the flies from running away after they have enjoyed the feast. 
  • Place it at all the fruit fly cites in your house. 
  • Wait overnight, and the next morning you will witness the flies drowned in the liquid. 
  • Simply take the bowl and drain in your sink. 
  • Check that are all the flies dead, if not submerge the bowl in hot water. 
  • To convert this into a trap, pour ACV and soapy liquid in a bowl. 
  • Mix the contents well and use a clear foil to wrap and seal the bowl. 
  • Poke hole using a toothpick or anything sharp. 
  • Make sure the holes are tiny and not large in size. 
  • Keep it overnight to the sites of fruit flies. 
  • Next morning all the flies will be inside the bowl. 
  • Drown this bowl in a bucket of hot water to kill the flies. 
  • Repeat the method after every few days to kill fruit flies permanently. 

4.) Use Soda Bottle

If you drink soda, then it will a convenient remedy for you, in case you don’t, either get a bottle or opt for other mentioned remedies to kill fruit flies. This attracts the flies because of the tangy smell, thus resulting in a great fruit fly trap. 

  • Take a bottle of soda (cola preferred) and enjoy your drink for the day. 
  • Get a packet of chips for a mouth savoring treat. 
  • When only a small amount of the drink is left in the bottle, hold your taste buds and try to concentrate on the sole mission to “kill fruit flies”. 
  • Seal the cap again and hammer a small hole on it. 
  • In case you find it difficult, use the same old trick of a clear foil. 
  • Wrap the bottle opening and poke tiny holes. 
  • Place this to the fruit fly site overnight. 
  • A swarm of buzzing flies will be witnessed inside the bottle when you wake up. 
  • Take this trap to a place far away from yours to make the flies forget your address. 
  • Replace the lid and watch the swarm rushing out with fear. 
  • This makes an excellent homemade trap kill fruit flies. 
  • Repeat this remedy in every few day to eliminate the flies permanently. 

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