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How to Kill Mold?

Are you want to get rid of unwanted fungus at your home? That unwanted fungus is mold which destroys the grout and surfaces at home. It kind of fungus that occurs in the multicellular filament called hyphae. The single cell fungi are called yeast which adapts a single cell growth habit. The usually grow indoor, especially in the moist condition on the cellular based item. It is very harmful to your health and can cause several respiratory problems. It should be cleaned before it starts to spread. In this article, we shared some useful methods to kill mold.

Different Methods to Kill Mold

1.) Clean the Source of the Moisture to Kill Mold

  • As mold occurs in moisture. It is the main source which developed the growth of fungi like an overflow of the water leads to the development of mold-prone areas. You don’t need to use any treatment or prevention to kill mold if you remove the main ingredient of mold.
  • If you found any leakage in your walls, kitchen and bedroom. Repair these things to avoid the growth of mold. Repair all leakage and dehumidify the area if necessary to get rid of mold.
  • If you found any mold on any surface, mask the area with the help of plastic during cleanup to prevent the spore from spreading to the other area of the home. It best to give negative pressure to the mold so the further growth of mold should be stopped. The affected area should be isolated from the rest of space 4-6 mil. Cover the affected area with a plastic bag to prevent the migration of the mold. Wrap the plastic over the affected area like walls, windows, vent and wall directly adjacent to the patch of mold.

How to Kill Mold

2.) Bleach Method to Kill Mold

  • It’s a chemical method to kill mold. You need to take a bucket full of bleach solution and another bucket filled with chemical solution to remove mold. It is better to take use of biocide such as sporicide to kill mold on the badly affected area. You can transfer this solution in a spray bottle. Yo can try to mix 8ozof bleach in 1 gallon of water in a spray bottle. Clean the stain with this solution.
  • Drenched the area from top to bottom. Keep scrub the area with disposable bags or paper towel. Do not reuse the paper bags or towel after removing the mold. Keep changing the towel while doing this process to prevent the spreading of molds from towel to surface. After using that towel or bag, just discard this thing by wrapping them in a plastic bag and put into the dustbin.
  • With the help of bleach, clean the affected area. Keep Spray the affected area with the bleach solution and leave it for about 15 minutes to kill mold before wiping it with the cloth. You can use also commercial fungicide formulated instead of the bleach solution to kill mold. Use fungicide as per the instruction is written on the label of the bottle.
  • After when the surface gets dried use HEPA to remove the dead mold and spore bodies left after killing mold. Vacuum the affected area about 1 minutes per ft to get dry. After doing vacuum, dispose the vacuum filter in the plastic bag and put it into the normal household garbage.
  • After when you did with this process, clean the utility sink, floor drain and flush the toilet to get rid of mold. Even wash your cloth and clean your hand.
  • At last, apply the natural white mineral powder known as Borax on the moldy area. For spray solution, you can mix 1 cup of borax in the 1-gallon solution of hot water. When it get fully dissolved transfer the mixture into the spray bottle. Spray the solution on the mold affected area. Leave the area for 10-15 and scrub it with a scrubbing brush. You don’t have to rinse the borax away. You can make the borax paste. Apply that paste on mold affected area and leave it for a few minutes then brushed it with a scrubbing brush.

Natural Ways to Kill Mold

1.) Vinegar to Kill Mold

As the vinegar, work well in killing the fungicide on the affected area to remove mold from the surface. The best thing it doesn’t leave any stain on the surface. There are no negative effects on the wall if you remove the area with vinegar. Take out the mole using the knife and then spray the vinegar on the affected area. Then again apply the vinegar on the mole affected area with help of kitchen sponge until the mold disappears from its root. For better result use white distilled vinegar.

2.) Alcohol Spray to Kill the Mold

Yes, alcohol works great to kill mold. Take some vodka and transfer it into the spray bottle. Spray directly on the moldy areas and then mold get fizzing. Quickly remove the fuzzy mold with help of sponge.

3.) Tea Tree Oil to Treat Mold

It is the best solution to kill mold from its surface. The oil is rich in anti-fungal properties to that makes it best fungicide to kill mold. It also prevents the regrowth of the mold on the particular affected area. Here is the best solution to kill mold from the affected area. You just need 100 ml of tea tree oil and white vinegar to kill mold. Mix both the ingredients and add ml of water into the solution. Before spraying the solution, you need to scrape out the mold from its surface with the help of the knife. Reapply the solution the affected area in a gap of 5 hours until the mold get disappear.

4.) Soap Water to Get Rid of Mold

It is another convenient method to kill mold naturally. When you first see the mole on the surface, just remove the mold with help of scrubber or salt pepper. After removing the mold, clean the area with soap water. You can use detergent in water to make a soap water. Repeat this remedy regularly to avoid the regrowth of mold on affected area.

5.) Hydrogen Oxide to Remove Mold

This is another option, which is very effective in removing the mold. Just add a tsp of hydrogen peroxide into a cup of water. Transfer the solution into the spray bottle and spritz on the moldy area. Leave the solution for about 10-15 minutes and make a mixture of by adding a half tsp of baking soda in a cup of water. First, clean the surface with the previous solution then spray the baking soda paste on the affected area to kill mold and stop the further development of the mold.

6.) Chlorine Bleach to Treat Mold

Chlorine bleach is helpful in eradicating the mold completely. It is the very inexpensive method to kill mold. Just sprinkle the chlorine bleach on the affected area to kill mold and wipe the moldy area with the help of sponge to remove mold permanently.

7.) Grape Fruit Extract to Get Rid of Mold

It may cost you much but it works well on the mold area to kill mold on any surface. The best thing about the grapefruit extract is while removing the mold from any surface, it doesn’t create any acidic smell. It not even harmful for you and also the kids around to you.

8.) Use Varnish to Kill Mold to Remove Mold

First, remove the mold from the surface with the help of scrubber or knife. Then apply the varnished on the affected area to kill mold. Vanished is very helpful in removing the mold from the surface and also stop the regrowth of the mold on the affected area. The best thing is when you applied the varnished on any mold affected wooden surface, it will remain new for longer. Try varnished to kill mold.

9.) Distilled Ethanol to Kill Mold

It is easily available in the pest control store. You purchase ethanol from the pest control store and applied it to the mold areas. It helps in killing the mold and stop the regrowth of the mold on the affected area to kill mold.

10.) Use Dehumidifier to Kill Mold

after trying all the home remedies to kill mold. After doing the home remedies if you find any mold then use a dehumidifier to get rid of mold. Get the best humidifier and used it regularly to kill mold.

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