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How to Lose Lower Belly Fat?

Do you look unattractive because of belly pouch? It not only affects your looks but also has a bad impact on your health. The abdominal fat gets collected in the middle section of the stomach. It not only makes you ugly but also gives you many health problems like high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, and diabetes. You can easily lose lower belly fat with healthy diet and regular physical exercise. It mostly caused by the poor lifestyle choices such as consuming processed foods which are rich in high fat, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, overeating, too much drinking and other bad activity. It can also cause by the hormonal and genetic factor that developed belly fat. In this article, you get to know how to lose lower belly fat by following the best ways to lose lower belly fat.

Best Ways to Lose Lower Belly Fat

1.) Take a Healthy Diet to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Take a healthy diet to lose lower belly fat. Add fiber, green vegetable, fruits and lean proteins in your diet. Take fiber in your diet slowly. If you are currently consuming 10g of fiber in a day, don’t take immediately a heavy quantity of fiber like 35g of fiber because natural bacteria take the time to digest the new fibers. Eat the skin of fruits and vegetables which generally contains the most fiber like eat the apple without peeling the skin of the apple. Don’t peel the skin of potatoes as it contains mineral and vitamin while cooking. Consume more spilled pea soup which is a powerhouse of fiber as one of spilled pea soups contains 16.3g of protein.

Take a refined grain to lose lower belly fat. Grain helping melting fat which changes the glucose and insulin. Avoid white grain and white fat which contains fat. White rice, white pasta, and white fat which takes so much of time to digest.

How to lose lower belly fat

2.) Drink Water to Lose Belly Fat

Drinking more water to lose belly fat. When you drink plenty of water helps to activate the metabolism and make it faster. Water also flushes out the toxin and unwanted chemical present in your body. Always carry a water bottle so that you can drink water anytime whenever you feel thirsty. It is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water to lose lower belly fat. If you want to know whether your body is hydrated or dehydrated, if your urine is almost clear then your body is hydrated and if your urine is dark then your body is dehydrated. You water to replace your sugar, alcohol and soda, carbonated drinks with water to lose lower belly fat

Drinking 8 glasses keeps your body hydrated and lose lower belly fat. Take 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before each meal helps to consume less meal as it fills the stomach with water and give less space for food. Drinking one chilled glass of water, make the metabolism faster up to 40 percent.

3.) Avoid Unhealthy Food to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Unhealthy food like junk, oil food and greasy food which are contains lots of calories. So if you want to lose then start restricting the calories and burn more calories with exercise. To lose one pound, you need to lose 3500 calories to lose weight. Maintain a diary to lose lower belly fat which helps in restricting calories. You can also use an online calculator to count your calories. When start counting your calories it automatically keeps you away from high calories content. Limit your diet up to 2200 calories per day.

Try to cook food by own will help to aware what ingredients you are using and quantity of ingredients you are using. Avoid eating packaged food, which contains lots of calories like butter and oil. Other ingredients which contain fat and first attack to your abdominal portion and get accumulated in the middle area. Try to use ginger, nuts, and cinnamon which helps in reducing overall fat which also reduces the belly fat.

4.) Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

You know the main important things to lose lower belly fats are exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise improves your body circulation and helps you to be physical active. Start doing the crunches to reduce lower belly fat. It helps in building the muscle stronger. It makes your stomach look bigger when you get abs. you can also sit ups to lose lower belly fat. Try different exercise which reduces the belly fat like plank, side stretch and squat. It gives strength to your back muscles which improve the posture and pull in the abdominal fat. Start doing the aerobics exercise which pumps the heart and helps in burning more calories and belly fat.

Try to do cardio which is the best things to lose body weight. Check your progress like how much you have run and how much you have to burn then compare with calories you need to burn. Start doing the resistant training, which works better than cardiovascular training to lose lower belly fat. The training needs more energy to burn the calories in short time. People who do resistant training are lost more than who drag the workout unnecessary for 2 hours. You do it with a different exercise and various machines.

 5.) Measure Your Results to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Start measuring the ratio between your belly and hips. It means the circumference of your waist divided by the circumference of your hips. The result can be a good sign of losing belly fat. For this, you need to wrap the measuring tape around your waist and write down the measurement. Similarly, note the measurement of hips with tape around hips and write down the measurement. To get the result divide your waste with your hip measurement. For healthier ratio, women should have a ratio of 0.8 or below and men should have 0.9 or lower.

Weigh yourself in the morning at the same time to lose lower belly fat. As the body weight keep fluctuates in throughout the day because of the bowel movement, depending upon food consuming timing and difference in calories while you eat. The best thing to measure weight is first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

6.) Don’t Give Up to Lose Lower Belly Fat

While you are on the path to losing lower belly fat, don’t give up and stay motivated. It’s better if you have a partner while losing the belly fat so that you can share your gains and lose weight then you feel more determined to achieve the goal of losing lower belly fat. You can share your victories and problem while doing the workout. Don’t sit with any of your friend circle who force you to drink calories and who eat in front of you. Start sitting with a good company and friends who helps and keep motivate you to lose belly fat. Take support of your family and friends which understand you and help you to lose lower belly fat.

Understand the bad impact of belly fat which helps use to lose belly fat. As it causes many health issues which force you to lose the belly. It mainly caused cardiovascular diseases like cancer and diabetes. The main risk involves in the deeper layer of belly fat which accumulate the fat that you can see and grab. It produces visceral fat cell that creates hormones and other substance that has a bad effect on the body and prevent belly fat. Keep engaged in the activity which makes you feel less crave and diverts your mind to lose lower belly fat. Start playing with your pet, walk around the park, take part in sports, use stairs and do jogging. To lower belly fat start counting your step, as people start gaining the belly fat when they lessen their physical activity. It is mandatory to take 10,000 steps to lose lower belly fat.

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