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How to Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreams are those dreams, of which you are aware that you are dreaming while sleeping. It happens to most of the people. This lucid dream mostly occurs when you are extremely happy, sad, or angry. You recognize whatsoever is happening, is not really imaginable and the only imaginable answer is that you are dreaming. Even if it is beyond your will but you can also know to lucid dream. When you are alert that you are lucid dreaming, you will recognize that you can do everything and there is no danger to do so.

You can dive, fly, swim, play or do anything you like to do. But when you are not alert of it, you will get up frightened and your sleep will also be hindered. After getting the knowledge of lucid dream you can easily sleep without any trouble. Once you do that you will have whole control over your movements in the dream, and then your mind will be acting on a sensible level. Read the article, to know the methods you can go for to lucid dream.

Lucid Dream

Methods to Lucid Dream

1.) Wake-up with Closed Eyes to Lucid Dream

This is a difficult task to do on the bed. You have to wake up to the sound of the alarm, with closed eyes. This basically means open your mind but have your eyes closed. It doesn’t cause any problem at all if you open your eyes for some time or so, but it’s good not to. The way to have a lucid dream is the most important, as you’re going to do a wake tempted lucid dream. It’s more like a combination of getting up early and you’re going to be triggering your brain, but you will also be back to sleep. You’ve to get up early in the morning, shut your alarm off and are lying in bed awake with your both eyes closed. Next important step is to stay awake in your brain, but let your body float off to sleep.

This may be difficult for you to do in the first time as you’ve not performed it earlier. The reason for the same is that you’ll experience what’s known as sleep paralysis in which your body is not capable of moving, but your brain is awake. You’re simply going to feel that your body shut itself, all while being aware of your mind. Don’t concern; it’s nothing to be afraid of. It is not dangerous at all and will help you to lucid dream every night. It will be fun for you after doing it several times.

2.) Recall Your Daily Dreams

If you think that you don’t dream at all then you are totally wrong. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry dreams, it is just you don’t recall it. Try recalling your dreams to have a lucid dream.

  • Before going to bed every night, say this phrase verbally many times “I will recall my dream when I get up in the morning”.
  • Continue this phrase every night before bed for some time.
  • After some days or you will start recalling your daily dream.

3.) Go for Pictures to Lucid Dream

Most of the dream you visualize have numerous pictures and objects in them. You can follow these objects and pictures as a sign of getting you up in your dreams.

  • Suppose you see Harvard in your normal dreams every day.
  • So, Harvard can act as a picture to wake you up in your dream, because you know Harvard is no more.

4.) Maintain a Check of Lucid Dream

This can be little boring, but it is essential in order to lucid dream. Maintaining a check of the dream will help in recalling the dreams quicker. In the initial stage write only two to three lines about your dream. This is quite sufficient, in the beginning to lucid dream.

  • This will get you in a practice of becoming used to recalling dreams.
  • Try to recall for some signal in your dreams.
  • It can be beneficial in studying your thought procedure as well.

5.) Be Alert in Existing World to Lucid Dream

To be lively while dreaming, you must be dynamic in your real world too. By being lively we mean to be alert to the world around you. You must be aware of the daily activities like being attentive of what you are seeing, smelling, feeling, touching, voicing, talking and hearing. It will enhance alertness in your dreaming phase as similar to the existing world.

  • Maintain a journal of things you see or learn in the existing world.
  • More you concentrated in real more you will be dedicated to lucid dream.

6.) Yoga to Lucid Dream

Yoga and lucid dream go simultaneously. According to numerous researchers, yoga and lucid dreaming have straight links to each other.

  • Yoga and lucid dreaming practices comprise a great level of awareness.
  • Yoga helps in making you more attentive, thoughtful and self-aware.
  • It aids in refining your power of remembering dreams, imagining skills and your skill to turn into lucid dream repeatedly.
  • So, going for a simple breathing yoga will help you to diminish and raise your chances to have a more lucid dream.

7.) Ask Yourself to Lucid Dream

Just ask yourself “Am I lucid dreaming or not”. Ask to yourself in the mirror as often as you can. Though, you know you are not dreaming at all. If you would have been lucid dreaming, you might have exploded buildings like the Hulk. When you dream that you cannot write for long, so write some lines to prove that you are not dreaming at all. You might be thinking what’s the need of all this questioning part?

  • Testing yourself like this will make you to lucid dream.
  • When you ask like this, you think the same question in your dream heaven too, which make it simple to lucid dream?

8.) Come Back to Bed to Lucid Dream

When you get up from your dream, recognize and recall the dream. Write it down in your paper, and then get back to bed and attempt to concentrate on the dream again. Try to notice the dream symbol and simply get back to the bed, you might be lucky to have a lucid dream.

  • The lucid dreams mostly occur when you are totally asleep.
  • Typically you will experience a strange occasion and become aware that you are in a dream.
  • This is the cause most of the lucid dream bangs.

9.) First Lucid Dream

Many of you have their first lucid dream simply by reading about it in this article. And, when you come to know that you are experiencing a lucid dream, you turn out to be over-excited and escape of the lucid state.

  • In the beginning, these lucid dreams are difficult to dream. But at least it’s a beginning.
  • Just retain on working and improve the skill to lucid dream.

10.) Video Games to Lucid Dream

If you enjoy video games before going to the bed, you can get to an astonishing level of awareness. You can attain better control in your dreams.

  • Gamers are aware of directing their gaming situation, which helps them to have the same control in their lucid dreams.
  • Both the gamers and lucid dreamers have a great visualization power.

11.) Green Tea to Lucid Dream

Green tea helps to regain the power of recalling the pictures and objects of a dream. The chemical present in the green tea helps to boost the alertness of mind. Have a cup of green tea daily two times. Enjoy a cup of hot green tea an hour earlier before going to bed.

12.) Galantamine to Lucid Dream

Galantamine is measured to be very beneficial in enhancing visualization power. It has very commanding mind-inducing properties. Galantamine is recognized to increase cognitive function. It also improves waking and dreaming remembrance. So, this way you can get lucid dream regular. Galantamine has a tendency to rise:

  • Visualization
  • Recall
  • Bizarreness
  • Lucidity
  • Control
  • Cognition

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