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How to Make Yourself Sneeze?

You have already read about on how to stop sneezing? But, what if you want to make yourself sneeze? Relax this article is all about how to make yourself sneeze? It happens many times when there is an urge to sneeze, but you can’t make yourself to sneeze. You often  get irritated when feel sneezes coming out of the nose, but it just lingers in the nostrils. It makes you very irritated and uncomfortable. Sneezing is good for health. When you go into meetings and lectures, you want your sneeze to come out before entering the meeting rooms and classrooms. You tried so many tricks but failed to make yourself sneeze.

Sneezing is a process in which air and mucus force out quickly. It happens when dust or other foreign particle goes into the nose by breathing. This knee-jerk reaction which keeps the pressure on eyes while sneezing. Sneezing spread diseases caused by microbes which are trapped in mucus droplets expelled in the act. It may be considered rude, disgusting or inauspicious in some situation. When such particle enters in the nose and makes a contact with the mucus membrane, mucous membrane gets irritated  and specific nerve impulse sent to the brain which causing you to sneeze.

In the process of sneezing, the large volume of air gets expelled from the lungs, with the intention of expelling foreign particle which goes inside the respiratory system. Sneezing is actually important for the body and also acceptable in the social setting, you should cover your nose while sneezing because it helps in preventing germs. There is a different way which can make you sneeze whenever you want. You can also read these related articles how to get rid of stuffy nose?, how to get rid of a runny nose?, and how to unclog nose? on our website.

Best Ways to Make Yourself Sneeze

1.) Use a Tissue to Induce Sneezing

You can trigger a sneeze using a tissue paper. Tickling sensation stimulates the action sneezing reflex to the brain. This is the effective method to make yourself sneeze and you may end up sneezing continuously. To make yourself sneeze instantly, you can use tissue paper. First take a clean tissue, make a cone by rolling it from one corner. Insert a tissue in your nostril before wiggling it around. It is advisable to change a tissue in case the tissue become moist.

2.) Use Hard Object to Make Yourself Sneeze

It is another method to make yourself sneeze. Using hard objects like Q-tip, toothpick, pencil, hairpin or any other sharp object which is neither too hard nor too soft. Use these objects to stimulate the nasal lining, just like in the case of tissue paper. The nerves target the brain, which  makes you sneeze. It is recommended to do this carefully, otherwise, you will hurt the nasal tissue. After doing this it is necessary to clean the objects as it contains nose germs.

Note: This remedy is not for children.

How to make yourself sneeze

3.) Tweezing Eyebrows to Sneeze

You will get shocked to understand the unusual relation between eyebrows and nose. When you pick your eyebrows, you disturbed the nerve that is known the trigeminal nerve which goes to the tip of the nose and that cause sneezing. Tweezing the eyebrows makes nose irritation by stimulating this nerve. You can pluck the eyebrow or can also rub the edges of the eyebrows which will cause the same effects.

4.) Pluck a Nose Hair to Make Yourself Sneeze

Plucking a nose hair also make yourself sneeze. When you pluck nose hair, this disturbs the trigeminal nerve which trigger sneezing. Plucking a few hairs also cause sneezing, pulling one at a time. You can also hurt your nose if you do this repeatedly. Do this carefully as you are using a hard object in your nose.

5.) Tickling Mouth Roof to Sneeze

Mouth roof is the gateway of the trigeminal nerve which goes from eyebrow to nose tip. Licking your mouth by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, cause you to sneeze. All you need to touch the mouth roof with your tongue and taking it all the way back. This will create tickling sensation and make you sneeze.

6.) Massage Your Nose to Induce Sneeze

Make yourself sneeze by massaging the bridges of the nose. There are many people who trigger sneezing by massaging the bridges of the nose between the index finger and thumb. This method doesn’t work for the people, but it is the effective and convenient method for some people to trigger sneezing by massaging the bridges of the nose.

7.) Chew Gum to Sneeze Yourself

Chew gum has a strong peppermint flavor and odor, which help effectively to make yourself sneeze. You can use strong peppermint gum which irritates the trigeminal nerve and makes you sneeze. Some people also reported that when they take chew gum in mouth, they start sneezing because of the strong flavor which creates irritation in the nerve and makes you sneeze.

8.) Try Rich Chocolate to Sneeze

Eating chocolate helps you to sneeze. Eating a piece of chocolate can make you sneeze, especially at the beginning. The more the cocoa content in the chocolate the more chances of getting a sneeze. This is method is for limited people and it is believed that the few chocolate particles accidentally go into the nose might be the reason to sneeze.

9.) Carbonated Water to Make Yourself Sneeze

Drinking carbonated water also make you sneeze. Soda tickles your nose as a result, you start sneezing. It is true and mostly happens with the people when you drink fizzy soda or any other carbonated drink after opening up the bottle and can you start sneezing. The bubble in fizzy drink tickles the back of throat and nose. You can use this easy method to make yourself sneeze.

10.) Sniff Spices to Sneeze

Spices contain strong flavor which easily causes irritation to your eyes and nose. Holding an open spice container in front of the nose will make you sneeze or sniffing the folded paper containing the spices in a closed room will also make you sneeze. You can use strong flavor and odor in a power to make yourself sneeze. Strong powder like cumin powder, coriander powder, pepper and ginger powder. Do not inhale more as this can also create a burning sensation in your nose. Try the effective remedy.

11.) Breathe Cold Air to Sneeze

Cold food and cold beverages easily affect our nose. Breathing cold air all of a sudden assaults the cold air of the sinuses and make you sneeze within a minute. If it is hot outside, use freezer of your home refrigerator. Go for the freeze, open the door, lean in, and take a deep breath which surely affects your sinuses and makes you sneeze. If it’s during the winter, walk out from your warm house and break hard as you can to make yourself sneeze.

12.) Bright Light to Induce Sneeze

Some people start sneezing when they see the bright light all of a sudden. This also happens when you walk out of the dark room in sunlight. Bright light creates ticking on the nerve which helps to make yourself sneeze. Look directly at the bright light or blink up at the sun, especially after when you have been in the dark room, this will give instant tickling on the nose if you are sensitive enough and make you sneeze.

13.) Touch a Cold Wall to Induce Sneeze

This method for the sensitive people who touch the cold wall and cold metal and start sneezing. This method is scientifically proven when you touch the cold wall, you feel tickling and you start sneezing. Sometimes faking a sneeze will help you to bring real sneeze.

14.) Tilt Head Backward to Make Yourself Sneeze

Some people are so sensitive that when they tilt their head back, they start sneezing. Those who are learning how to make yourself sneeze might have success by putting the head back. This work effectively when you have the urge to make yourself sneeze. If the reflex is not strong enough, tilt your head will help you to make yourself sneeze by straightening your airways. Don’t try to restrict the sneeze which can damage to the air, ear, brains and cause fracture and may result in death. Every person has different sensitivity. You can use this natural method to make yourself sneeze.

15.) Keep Your Stomach Full to Induce Sneeze

Keeping your stomach full also helps you sneeze fast. A study says that 10% of sneezing occurs when your stomach is full. So to make yourself sneeze eat a large portion of your meal. Remember not to use this option very often because it can lead to other health problems.

16.) Sniff Capsicum Extract to Sneeze

Capsicum is another best way to induce sneezing. As capsicum itself produced from hot peppers that are used both for pepper spray and medication. To try this method just take a cotton swab and apply some capsicum extract to it. Now, hold this cotton swab near your nose and slowly inhale the scent of capsicum through the nose. Do not apply this extract inside your nose because it might burn your skin.

17.) Smell Perfume to Make Yourself Sneeze

Yes! You read this right. Smelling perfume can actually induce sneeze instantly. Just hold your favorite perfume and spray near your nostrils. Smell the breeze that will instantly activate your brain nerve and will help you sneeze easily. Don’t directly spray in your nostrils, it may lead to some serious issue.

18.) Fake Sneeze to Sneeze

Try fake your sneeze the same way you actually sneeze. It will bring you one just like that because once you try fake sneeze for longer, it stimulates your sneeze reflexes that help you sneeze effectively.

19.) Water to Make Yourself Sneeze

This is one of the easiest way to induce sneeze. All you need to do is boil a pot of water and add one teaspoon of salt. Inhale the liquid to induce sneeze. Alternatively, you can put this water in the nose and tilt the head in backward direction. This will surely give you a sneezing fit.

20.) Pinch and Hum to Sneeze

The best thing about this method is that you can try it anywhere and anytime. When you pinch and hum your nose the vibrations are increased due to which trigeminal nerve is triggered. This trigger causes you to sneeze. Press the bridge of your nose with the help of your index finger and middle finger. At the same time, you need to hum. This causes tickling in the nose due to which a sneeze occurs.

21.) Dust Particles to Sneeze

One of the most uncomfortable situations is when you are stuck between sneezing and not sneezing. The dust particles will surely irritate your nose due to which multiple sneezes will be produced. The added benefit of this remedy is that you will get a cleaner home.

22.) Vibrator to Make Yourself Sneeze

This is one of the most effective ways to produce a sneeze. All you need to do is take a vibrator and place it on the bridge of the nose. Make sure that you don’t press it too hard on the nose.

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