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Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Are you fussing about the pain under left rib cage? Pain under left caused by many reasons. The left side of the body has different vital organs like left side chest, left side abdomen, right side abdomen and many organs to protect these organs left rib cage serve as barrier protection to this organ and tissue present in the thoracic activity. The pain in the left rib cage because of your rib cage, chest and the abdominal region is harmed by injury. Many people say that they have injured their rib cage because they met with the accident and injured. It is an important part of the system which protects the cardiovascular system, people experience pain if something wrong in the system. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible to get rid of pain under left rib cage.

The rib cage is the structure of the bones in the system which is arranged in the thorax and the vertebrate except in the case of lamprey and the frog. It is arranged by the vertebral columns, rib, sternum which is enclosed in the heart and the lungs. The human rib cage also is known as Thoracic cage which is a bony and cartilaginous arrangement surrounded by the thoracic activity and support the shoulder girdle which forms the core portion of the human skeleton. A human cage has 24 ribs and 12 thoracic vertebrae. It forms a thoracic wall which consists of skin, fascia, and muscle. This thoracic wall provides attachment to the muscles of the neck, upper abdomen, thorax, and back.

It is characterized by the sharp pain and mostly affects the children and adolescent, but it is mostly frequent in the children as compared to the others. The pain under the left rib cage last for 2 seconds to few minutes or maybe get extend up to 30 minutes. Sometimes people get scared of pain under left rib cage as they think it may be the pain of a heart attack. Before the treatment, it is essential to know the causes of pain under left rib cage.

Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage

  1. Indigestion Increase Pain Under Left Rib Cage

The main cause of the pain is indigestion or overeating. When you feed your stomach more than the capacity required in the stomach cause you indigestion that triggers pain under left rib cage. Indigestion also occurs  when your stomach has  too much food in the stomach, it’s slow the down the metabolism and this leads to slow digestion. The slow digestion trapped the gasses and gets collected in the colon, that leads to sharp pain in the left rib cage.  Pneumothorax is the condition of the body which also cause pain under left rib cage. It also caused when the air trapped in the lungs and ribs which occur when the lungs collapse to the bad condition of the lung membrane.

pain under left rib cage

  1. Acid Reflux Cause Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal (GERD) caused due to when the ring muscle allows you food into the stomach and get relaxed when it should not be this forms acid in the stomach. This acid caused pain right behind in the breast bones and splash into the esophagus, which creeps into your throat and causes pain. A heartburn often caused excessive intake of food, alcohols, and beverages. The acid is produced in the digestive system leads to heartburn and also cause the sharp in the thorax.

  1. Kidney Stones Begins Pain Under Left Rib Cage

The pain under left rib cage also caused by the kidney stone. This condition may happen multiple times in the individuals. The sharp pain affects the kidney and the pain of the kidney stone occurs on the left side of the body due to genetic and environmental factors. Drinking more fluid is also a great prevention to remove kidney stones. The pain caused due to blockage of the ureter, which results in pain under the left rib cage.

In this condition the pain normally starts with the back and generally come in front. If suffering from this severe kidney stone pain, then it’s advisable to take immediate checkup with the doctor and proper treatment.

  1. The Pancreatitis Embarks Pain Under Left Rib Cage

A pancreatitis is an inflammatory condition of the pancreas. The sign of the inflamed pancreas is a pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting and nausea. A person suffering from this condition often feels pain under left rib cage. In some cases, pain travels in back. Consuming food in this condition often increases the pain. The most common cause of this condition is an excessive amount of alcohol intake and gallstones. It mostly occurs due to many years of alcohol use. It’s advisable to take the treatment and check from the doctor.

  1. Rib Damage Leads to Pain Under Left Rib Cage

The main cause of the pain under left rib cage is rib damage or rib fracture. It does not only increase a serious pain but also restricts the physical movement of the patient. The symptoms of the damaged rib cage are when you feel problem while inhaling, swelling in the chest area, bruises in the chest area bleeding. While coughing and increase the shortness of breath.

A broken rib makes you uncomfortable and unable to move due to such immense pain. It’s generally caused by external trauma and especially blunt force of the trauma. Rib damaged, often came in noticed by the sign of bruises on the surface.

  1. Respiratory Disorder Results in Pain Under Left Rib Cage

The respiratory disorder often causes pain under left rib cage, when it affects the organs and tissue of the body that transfer the gas in higher organism this leads to serious pain in the left side of the body. A disorder and the bony structure can cause a pain in the left rib cage. A respiratory infection and an inflamed lung lining often cause a pain in the left side. The disease like pneumonia, pleural effusion, lung cancer, tuberculosis and pleurisy often caused the pain the left side.

  Different Ways to Treat Pain Under Left Rib Cage

  1. Medication to Cure Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Consulting a doctor and taking medication is important to cure the left side pain. If you know what causing you pain in the left side, start taking the medicine otherwise it will get worse and dangerous for life. Other small problems also need medication to prevent the worst effects on the organs which turn into major problems. It may be because of muscle pain and a digestive problem which get cured by taking medication.

  1. Surgery to Stop Pain Under Left Rib Cage

When you damage or fractured your rib cage when met with an accident or other serious tragedy, then may you have to go undergone surgery to treat this problem. In the extreme health condition, you need to undergo surgical treatment to prevent the worst condition of your health. Some surgeries fail during the treatment which has a risk of life. It is mandatory to get surgical treatment with licensed doctor to prevent the risk.

  1. Healthy Diet to Prevent Pain Under Left Rib Cage

A healthy diet can prevent the pain on the left side of the body. As sometimes pain caused due to over-eating, acid reflux and indigestion, which easily cures when you start a healthy diet in a limited quantity. The skipping meal also a major cause of acid reflux and gastric problem. It is recommended to take 5 times meal in the day with the proper quantity which is sufficient for the stomach. Drinking 8 glasses of water is also a cure for many diseases. Avoid the outside and acidic foods which cause acid reflux.

  1. Consult a Doctor to Treat Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Although you have various medicines to cure the pain. But if you are feeling this pain again- again, it is advisable to stop being a doctor and consult a good doctor to cure this problem. Visit the doctor for a diagnosis. This will not only tell the real cause of the problem but also give an accurate cure for this problem. If you are prone to this pain, consult a doctor don’t hesitate because it can turn into serious problems.

  1. Rest For Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Take proper rest for pain under the left rib cage, as the physical pain like trauma, accident, fracture, and muscle spam takes the time to cure. So proper rest will heal your pain without any difficulty. Some condition may cause you immense pain are not serious but there is some condition which required immediate doctor consult and proper rest.

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