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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test? (Home Remedies)

Hey, are you afraid to pass a urine drug test that you are going to take in a few days? In this article, you will read few easy tips to pass a drug test. If you are working for the company that requires drug test in the condition of the legal statement then it might be possible that they need your urine, saliva, hair, and blood as a sample for a drug test. You are not alone. Passing a drug test of marijuana is an unlucky reality for many Americans who got tested for new employment. Even the state legalized with medical and recreation of marijuana, still, there is a policy to pass a urine test to the private companies. Later, you can read articles on how to pass a hair follicle drug test?, how to pass a drug test?, and how to pass a mouth drug test?.

A drug test is a practical analysis of biological specimens. A urine drug test is done to determine the presence and absence of specified parent drugs  or their metabolites. Metabolites are the product of metabolism. The result of drug test will directly or indirectly affect your life. In  most of the institutions, colleges, and universities, it’s mandatory to pass urine test while taking admission. Similarly, in the companies recruiters prefer candidates from the clean background. But there is no need to take stress to pass a urine drug test, there are so many scientific and home remedies available to pass a urine drug test.

Before proceeding towards any home remedy its essential to know the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC  metabolites are fat –soluble component. They get collected in your fat cell when you intake drugs and smoke. But when you pee they are automatically removed from your body. Complete removal of THC is a difficult task. But here are some home remedies to pass a urine drug test.

Home Remedies to Pass a Urine Drug Test

For quick and easy removal of metabolites from your blood and urine, here are some effective home remedies which help you to pass a urine drug test.

1.) Drink More Water

To pass a drug test, water hyper-saturates the body to dilute the THC metabolites below the detectable levels. You need to consume 60 ounces per day. The urine test does not measure a number of drugs in the urine but they only measure a number of metabolites in the urine. Drinking more water will help your body to produce metabolites that don’t  contain drugs. Sip water slowly at regular intervals instead of gulping water all at once. You need to increase the water intake before a week. This is an effective remedy to pass the urine test. Be careful not to be over-hydrate, so much of water can also affect your organs.

2.) Intake of Diuretics

Consume diuretics like cranberry juice, ice tea, coffee, grape juice, apple cider vinegar, Midol, and Pepsi, which result in excess urination and help the metabolites below the detectable level. Diuretics flush out the drugs in the urine. It speeds up the metabolism due to which the body fat will burn faster. To pass a urine test, drink one gallon of diuretics to clean your system. You can also have natural diuretics like apple, watermelons, carrot, berries, lettuce, cabbage, tomato and grapes which are very rich in water content. Herbs like dandelion root and juniper berry also make the pee frequent. To pass a urine drug test you can consume diuretics for a better result.

how to pass a urine drug test

3.) Perform Some Exercises

Exercise helps in passing a urine drug test. When you do exercise you burn calories faster, as a result, THC metabolites present in your fat cells will also burn or remove from your body. This remedy will help you if you want to pass a drug test in a day or a few days. To pass a urine drug test you need to work out regularly.

4.) Take Sauna Bath

Seating on sauna bath leads to weight loss because of sweating. Increasing your body temperature will help you burn extra calories.The heat will cause your body to raise its metabolic rate up to 20 percent. Take a sauna bath daily to pass a urine drug test as it increases the body temperature, which results in sweat, thus flushing out the toxin in the body. It also removes the drug metabolites from your body in the form of sweat. Do this remedy couple of days before your drug test is held. This is very effective way if you drink more water and do exercise.

5.) Consume Lots of Fiber

Eating lots of fiber can help to pass a urine drug test. As the fibers act as the catalyst and also increase the metabolism rate, which results in fat burn and flushes the toxin from your body. Fiber directed the fat-soluble THC metabolites to the colon. Fiber increases the metabolism, which results in metabolites excreted in the form of stool from the body. So include lots of fiber in your healthy diet to pass a urine test.

6.) Take Help From Herbs

Herbs are the excellent cleanser to pass a urine drug test. There are many herbs, which flush out the toxin from the body and also remove the drugs metabolites from your body. Herbs like Chaparral poke root, Red clover,and  Dandelion roots. You can consume these herbs in the form of tea and drink this tea every day at least 3-4 weeks before. Heat a pan, add water to the pan and boil it. Put herb in the boiling water, drink it after 2-3 minutes later.

7.) Synthetic Urine Substitute

Synthetic urine works without fail. To pass a urine drug test, you can substitute the urine with this product. It is a pre-mixed liquid that is created in the labs to calibrate the drug testing equipment and has chemical identity which is same like human urine. Synthetic urine comes in 2 ounces of urine, which is enough to pass a urine drug test. In the urine drug test, not only the component of the liquid is tested but also the pH level of urine and gravity of urine is required. This enables the required results after mixing with the human urine and dissolve the drug metabolites below the detectable level.

8.) Use Weight Loss Pills

You can also take weight loss pills to pass a urine drug test. Weight loss pills like Niacin or commonly known as vitamin B3 are easily available in the market for detoxification. When you intake these pills before 2-3 days of urine drug test, it expands the blood vessels. These pills allow the bloodstream to become more soluble, hence detoxification takes place and flushes out the toxin from our body. The diuretics and water take away the yellow color of urine, which create doubt in the mind. To overcome this doubt, consume 100 mg of b-complex prior 2 hours before the urine drug test.

9.) Try Baking Soda Drink

Use of baking soda prior to 3 hours of the drug test helps you to pass a urine drug test easily. Intake of baking soda will help in a pH imbalance of urine and help in passing the test easily. In the method of detoxification, you need to add 3-5 teaspoon in a glass of water and consume it before 3 hours of urine drug test. It  flushes out all the toxins from your body and also maintains the pH level of urine that is required in urine drug test.

10.) Drink Some Vinegar

Intake of vinegar will help to pass a drug test as vinegar is acidic in nature. It can easily break down your digestive system and help you to flush out the toxin present in your body and it also removes the drug contain metabolites from your body. It will reduce the metabolites below the detectable level to pass a urine drug test.

11.) Drinking Pickle Juice

It’s a belief that consuming large quantity of pickle juice helps you to pass a drug test. As drinking pickle juice might kill the THC metabolites present in the urine for easily passing the urine drug test. For better results combine drinking pickle juice with another remedy also.

12.) Try To Dilute the Sample

When you have no other option left, this could be your hope to pass a urine drug test. Diluting the water into the urine reduce the effects of drug and minimize the pH imbalance in the urine. You can use this method when you have no other option left.

13.) Have Aspirin

This is an effective remedy to pass a urine drug test. All you need to do is eat is a couple of aspirins 2 to 3 hours before the urine test. Aspirin absorbs all the chemicals in the body and there are chances that the pH level of the body won’t show the presence of THC metabolites in the urine. You may feel a little dizzy after eating so many aspirins but for sure you will pass the urine drug test.

14.) Have Some Fruits

This is one of the safest and effective remedy to pass the drug test. Fruits such as watermelons, apples, grapes, berries etc, can help you a lot to pass the test. The water content in these fruits will flush out the toxins in the body thus increasing your chance of passing the test.

15.) Take Burdock Root

This can be a very useful remedy if you know before hand that you have to give a urine drug test. All you need to do is break a burdock root and take the sap out. Boil some water and soak this root in that water. Allow it to cool down and drink it twice a day to see amazing results.

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