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How to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test?

It is very obvious to be nervous before a mouth swab drug test. After all, your whole life depends on just one result. If the results come positive, then it is considered as a grave crime. This is very obvious because it not only affects your personal life but also creates tension in professional life. Positive results of mouth swab drug test lead to the cancellation of driving license, devastate your dreams of pursuing higher education as in some universities it is necessary to submit a drug test report. But don’t worry, this article is going to suggest you some best ways to pass mouth swab drug test. You will be happy to know that passing a mouth swab drug test is much easier than passing any other test. Read on our article if you want to discover the ways to pass a simple drug test, urine drug test, or hair follicle drug test.

Possibilities of Giving Mouth Swab Drug Test:

  • When a renowned company hires employees.
  • You might face a mouth swab drug test at random.
  • If you had an accident there are chances that you have to give a mouth swab drug test.
  • When a person is suspected of consuming drugs.

How to Do Mouth Swab Drug Test?

This test is done using a swab. The swab looks like a toothbrush. It is placed between the gum and the lower cheek for about 2 minutes. This swab collects the saliva for testing. After it is saturated it only takes a few minutes to produce the result report. It is very easy for the marijuana smokers to pass this test because marijuana can only be detected in a spit test which requires at least 12 to 24 hours.

Best Ways to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test:

1.) Red Meat to Fake Mouth Swab Drug Test:

This remedy for sure can help you to pass mouth swab drug test as it controls the creatine levels in the body. Creatinine is only found in animal foods and it forms an energy reserve in the brain and muscles. It strengthens immunity and maintains cholesterol levels. You can eat this savory food in grilled or boiled form. Start eating it 2 to 3 days before going for a mouth swab drug test.

how to pass mouth swab drug test

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test:

Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient that is known for its detoxifying properties. It contains acetic acid and has vitamins and minerals that balance the creatinine level in the body. If the creatinine levels in your body are balanced, then most probably you will pass the mouth swab drug test. One week before the drug test starts drinking diluted apple cider vinegar. It will help you to pass the mouth swab drug test. Apple cider vinegar will also clear the traces of drugs, from the marijuana consumption.

Precaution: People suffering from diabetes and hypertension should avoid this remedy as vinegar impacts directly on potassium levels and blood sugar. Consuming apple cider vinegar frequently can cause health issues such as diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion and stomach ache.

3.) Exercise to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test:

This is one of the effective ways to pass a mouth swab drug test. When you are taking drugs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is stored in your fat cells. THC is a chemical that is responsible for the drug’s psychological effects. During exercise, you burn this fat and hence you get rid of traces of drugs. If you need to pass mouth swab drug test, then exercise daily for a couple of hours.  This remedy will only work if you do exercise on a regular basis. If you try this remedy before a few hours of the test, then there will be no result as you cannot lose weight in such a short span of time.

4.) Rosemary to Pass a Saliva Drug Test:

This small evergreen shrub is widely known for its medicinal purposes. It detoxifies the strands of drugs effectively. The rosemarinic and caffeic acid in rosemary will make you pass mouth swab drug test. Chaparral poke root and burdock root are natural blood cleansers and hence can help you to pass a saliva drug test. Here are some ways to use rosemary.

Method 1:

  • Take a glass of water and add a cup of dried rosemary leaves.
  • Bring this mixture to a boil and then strain it.
  • Drink this rosemary tea to pass a saliva drug test.

Method 2:

  • Add grape seed oil in dried rosemary leaves.
  • Heat this combination in a kettle for about 2 hours.
  • Strain the oil in a clean bottle.
  • Leave it overnight to cool down.
  • Rub this oil on your scalp and wash it after some time.

5.) Red Clover to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test:

When you consume drugs free radicals are introduced into the body. If you want to pass saliva drug test, then it is necessary to remove these free radicals from the body. Red clover will help you to do this as it is full of antioxidants. Detox on a regular basis is important to pass a mouth swab drug test. If you do not detox regularly free radicals will accumulate due to which it will become more difficult to pass a drug test.

6.) Aspirin to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test:

This is an easy remedy to pass mouth swab drug test as it hides the sign of drug consumption. Aspirin itself is a drug which is used for reducing pain and inflammation. Nausea and unconsciousness are common symptoms of drug consumption. If you want to pass a mouth swab drug test, then take aspirin to fake the symptoms of drug consumption.

Precaution: Overdose of aspirin can cause serious damage to internal organs like liver and kidney.

7.) Water to Pass a Saliva Drug Test:

If you want to pass mouth swab drug test it is necessary to dilute the THC metabolites below the visible level. You can dilute these THC metabolites by drinking a lot of water. Water is a good choice to pass the saliva drug test as it saturates the body and reduces the level of THC metabolites. Drinking a lot of water two weeks before the drug test is useless. You have to drink at least one gallon of water 24 hours before the mouth swab drug test. THC metabolites are unsolvable in water so don’t expect that water will flush out all the THC metabolites from the body. Water keeps you hydrated and is also a good detoxifying agent. You can read our article to discover the benefits of water.

8.) Say ‘No’ to Drugs to Cheat Mouth Swab Drug Test:

If you want to pass a drug test and also want to live a happy and healthy life then avoiding drugs is the best way. It will save you from getting humiliated and embarrassed. Don’t drink or smoke a few days before the saliva drug test. This will reduce the level of drugs in your saliva. You can also take help of an expert to get rid of this bad habit of taking drugs. Find out how to stop smoking weed? from our article.

9.) Oral Clear to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test:

This branded product is very much popular in the market if you have to go through a saliva drug test. It comes in the form of a gum and takes only 30 seconds to clean your clean. It is easy to use and you can carry it anywhere. Oral clear is convenient as compared to most of the mouth washes.

Different Ways to Pass Urine Drug Test

10.) Take a B-Complex Multivitamin

While drinking all the fluids and taking the diuretics, your urine will apparently be pretty watered down and almost clear. This can raise doubt for some lab technicians. B2 or B12 can help you bring back that yellow glow to your urine, so take 100 mg of a B-complex multivitamin tablets two hours before your test. It is advised to take these tablets in a limit as more than 100 mg may have an adverse effect on your body.

11.) Intake a Lots of Fiber

This is another useful remedy to clear the urine drug test. Fiber helps forwards fat-soluble THC metabolites to your colon (not to bladder). Moreover, they help increase your metabolism of the body. A majority of THC will get flush out in your stool if you increase intake of fiber-rich foods in your diet.

12.) Niacin to Pass Mouth Drug Test

Most of the people believe that niacin reduces the THC metabolites count in the body. But, the fact is that it helps detoxify your body, but don’t eliminate THC metabolites completely. Moreover, too much of niacin may result in nausea and vomiting. So it is best to take niacin in limit or consult your doctor before consuming this.

13.) Baking Soda to Fake Mouth Swab Drug Test

Try this effective method to pass urine drug test. Two or three hours before the test, just take 3 spoons of baking soda and combine it with water. Drink this mixture at least twice. Drink plenty of water after drinking this mixture because baking soda can cause dehydration. After some time when you pee, your body will flush out all the toxic waste.

Note: Consuming of baking soda can lead to other health problem so be moderate at the time of consumption.

14.) Synthetic Urine Substitute to Pass a Drug Test:

If you don’t have much time to try out these remedies and want an instant result, then shop for some synthetic urine substitute to pass the urine drug test.

How to Pass a Sudden Mouth Swab Drug Test?

You should always keep a saliva neutralizing gum handy in your bag or at your workplace as it is the best solution for passing a sudden mouth swab drug test. This gum clears all the traces of nicotine and removes the toxins in just 30 seconds. The effect of this gum is for about 30 minutes. Another option is Ultra Kleen Salvia Cleansing Mouth Wash which detoxifies your saliva instantly and hides the reality for about 60 minutes.

Tips to Avoid Before Mouth Swab Drug Test:

  • Mouthwash: Though mouthwash is good for cleaning your mouth and removing dirty saliva but here is can make you and in trouble. The reason is that most of the mouthwash contains alcohol. So if you use a mouthwash before a drug test chances are that you fail a mouth swab drug test.
  • Excessive Teeth Brushing: Some people in order to fake a drug test do excessive teeth brushing due to which the teeth becomes raw. It cleans out the traces of drug use, but your results in more production of dirty saliva.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: This is not a good choice to pass mouth swab drug test as it damages the inner tooth by penetrating deep into the tooth enamel. It only helps in removing the dirty saliva. You can even learn about the other uses of hydrogen peroxide.

Things to Do During Mouth Swab Test:

  • When trying to pass a mouth swab drug test, try not to obey all the rules in the laboratory. They are intended to make you fail the test.
  • You will be lucky if the examiner will let you swab your mouth, try avoiding important areas such as gums, in the lower region of the cheeks or under the tongue.
  • Take a mint in your mouth as it will hide any suspicious chemicals
  • In case you are taking any type of prescribed medicine, particularly painkillers, notify your examiner before they do the mouth swab test as it might produce a false positive.
  • Chew a bit of ice cube to keep your mouth rinsed and also to dilute your saliva.
  • You can also reduce the acidity level in your mouth by washing your mouth with vinegar or lemon juice.
  • New saliva production can help you to pass a mouth swab drug test. To produce more saliva you need to sip water frequently.
  • You can chew a gum to stimulate saliva production if your mouth feels dry.
  • Sour candies will be a great help for you if you wish to pass a saliva drug test.

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