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How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are the most annoying and irritating insects. There favorite food is on human blood. Although, bug biting has no after effects. Bed bugs are considered to be the greatest traveler of the world as they can be transported with bag, luggage, cloths etc. The bug infestation is one of the common things in the modernized world. So if you are also suffering from a bug infestation, then we can help out to prevent bed bugs, through this article.

Tips to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

1.) Integrated Pest Control to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Integrated pest control is the most effective method to prevent bed bugs. It is required when the bug infestation is on the higher scale. If bed bugs are in every corner of your house, then doing an integrated pest control is the right call. It is a complete process in which over 300 products are used. These products have been registered by EPA for use in the home against bug infestation. The most popular used product against bed bugs is pyrrole pesticide, Neonicotinoids like Chlorfenapyr and few synthetic insecticide.

2.) Insecticidal Soap and Dust to Prevent Bed Bugs

Insecticidal dust and soap are considered to be the effective treatments for bed bugs. Where Insecticidal dust hurts the hard outer skin of bugs and thus kill them. On the other hand, Insecticidal soap only gets activated when small softbodied insects like bed bugs without harming your plant’s clothes and skin. Spray it on the affected area and see the result. The both the products are very effective for bed bugs as they can be applied to those places which are out of our reaches like corners, cracks and other places like frames of your bed, under baseboard and behind the headboard.

how to prevent bed bugs

3.) Extensive Cleaning to Prevent Bed Bugs

The most popular and commonly suggested and effective remedy to prevent bed bugs is substantial cleaning of your house. The first step, it is required to clean all the clutter in your house. The second step, clean all your clothes, from blankets to bed sheets, pillow cases, bedspreads, covers and very cloth that touched the bed or the floor.

4.) Kill Bed Bugs with Heat to Prevent Bed Bugs

Heat is the most important do-it-yourself trick to prevent bed bugs. High-temperature heat is required to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. One of the best ways is to keep them away is show your clothes such as blankets, bed sheets, and carpets direct sunlight on the roof. Bed bugs cannot survive in high temperature, so they will die automatically when their body temperature will reach the 113°F.

5.) Steam Treatment to Prevent Bed Bugs

This extremely effective remedy is very effective to prevent bed bugs. It is a remedy which kills the different stages of bed bugs from eggs to adults. This treatment took place with the help of a steaming machine. Use this treatment for mattresses, under the bed, upholstered furniture, etc. Use low-vapor or dry steam for this treatment because they use less moisture during this treatment,

6.) Diatomaceous Earth Powder

The diatomaceous earth is a very effective remedy to get rid bed bugs. It is made from fossilized remains of a particular form of algae. It is the safest way to kill bed bugs as they don’t contain synthetic insecticides. Sprinkle DE powder all over the bug affected areas with a bulb duster.

7.) Beauveria Bassiana Fungus

Thought about fungus gives you a bad feeling itself. But in bed bug case, the fungus is bad for bed bugs. Beauveria bassiana fungus is very effective to prevent fungus. Spray the Beauveria bassiana fungus on cracks, linens and even on floors and see these nasty bugs dying.

8.) Use Vacuum Cleaner to Prevent Bed Bugs

Using the vacuum cleaner to prevent or kill bed bugs is a very effective idea. The pesky bed bugs are very good at hiding themselves. So took shelter in cracks, under carpet, etc. in order to get rid of them use the vacuum cleaner to suck them into the dirt tank and dispose away of your house

9.) Sealing the Cracks to Prevent Bed Bugs

Sealing of cracks and crevices can be an effective way to prevent bed bugs. Seal them with caulk. However, this won’t work for larger infestation, but can prevent them from hiding there.

10.) Bed Bug Sprays to Get Rid  of Bed Bugs

The bed bug spray is beneficial for smaller bug infestation. The spray disrupts the growth the reproduction of bugs due to Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) formula. This is effective to kill the eggs and larva. But this spray has to be used with other methods because it cannot affect adult bed bugs.

11.) Pesticide Strips to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Pesticide strips are very effective to prevent bed bugs. But it can be used on the items which are heat sensitive and fragile. To use pesticide strips you need to keep them in the airtight containers along with bed bug infected clothes. These strips release an odorless vapor that built-up within the box and kills bed bugs over a period of time.

12.) Kidney Bean Leaves to Cure Bed Bugs

You might not know about this remedy, but it is very effective to kill bed bugs. Get the benefits of kidney bean leaves, you simply need to scatter leaves on the floor and bug infested area. The small hairs on the leaves will trap bed bugs and therefore prevent bed bugs from coming.

13.) Lilac Remedy to Prevent Bed Bugs

Lilac and its leaves have antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic, antimicrobial, antifungal, spermicidal and blood-purifying properties. Use lilac leaves or solution to eradicate bed bugs. This is very effective remedy to prevent bed bugs because of its uncountable properties.

14.) Cayenne Pepper to Prevent Bed Bugs

Cayenne is good to repel the bed bugs. Prepare the home remedy by boiling Cayenne pepper with grated oregano and ginger in water. Now strain and collect this water into a spray bottle. Now spray the cayenne pepper solution on the affected area of your room and home. The strong smell of cayenne drives them away from your home. So make your home, bed bug-free with this simple but very beneficial remedy.

15.) Aerosol Sprays to Kill Bed Bugs

Aerosol is specifically to prevent bed bugs. This is an insecticide which is available in a bottle or can. It also comes with the different ingredients and specifications. Before buying read the label carefully as some sprays can be used directly on mattresses and other can be used only on cracks to kill them.

List of Essential Oils to Prevent Bed Bugs:

1.) Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective to prevent bed bugs. Spray this on the affected area, including, bedding, mattress, repel bed bugs with ease.

2.) Clove Oil

Clove oil is also very effective to prevent bed bugs from killing them. It contains a chemical property called Eugenol, which is responsible for the acidic nature and odor in a clove. When this oil is sprayed on the bug infested areas, it kills bed bugs very effectively.

3.) Peppermint Oil

Aromatic peppermint essential oil can also be utilized to prevent bed bugs. Simply spray this around and in the affected areas. Bed bugs blocked by the fragrance of the fragrance.

4.) Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass essential oil can also be used to prevent bed bugs. The oil raises the acidic level of bed bugs to the level where it becomes fatal for bed bugs. So spray lemongrass to prevent bed bugs.

5.) Lavender Oil

Known for its aromatic properties, lavender oil is also very useful used to kill bed bugs. It has the ability to repel bed bugs effectively. So spray lavender oil on the affected area to prevent bed bugs.

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