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Home Remedies for Fleas

After fruit flies, gnats, and other pests, Fleas are an addition to the list that can make your life horrible with their presence around you. Well, as we all know that, the pests are a sign of an unhealthy and unhygienic surroundings and it can also embarrass you in front of the guests. They have the strength to give you sleepless nights and also contribute to many harmful diseases like diarrhea or other skin allergies. This is why many people seek for natural home remedies for fleas to eliminate them from the house permanently. If you are one of those then congratulations, as you have clicked open the right link

These little wingless, creepy insects love to reside on warm vertebrates and what could be more favorable that your pets. Rabbits, cats and dogs and even you can be their hosts, not for a single night, but for a bit too many sleepless nights that force you to scratch all over the body when these insects bite. One of the major reason that contributes to the overwhelming presence of fleas in your house is the fact that the flea eggs can get dropped anywhere in the house. These eggs,  then turn into larvae and finally transform into a flea. Now, the most important fact is, the flea eggs can stay dormant for over a year and that is the reason when you clean your house thinking all the creepy pests are eliminated, they just appear from nowhere. So, you need to keep a check on these eggs as well while doing a pest control.

Flea Bites:

When these tiny irritants dig their wand-like teeth into the skin, it causes itching that afterward transforms into a burning sensation. Fleas tend to reproduce quickly especially in a pet-friendly house. Even if you do not have pets in the house, fleas can breed in your garden as well. This can result in giving you scratchy nights and a hard time while sleeping. Their bites are pretty distinctive and remain smaller, unlike the mosquito bites.

A few symptoms of flea bites include:

  • Small red bumps on the surface of the skin
  • A red “Halo” around the bite center
  • These bites usually are in a group of 3-4, forming a straight line
  • They usually appear around the neck or ankle area
  • Also common around the waist, armpits, groin, breast, elbows or even knees.
  • You will feel itching and a slight burning sensation in the area.
  • Hives or rash may also develop in the area.
  • In rare cases, these bites even become sore and cause pain.

Do not scratch the area as it can worsen the infection causing a blister topped with a white center or even a dark red painful rash.

How to Diagnose the Presence of Flea in the House? 

In case you have pets, no need to search anywhere else. That is exactly where you will find the fleas. As discussed earlier, warm vertebrates are their favorite place to sneak in. Though these fleas can even attack your body in case there are no pets or they are bored with the same old surrounding. Your carpets, velvets, beddings, almost all the warm cozy places are where these pests can sneak and reside without letting you know. You actually tend to know when they start attacking your body. Still not enough for you to realize their presence, simply wear socks and walk on your carpet with them. Have a look at your feet, numerous tiny black spots will be witnessed. A close inspection will make you realize what exactly are they?

home remedies for fleas

Natural Home Remedies for Fleas in the House 

1.) Fleas Trap Remedy

One of the easiest home remedies for fleas is the dish washing liquid. This liquid potent to kill these tiny monsters and eliminate them from your house. Incase fleas have affected your dog or other pets, give them a dish wash bath and see how magically the fleas are killed that were feeding on its body.


  • Fill a few bowls partly with water and dish washing liquid.
  • Use as many as you want to keep at various sites.
  • Use the dish washing liquid in a generous amount.
  • Now, place a tea candle in the center of each of the bowl.
  • In case the candle doesn’t stand in the bowl, place it near the bowl.
  • Light the candle, and leave the trap overnight.
  • Fleas get attracted to light and jump into the trap.
  • The high viscosity of the dish washing soap prevents them from escaping.
  • Eventually, the fleas get trapped and die.
  • Dispose of the contents of the bowls the next morning.
  • Repeat the remedy 3-4 times in a week if your house is badly infested.
  • This is one of the natural and effective home remedies to get rid of fleas.

NOTE- Be extra cautious as you are using fire at night. You may also have to stay awake until all the candles exhaust or gets blown away. Also keep your pets and kids away from the traps.

2.) Herbal Flea Sprays 

Herbal sprays are one of the excellent home remedies for fleas. This is because they are chemical free and cent percent natural. So, they do not cause any harm to your family members including the pets. You can easily prepare these natural anti-flea sprays at home using safe and natural ingredients.


  • Mix a gallon of vinegar, 1/2 gallon of water, 16 oz of lemon juice, 8 oz of witch hazel.
  • Pour them in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution to the infested areas, including the carpets, pets, furniture, bedding, window sills, and every possibly infested corner of your house including you.
  • Now, use a vacuüm to suck away all the eggs, larvae and dead bodies of the fleas.
  • If any remains are still left, broom them together and vacuüm again.
  • Follow the remedy religiously for almost a week.
  • This will help to eliminate any remaining fleas from your house.
  • This grabs its place among all other excellent home remedies for fleas.

NOTE- Prevent your eyes and your pet’s eyes from the spray as it can cause inflammation, even loss of sight in severe conditions.

3.) Salt Spray Remedy 

Salt is the most common ingredient that helps you to get rid of tough flea infestation in the house. This is because it acts as a dehydrating agent for the fleas and sucks up every drop of the fluid present in their bodies. Thus, making it one of the excellent and inexpensive home remedies for fleas.


  • Get the common salt or sea salt in enough quantity.
  • This depends on the area that you are targeting for the spray.
  • Grind the salt to get a fine powdery consistency.
  • Fill this powdered salt in your spice bottle.
  • Sprinkle this salt all over the flea infested sites of your house.
  • Spare your pets from this, please. It is not for the as salt can damage their skin.
  • Leave the salt sprinkled for 12-48 hours.
  • Then use a vacuum to suck up all the salt and debris from these areas.
  • Repeat the remedy regularly for a few days to get rid of fleas permanently.

4.) Boric Acid Remedy 

Boric acid works similar to salt when you want to use it in order to eliminate the fleas. This is because it acts as a desiccant or a dehydrating agent for the fleas thus killing them.


  • Take a spice sprinkler and fill it with boric acid. 
  • Sprinkle the boric acid to all the flea infected places like carpets, beddings, pillows etc. 
  • After you have sprinkled the powder, use a carpet brush to spread the acid evenly all over the area. 
  • Leave it to work for 12-48 hours. 
  • Now vacuum away all the debris, eggs and larvae of the fleas along with the acid powder. 
  • Repeat the remedy regularly to get rid of any flea infestation in the house. 
  • This proves as one of the excellent home remedies for fleas. 


  • Use Boric acid cautiously, as it can harm your skin and the pets too. 
  • Keep it away from the kitchen as it can be easily confused with other spices like salt. 
  • Do not use Boric acid as a kitchen remedy. 

5.) Pennyroyal Herb Remedy 

There is a variety of pennyroyal herbs available in the market among which, European Pennyroyal, American Pennyroyal are traditionally used as natural home remedies for fleas. However, this is harmful and is also used for abortions by Native Americans also, it can even kill your pets. So, be cautious while using this herb to get rid of fleas. This herb helps to repel the fleas and prevent their infestation in your house. 


  • Simply place Pennyroyal plants around your yards, especially where your pets play.
  • This will keep the area flea free.
  • But, make sure to cover the plants using fine nets or fences to keep your pets and kids away from these harmful plants. 
  • Another remedy is to simply crash a few pennyroyal leaves in a pestle and leave until the aroma smears all over the area.
  • You can also tie the crushed leaves in a cheesecloth and hang it to the infested areas.
  • Make sure that no juice spills on the floor. 
  • Aware your family members about this so that they can stay away from it. 
  • You can also prepare a cloth tube and fill it with dried pennyroyal leaves.
  • Secure the inner lining of the cloth tube with a plastic bag so that the dried leaves do not spill out when powdered.
  • Use this as a collar for your pets to keep them flea free.

NOTE- Please use pennyroyal with caution as it is dangerous for both humans and pets. It can even lead to fertility issues in both. 

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