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Home Remedy For Toothache

A toothache sometimes is an agonizing. The pain can be mild or unbearable, you can’t schedule the toothache time. Sometimes the toothache happened in the middle of the night when the doctor is not available. If anybody has ever suffered from a toothache knows how much it gets hurt the mouth and make you unable to chew anything. The main causes of a toothache are exposed tooth roots, cavities, infection, gum diseases, cracked tooth, a loose filling done by a doctor and joint problem. If you have a mild toothache, that can be cured at home with few different home remedy for  toothache.

A toothache also knew as dental pain which caused in teeth and supporting structure. Causes of toothache: inflamed pulp is a risk of getting a toothache, tooth decay increase toothache, dental trauma cause toothache, exposed root surface triggers toothache and inflamed periodontal results in toothache. Toothache happens when the central area of the tooth gets irritated or inflamed, this pulp contain many nerves ending, which is highly sensitive, if something goes wrong in the nerves it triggers pain. The main causes of toothache highly seen in the children and younger like cavities, infection, loose filling and jaw problems. Don’t worry, you can easily treat the toothache problem by following these home remedy for toothache.

Different Home Remedy For toothache

  1. Cloves to Reduce Toothache

Clove is the best traditional and mostly used home remedy for toothache. The clove has different properties which cure a toothache easily and quickly. The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties of the clove make it a good home remedy for a toothache and fight against the germs.

To cure a toothache, Take 2 cloves and grind both the cloves. Make a paste, by  adding olive oil or any other oil, mix the clove powder in the oil. Apply this paste on the affected area to get rid of a toothache. You can also try clove oil for this remedy, take a cotton swab and dip into the oil. Apply the cotton swab on toothache affected area to cure a toothache.

Home remedy for toothache

  1. Warm Salt Water to Prevent Toothache

Warm salt water acts as a pain- killer mouthwash and is the most convenient home remedy for toothache. The warm salt water not only cures a toothache but also clean the throat in bonus. In the case of extremely sensitive teeth, warm salt water very efficiently as the salt has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties while warm water help in removing the accumulated debris and reduce the swelling.

To heal the pain and cure the infection, you need to take one teaspoon of salt and also add pepper for a better result. Take 2 tablespoons of water, add both the ingredient in equal quantity to form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and let it remain for a few minutes. Repeat this remedy many times if needed.

  1. Garlic to Cure Toothache

Garlic is a home remedy for toothache which has been used traditionally for many years. It contains healing compound and different properties to soothe a toothache. The Allicin is a compound containing by the garlic, which has anti-biotic properties. The anti-biotic and other medicinal properties of the garlic is very useful in curing the toothache.

For garlic home remedy for toothache, crush the garlic so that the compound release, which slow down the bacteria present in the tooth and also helps in digestion. You can add salt or black salt for the taste and keep it on the affected area. If you want to chew 2-3 cloves of garlic, you can chew it as it will give you instant relief. Repeat this for a few days to get rid of the pain.

  1. Guava Leaf to Get Rid Of Toothache

Not the only guava is important, but the guava leaf also plays a major role in home remedy for toothache. As the leaf of guava reduces the toothache. The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic property make it a cure for toothache. It reduces toothache and also fights against for bacteria that cause pain.

For the guava leaf home remedy for toothache, you just have to simply chew the leaf of guava until the juices extracted and go into the affected area. You can also use a spinach leaf to cure toothache. The another option of guava leaf is to make a guava leaf mouthwash, take 4-5 leaves of guava add in boiling water. Remove the utensil from the heat and allow it to cool down into warm water. Add salt and used it as a mouthwash.

  1. Ice Cubes for Toothache

Ice is very easy and convenient home remedy for toothache as it is reducing the toothache by numbing the ending nerves of the tooth. According to the folklore, you give massage to your hand with ice-cube it will soothe the toothache. It may be because when you give the massage with ice on your hand, your finger sends the cold signal to the brain which overrides by the signals of toothache.

For this home remedy for toothache, wrap the ice in clean and thin cloth. Hold it on the cheek near to your aching teeth, if you have the open nerve or exposed nerve then don’t apply directly as it can cause more pain. You can also give the massage between your forefinger and thumb to reduce the pain.

  1. Peppermint Oil to Ward Off Toothache

Peppermint oil is the best cure in home remedy for toothache as the peppermint oil contains different properties which fight against the pain also reduce the infection. The peppermint oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which make it instant and temporary toothache treatment, but you cannot consume the oil and it is not recommended for the children.

For this remedy to ward off the toothache, you need to take a cotton swab, apply a little amount of peppermint oil to the affected area with the help of a cotton swab. It will give you instant relief from the toothache.

  1. Tea Tree Oil for Toothache

Tea tree oil widely used in the medicines and home remedies for many diseases. It is also used in one of the home remedy for toothache. The properties of tea tree oil are very effecting in curing the pain and bacterias of the mouth. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and triggers the mild anesthetic effect. It has shown miraculous effects in many diseases and pain. Studies have also shown that aborigines used tea tree oil to cure the infection.

For tea tree oil remedy, tea tree oil is easily available in the store. Take a few drops of tea tree oil in olive oil or water. By using a cotton ball, apply this mixture to the affected area which will fight the infection and bacteria as a result, it will reduce the pain and swelling of the tooth.

  1. Asafetida to Prevent Toothache

As it is used in every kitchen, but it also used in home remedy for toothache. It is very effective in healing the toothache and also helps in digestion. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the asafetida cure the infection in teeth and also help you to get rid of toothache. It is also very helpful in treating the swelling of the gums and also stop the painful bleeding of the gum. Many dental problems such as toothache and bleeding, can be easily cured at home with the help of asafetida.

You can find asafetida in every kitchen which is not only cured toothache but also used as ingredients in foods for digestion. For this remedy, take ½ teaspoon of asafetida into 2 teaspoons of lemon juice then slightly warm it. For instant pain, take a cotton ball and dip into the solution, place it on the affected area which gives you instant relief from the toothache. You can also try another method, fry the asafoetida in the butter and place it in the cavity to get rid of toothache.

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