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 How to Remove Splinters?

A splinter is basically a very small part of a larger object like wood or any other foreign object that penetrates our body. The object stuck inside the tissue is called as Splinter. A splinter can cause some pain as it can rip the flesh and muscle of the body. In this article, we bring you some effective remedies to remove splinters. It can also cause infection if the object contains bacteria which can cause some serious issues to body organs or bones over time. As the sharp object penetrates our body, a splinter can cause some pain. The object cuts the cutaneous layer of the skin and resides in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, but in some cases, the object can go beyond subcutaneous layer and damage the muscle tissue or even the bone.

Types of Splinters:

1.) Biological Splinters

Biological splinters include bone, teeth, fish spines and wood.

2.) Non-Biological Splinters

Non biological splinters include grass, metal, fish hooks, plastic, and pencil graphite.

How to Remove Splinters?

Top Ways to Remove Splinters

It is important to remove all the splinters from the body or they can cause infections. Below are the ways which will help you to remove splinters

1.) Baking Soda to Remove Splinters

Baking soda works well on splinters, which are invisible and are deeply embedded in the body. A paste of baking soda makes the skin swell, which pushes the splinter out of the body. You will need 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon water, and a band aid. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it directly  on the splinter and cover the area with a band-aid. Allow the paste to set if for a few hours. Remove the band aid and wash the paste off the skin. You can pull out the splinter as it is forced to the surface of the skin. Use the antiseptic liquid to avoid any infections.

2.) Oil to Pull Out Splinters

A few drops of lavender oil o thieves oil will push the splinter out of your skin and will also prevent any infections because of their antimicrobial properties. These oils will help in the healing process of the skin as they contain anti inflammatory properties. You will need a few drops of lavender or thieves oil and a sterilised tweezers. Apply the oil on the affected area and wait for a few minutes. Pull out the splinter from the skin if it has risen to the surface. If it isn’t, wait for a few more minutes.

3.) Hot Water to Remove Splinters

The steam from hot water opens up the skin pores which will help you to get rid of a splinter. You will need a wide-mouthed glass and some hot water. Fill the bottle almost to the neck and press the affected area on it. Slightly press the bottle so that a vacuum is created. Maintain the same position for some time, then slowly remove the bottle. Now the splinter can be pulled out easily as the splinter is drawn out by the steam and the vacuum created.

4.) Ointment to Get a Splinter Out

Ichthammol ointment is a very effective way to remove splinters. It is one of those remedies that has been used by generations to remove splinters. This ointment contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, which will help in the healing process of the skin. You will need some ichthammol ointment and a bandage to complete this process. Take a small amount of ointment and apply it on the affected area and cover it with a bandage. Make sure to prevent this area from the water. You can remove the bandage after one day. The splinter will come out with the bandage. This process can be used whenever you suffer from a splinter.

5.) Epsom Salt to Remove Splinters

The salt draws out water from the skin, which makes the splinter out from the skin naturally. This process is often recommended by the doctors to remove splinters. A small pinch of Epsom salt and a large band-aid will work just fine. Put some Epsom salt on the band-aid and apply the band-aid to the affected area. Make sure that the Epsom salt comes in contact with the splinter. You should change the band-aid if it comes in contact with water. Now leave band-aid for the day and remove it in the evening. The splinter will be pushed out of the skin and will come out with the band-aid. And if it doesn’t, then you can simply pull it out with tweezers.

6.) Potato to Pull Out Splinters

Potato flesh is very soft and can be pierced very easily. You will need just a raw potato. Put a slice of potato on the affected skin is a way that potato touches the splinter. Press the potato downwards and remove it carefully. The splinter will come out with the potato slice if it pierces the slice. You should use a thinner slice if the previous slice was unable to complete his job.

7.) Vinegar to Remove Splinters

Vinegar makes the splinter come to the surface, which makes it easy to remove. You need white vinegar and a bowl. Pour some white vinegar in the bowl and soak the affected area in it for almost 15 minutes. The splinter will come to the surface of the skin. You can repeat this process if the splinter doesn’t come out on the first try.

8.) Banana Peel to Pull Out Splinter

Banana peel helps us to make the splinter move to the surface as it contains enzymes. The things needed to complete this process include a banana peel, tape, and a tweezer. Place the inner part of the banana peel on the affected skin surface and stick it in its place using the tape. Leave the banana peel for about 10 minutes on the skin. Now remove the peel and you can see that the splinter is moved to the surface. You can pull the splinter out using the tweezers.

9.) Egg Shell to Remove Splinters

Egg shells causes the splinter to move out of the skin very easily. This process is a very easy process and very effective too. A single use of this process will remove the splinter from your skin. You need a band-aid and an egg. Crack the egg and remove all of its contents. Now take a big part of the egg shell and place it on the splinter affected area. Cover the egg shell with a band-aid so that it doesn’t move. Leave the band-aid on for the whole night and remove it in the morning. The egg shell will take the splinter out with it.

10.) Glue to Pull Out Splinters

Glue is used to stick things together, but we will use glue to remove the splinter. Using glue to remove splinters is a very effective and harmless way. You will need just some glue. Apply the glue on the splinter affected area and leave it for at least 30 minutes or more if necessary. Make sure that the layer of glue is covering the whole splinter and is thick enough to take the splinter out. Now remove the glue from your skin and check whether the splinter is stuck in the glue or not. If you feel that you still have some parts of splinter stuck in your skin, then you can repeat this process. Do not use instant glue as it can trap the splinter in your skin.

If none of the above methods help in taking your splinter out, then you should visit your doctor as soon as possible or else it can cause infection.

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