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How to Remove Warts?

How to remove warts

Warts are the type of skin problem that caused by the viral infection. It’s small, rough and solid blister which generally appears on the human hands and feet. It looks so ugly and frustrating as they are very difficult to …

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How to Heal a Burn?

how to heal a burn

A very common household injury caused when you touched something hot. Burn not only caused by touching the hot things, it may also cause due to these factors like cold, chemical, heat, friction, radiation and electricity. So when you get …

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How to Treat Bed Bug Bites?

how to treat bed bug bites new

In this article, you will find some effective home remedies to treat bed bug bites. Bedbugs are small oval shaped creepy insects that feed on humans and the animal’s blood. They are active during the night and bite the exposed …

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