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How to Speed Up Metabolism?

A car without fuel will never reach its destination. The same applies to losing weight. If you are trying to lose weight, but your metabolism is slow, then you will never get success. Don’t worry, in this article, you are going to read about some easy methods to speed up metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process that is performed by the body for the proper functioning of organs. In this process, the body burns calories and converts them into energy that is used by the different organs.

Easy Methods to Speed Up Metabolism:

1. Enhance Your Thyroid Function to Increase Metabolism:

The thyroid gland plays a dominant role in regulating metabolism. It is responsible for releasing hormones in the bloodstream and hence regulates several processes including metabolism. The thyroid hormones extract iodine from the blood, which is used by thyroid cells accordingly. Now when there is a deficiency of iodine you suffer from a common thyroid problem known as hypothyroidism. In this condition the person becomes sluggish and the metabolism slows down. You should include nutrients in your diet like Selenium, Vitamin E, Iodine, Zinc and copper for better functioning of the thyroid.

2. Diet Chart to Speed Up Metabolism:

how to speed up metabolism

You must have often heard people saying that if you have to lose weight then eat less. This is not a true fact. In fact, if you eat less you metabolism will slow down due to which you will gain weight.  When you are eating less and controlling your starvation your body starts producing RT3 which is a fat storage hormone. This hormone commands your body to store fat. This, in turn, slows down your metabolism.

In order to speed up your metabolism, it is very necessary to have a good diet full of fiber and protein. Metabolism is a process in which your body converts the food into fuel that is used by the different organs of the body to carry out day to day functions. A person having a naturally fast metabolism will quickly transform the nutrients into energy which is required by the body. On the other hand, if you have a low metabolism the body will store these nutrients rather than burning them.

Here is a diet chart of 7 days that will help you to speed up metabolism. This diet chart will suggest you some right foods that are to be eaten at the right time.

Day 1: Monday

  • Breakfast: It is very necessary to eat a healthy breakfast to revive your metabolism. You can eat one cup of strawberries or blueberries with 6 ounces of Greek yogurt.  You should atleast consume 300 calories in your breakfast.
  • Lunch: You can have 16 baby carrots and a tuna salad sandwich.
  • Dinner: You have a variety of choices for dinner such as broccoli, chicken, whole-wheat pasta, and grated parmesan cheese.

Day 2: Tuesday

  • Breakfast: You can have foods rich in omega 3 such as eggs, a cup of skim milk and whole grain toast.
  • Lunch: A plate of green leafy veggies, slice tomatoes, black beans, avocado, sweet corn and skim cheese.
  • Dinner: You can have grilled salmon with cayenne pepper and baked sweet potato.

Day 3: Wednesday

  • Breakfast: You can enjoy the citrus ginger smoothie in your breakfast.
  • Lunch: You can have fruits like orange and apple and make your lunch a perfect one by eating dark chocolate.
  • Dinner: You can enjoy  Sirloin Tacos with Guacamole in your dinner.

Day 4: Thursday

  • Breakfast: You can start your day with soy milk, whole wheat muffin, and banana.
  • Lunch: Feast on pomegranate, chickpeas, radish and lettuce.
  • Dinner: Consume a whole grain veg burger and add pumpkin seeds to speed up metabolism.

Day 5: Friday

  • Breakfast: You can have a cup of oats and chopped nuts in your breakfast.
  • Lunch: Have a glass of skim milk with oatmeal cookies.
  • Dinner: Consume quinoa and a cup of Brussels sprouts.

Day 6: Saturday

  • Breakfast: You can start your day with whole grain cereal, skim milk and grapefruit.
  • Lunch: You can have a turkey sandwich or roasted turkey. Eat frozen yogurt and whole wheat bread.
  • Dinner: You can end your day with braised kale.

Day 7: Sunday

  • Breakfast: Enjoy your Sunday by eating whole wheat pancakes with low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: Eat a colorful plate of salad, which includes spinach, vinegar, olive oil. Also, consume eggs and Greek yogurt.
  • Dinner: You can end your Sunday by eating cucumber sushi with brown rice. You can also have tofu soup or tuna rolls.

3. Exercise to Increase Metabolism:

Aerobic exercise is one of the most efficient ways to increase metabolism. A 30-minute of aerobic activity like swimming, cycling or running is very beneficial to increase metabolism. You should also do some strength training to boost metabolism. You can combine your exercise with fish oil supplements to speed up your metabolism.

4. Set the Temperature for Faster Metabolism:

When you are in a cold environment your body activates the brown fat. This fat uses the energy to generate heat to keep the body warm. If you are sleeping in 19 degree Celsius, then your body will use energy to maintain the normal temperature of the body.  According to a study in winter seasons, the metabolic rate is 11.5% higher.

5. Keep a Note of Your Daily Calories:

When you do not eat properly and skip meals your body goes into a starvation mode. Now when your metabolism gets signals that your body is in starvation mode, it slows down automatically and starts saving the fats. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper meals. But another important thing is that if you eat extra then also your metabolism will also slow down. So in order to avoid these problems it in necessary that you maintain a note of your daily calorie intake. You should not take less than 1200 calories as it will cause a negative effect on metabolism. To speed up metabolism, it is necessary to have 1400 calories.

6. Eat Breakfast to Speed Up Metabolism:

If you want an improved concentration and increased energy then you should never miss the most important meal of the day that is breakfast. According to a research, eating breakfast can speed up metabolism by 10%. Your energy level decreases if you skip your breakfast. When you skip breakfast, your body goes on a starvation mood which in turn slows down the metabolism. This is because the body starts saving the energy. So to increase your metabolism, it is necessary to have a healthy breakfast daily.

7. Laugh Out to Increase Metabolism:

‘Laughter is the best medicine’. You must have heard this a lot of times. A good laugh also helps to speed up metabolism. When you laugh, your stress level decreases and your body get energized. This, in turn, increases your metabolism. According to a test, laughing for at least 10 minutes can increase metabolism by 20%. So stay happy and laugh to boost your metabolism.

8. Water to Speed Up Metabolism:

Drinking 17 oz of water per day can increase your metabolism by 30%. Ice water works best to speed up metabolism. This is because the body will burn more calories as more energy is needed by the body to normalize the temperature of ice water according to the body temperature. You can burn 80 to 90 calories per day if you drink ice water. It also helps in weight loss by keeping your stomach full. When your tummy is full you eat less food.

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