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How to Stop Bloating?

This article is about various natural remedies that can help to stop bloating and to avoid its bad effects on our body. Now, before discussing about the remedies to stop bloating, let’s first get to know What is bloating? Bloating is generally considered as the swelling in the abdominal area due to the excessive amount of gas. This makes the stomach seem full and tight. It also sometimes causes cramps or shooting pain in the abdominal area that cannot be ignored and needs immediate treatment. Some people suffering from bloating also complain for growling sounds coming from the stomach and regular long burps. This sometimes is very embarrassing in public places or social gatherings.

Causes of Abdominal Bloating

Now talking about the causes of abdominal bloating, well generally it is due to irregular and unhealthy diet plans, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) also known as Crohn’s Disease. This generally affects any part of the Gastrointestinal  tract (mouth to anus). Patients of IBD often complain of fever, weight loss, Diarrhea (bloody if severe) and abdominal pain.  IBS i.e. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which is the disorder of the large intestine. Here the patient faces difficulty in their regular bowel movements sometimes leading to severe Diarrhea or Constipation. Lactose intolerance is also a reason for bloating, which in medical term is the inability to digest foods containing lactose especially dairy products. All these are the rare causes that cause bloating. Whereas some common causes include:

  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Overeating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Food allergy.
  • Gastric Distension.
  • Aerophobia
  • Partial Bowel Obstruction.
  • Gas producing foods.
  • Certain medications, etc.

how to stop bloating

Best Remedies to Stop Bloating

1.) Increase Your Water Intake

  • Drinking ample amount of water is a cure for many diseases and abdominal bloating is one of them. An individual is advised to drink about 2 liters or half a gallon of water every day because water is something we constantly loose from our body in the form of sweat and urine.
  • It is also a necessity that our body constantly needs to boost up our immune system.
  • Water is very much necessary during diarrhea and constipation. Drinking ample amount of it will help in regaining what you have lost in the form of sweat and urine.
  • This will help to stop bloating as well.

2.) Say No To Foods With Too Much Sodium

  • Salt is the most common and main source of sodium in our body. Doctors’ advice to have only 20% of salt per serving, any more than that means you have exceeded the limit. This is because salt is the main reason for bloating when you include too much of it in your diet.
  • Sodium in salt tends to increase the fluid buildup in the body that thickens the blood volume, leading to an increase in the average stroke volume of the heart pumping blood. This leads to an uncomfortable feeling causing uneasiness.

3.) Fruit’s Skin has More Fiber

Many people peel off the skin of fresh fruits, you can be one of them as well. But it is advised to have the fruit along with the skin as it is rich in fiber content that your body requires. Fibers are useful in treating bloating, constipation and it also helps to keep up with proper digestion. Women are mainly advised to have at least 25 grams of it per day.

4.) Potassium Flattens the Belly

Potassium is proven to relieve from water retention, i.e. controlling the excessive buildup of fluids in our body. Fruits and vegetable that are high in potassium content are good for the stomach as it stop bloating and makes it appear flatter over time if included in your daily diet.

  • The question is why and how? Well, they contain Amino acids that help in flushing out excess fluid from your system that is not required anymore or is already present in your body in an ample amount.
  • Bananas, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes are some of the fruits with high potassium content. So readers, if you want a flat tummy, start feeding on these fruits and veggies and don’t forget to thank us for suggesting it to you.

5.) Fruits and Veggies Has High Water Content

  • Everyone’s summer love, Watermelons. Yes, Watermelon is known as the fruit having a high water content, including melons, cucumbers, etc.
  • So the question arises is that, what does they basically do? Well high water content helps the body in flushing out excess of belly bloating sodium and also these fruits and veggies contain Citrulline that is a type of Amino acid and as we talked earlier, the benefits of amino acids in our body.
  • They help in controlling the excessive fluid buildup and also flushes them out of the body when not needed. This makes our blood lighter, improves its circulation and it also reduces fatigue. They are also considered as instant energizers that boost up your metabolism and stop bloating.

6.) Sugar is The Biggest Enemy

  • All those sugary snacks available in the market may make your mouth slurp and feel like heaven in your mouth but they are bad for your stomach.
  • Our bodies’ take time in digesting these artificial sweeteners that are present in various sugary products, which lead to bloating.
  • These sweeteners also increase the rate of our body’s weight gaining capacity.
  • Excess intake of theses sweeteners may result in Diarrhea. We are not asking you to avoid sweeteners, what we are advising is to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible.
  • You can go for the alternatives like Jaggery or Brown sugar.

7.) Skip The Fizz

  • You may be fond of those fizzy drinks available in the market and must have stocked some bottles in your fridge. But do you know that these fizzy drinks are also a reason of that bloated belly you always complain for.
  •  They are as bad as sugar, but then some drinks often contain high sugar content and as we discussed earlier the disadvantages of sugar.
  • So, we would recommend you to sip on fresh fruit juices instead of fizzy drinks and sodas.

8.) Increase Your Activity Count

  • Start working more if you are as lazy as a sloth.
  • Doctors recommend every person to work for at least 15-20 minutes of activity per day.
  • This relieves your belly from puffing out and stop bloating.

9.) Coffee Love to Stop Bloating Fast

All those Latte lovers, have you ever wondered why a single cup in the morning makes you run to the loo? It’s because caffeine stimulates the intestinal movements up to 29% and it also stimulates colonic muscle contraction. Thus leading to easy bowel movements and proper digestion and when your food is properly digested you will obviously feel less or not bloated at all.

10.) Papaya Diet to Get Rid of Bloating Naturally

  • We have always heard all the beauty specialist and Dermatologists talking about the benefits of Papaya for your skin. But, do you know that snacking on papaya is also good for your stomach.
  •  Papaya has some digestive enzymes that are good for better digestion and smooth functioning of your digestive system.

11.) Sneaky Sugar and Salts

  • Some packed foods may contain sneaky sugar and salts like sugar-free foods and surprisingly bread that never tastes salty, but is rich in sodium content, so this is what “Sneaky” meant.
  • Always check the label and ingredients before purchasing packaged foods as some hidden ingredients may harm your health.

12.) Snack on Apples

  • “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, it’s an old adage now.
  • Including an apple in your daily diet helps you feel full and controls excessive cravings.
  • Apples make you feel fuller but not bloated and puffy.
  • This is because it is again rich in fiber, and yes, please make sure you don’t peel off the skin.
  • It is the main source after all, that you’ve been considering as waste till now.

After too much of precautions and warnings. It’s time for some natural remedies and Yoga. That can help you stop bloating and get a flatter tummy for all the women to flaunt.

13.) Ginger to Stop Bloating

  • Ginger root soaked in lemon juice and added honey for a little tinge of sugar, helps in releasing gas.
  • Chewing up some freshly cut slices of ginger root is beneficial to stop bloating.

14.) Fennel Tea Remedy

  • It is used to prepare tea. Intake of fennel helps in soothing the muscles of the digestive tract.
  • Massage with fennel essential oil if you are suffering from abdominal pain or uneasiness.
  • This will help to stop bloating easily.

15.) Asafetida Seeds Help to Stop Bloating

  • It is also beneficial to digest the food and it also helps to stop bloating.
  • You must have seen your grandmother adding them to the lentils or some veggies while cooking.
  • This is because it helps in aiding digestion and acts as a Anti-flatulent.
  • It prevents excessive production of intestinal gas and helps to stop bloating.

16.) Lemon and Honey Water

  • It is also good to start your day with lemon and honey water.
  • It helps both in digestion and belly flattening.
  • Also helps to stop bloating and flatten the swollen belly.

Yoga Formations that Cure Abdominal Bloating

Yoga practitioners recommend starting with the Reclining Position. This helps you to warm up your body and ease your breath. Next, you can continue with some stretches that help in stimulating your abdominal movements. The twists and turns help you to massage and tone your belly. They are also a great form of therapy to cure constipation and stop bloating.

1.) Apanasana

  • Where the knees are hugging to the chest, while you are laying with your back on the floor.
  • This helps in releasing the gas from your body, thus helps to stop smoking.

2.) Spinal Twist

  • Here you lie with your back on the floor and then spread your hands and twist.
  • With your knees in the 90 degree angle moving just opposite to your hands.

3.) Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

  • This asana helps to improve blood circulation in your body and makes you feel more energized.
  • This will help to release excess gas from your stomach and stop bloating.

4.) Seated Forward Bend Pose or Paschimottasans

  • Here you sit on the floor with your body in 90 degree angle.
  • Taking a deep breath you bend your upper body and try touching your knees with your nose.
  • The hands placed beside your feet parallel to your legs.
  • This helps your body relax and affects digestion, thus helps to stop bloating.

5.) The Cat and Cow or Marjyarasana or Bitilasans

  • This is a transition between two poses mainly meant to relax and ease your body from fatigue and tension.
  • What you have to do is, kneel with your palms resting flat on the floor and arms parallel to the legs.
  • Now, drop your head down while rounding up back just like a cat when it Purrs.
  • Then the next step is to flatten your back with your head straight.
  • So, these are the two transition poses performed together simultaneously.

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