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How to Stop Coughing?

Coughing is a health issue, seen in numerous people. When there is an annoyance or blockage in your throat or air pipe, your brain considers it as a foreign element present in your body. In order to get rid of this foreign element, cough is a body’s way of removing unwanted element in the body. Coughing can also be because of a viral allergy, flu, cold, and smoking or issues such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, and asthma. Some of the major symptoms of a cough are prickly throat, pain and congestion in chest. Instead of going for over-the-counter cough syrups, try out the natural ways to stop coughing in the article given below.

Stop Coughing

Natural Ways to Stop Coughing

1.) Steam to Stop Coughing

Breathing in the steam air helps to remove the build-up phlegm in the nasal passages. What you require here is a steamer or a towel. A hot bath has an extra benefit of relaxing and curing the cough.

Things You Need:

  • Menthol Oil.
  • Water
  • Steamer
  • Towel

Steps to Follow:

  • Add a few drops of menthol oil to the bathtub and soak your body in it. It helps to get rid of the congestion in chest.
  • Have a hot shower for a few minutes after soaking your body in the bathtub.
  • Have some steam, by bending your face on the steamer and inhale some hot steam.
  • This steam will help to open up the nostrils and air pipe blocked by a cough.

2.) Vapour Rub to Stop Coughing

Vapour rubs will benefit you to sleep properly during nights. Buy a vapour rub that is simply available in the drug store prescribed by the physician. You can use any type of vapour rubs whether natural one or menthol based. Natural vapour rubs are more effective as these are made up of beeswax, essential oils, Aloe Vera, and have no petroleum in it.

Steps to Follow:

  • Rub the vapor rub smoothly into your chest, back and neck.
  • Be attentive while using it. Do not apply vapour rub anywhere close to the face like near the eyes and ears.

3.) Turmeric to Stop Coughing

This is one of the simplest remedies as it has the most easily available stuff that is turmeric powder. It is known to be the best effective ingredient for a dry cough.

Things You Need:

  • One spoon of turmeric powder.
  • Two spoons of honey.
  • One glass of lukewarm water.

Steps to Follow:

  • Firstly mix the two spoons of honey and one spoon of the turmeric powder into the glass of lukewarm water.
  • Later sip this turmeric and honey warm drink a few times in a day.
  • This method can be done for a week to stop coughing.

4.) Saline Water to Stop Coughing

Saline water helps in clearing the nostrils when it is difficult to blow the nose, this happens mostly with children’s. For small kids, a bulb syringe opens the blocked nose, which hampers breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Try using it before half an hour of milk feeding.

Things You Need:

  • One glass of warm water.
  • Half spoon of salt.

Steps to Follow:

  • Dissolve about a half spoon of salt in one glass of warm water.
  • Make the saline water as a fresh one every day and put it in a clean, glass jar with lid.
  • Don’t use this saline water after 24 hours, as harmful bacteria can generate in the solution.
  • Incline your child’s head, or lay him/her with a towel supporting his/her head.
  • Put two drops of saline water into both nostrils to loosen the phlegm. After this, make sure that your baby’s head is still for a minute.
  • You can also use syringe bulb to pour drops and remove mucus from both nostrils of your baby.
  • Press the bulb of the syringe. After that slowly insert the rubber point into the baby’s nostril.
  • Simply release the bulb to collect the mucus and the saline solution.
  • Now, take out the nozzle and squeeze the bulb hard to eject the phlegm into a tissue.
  • Clean the nozzle before doing it with the other nostril.
  • Repeat this method if needed, but don’t use saline drops for more than three days.

5.) Honey to Stop Coughing

This wonderful tasting natural sugar is healthier than any over the counter drug or cough medicine. It not only aids in eliminating a cough but even relaxes a sore throat. Always use unprocessed honey, as it is free from any chemicals, used for pasteurizing purposes.

Things You Need:

  • Two spoons of unprocessed honey.
  • Spoon

Steps to Follow:

  • Take two spoons of raw honey and enjoy it every alternate hour during the day.
  • This step can be done a few times in a day or until your cough problem reduces.
  • This is one of the top most home remedies for a cough and throat pain caused by a dry cough.

6.) Mustard Oil to Stop Coughing

Mustard oil is known to benefit in clearing out the mucus accumulated in the case of a severe cough and helps in opening the nostrils in the case of asthma or dry cough. Try this great remedy to cure a cough variant asthma. Using mustard oil with camphor is a great remedy.

Things You Need:

  • One spoon of mustard oil.
  • One camphor cube.
  • Mixing bowl.

Steps to Follow:

  • Firstly warm the mustard oil with the camphor for a few minutes.
  • Next turn off the heat and put it into the mixing bowl and place it aside.
  • Once it cools down a little into normal lukewarm temperature, rub it on the chest and the upper back portion.
  • This method can be done a few times in a day for a few weeks or until there is no cough problem left in your body.

7.) Garlic to Stop Coughing

Garlic is famous for its anti-microbial properties that help in stopping and preventing cough. Use this wonderful remedy to get rid of a severe cough.

Things You Need:

  • Two to three garlic cloves.
  • One cup of milk.

Steps to Follow:

  • Firstly mix some garlic cloves to the milk.
  • Boil them in mixed form.
  • Next, allow it to cool down to room temperature and then enjoy this garlic and milk drink.
  • This method helps in removing out the congestion of chest thus lowers the coughing problem.
  • This method can be done twice in a day for over two weeks or until you get instant relief from a severe cough.

8.) Figs to Stop Coughing

Figs are a great source of numerous nutritional properties that helps in enhancing the respiratory system health. It even aids in curing the breathing difficulties because of a stubborn cough. Try this great remedy to relax the chest inflammation fast.

Things You Need:

  • Some dried figs.
  • One cup of water.
  • Glass

Steps to Follow:

  • Firstly mix the dried figs in the cup having water and let them steep overnight.
  • In the morning have the soaked figs and next transfer the soaked figs into a glass.
  • Now, have this soaked water on an empty stomach.
  • It is a great drink to get rid of a cough as well as lower the chest swelling.
  • This method can be done once in a day for over two weeks for visible results.

9.) Lemon Tea to Stop Coughing

Mixing lemon juice with honey in hot tea is one of the top remedies for cough problem. The juice of lemon contains ample amount of vitamin C that helps in treating cold, fever and sore throat fast. Try this great home treatment to cure a cough.

Things You Need:

  • Two spoons of honey.
  • Two spoons of lemon juice.
  • One cup of hot tea.

Steps to Follow:

  • Mix the lemon juice and honey into the cup of hot tea and stir it well.
  • Enjoy this tea after every meal in a day.
  • This step can be done for a week or till you see that your cough has been cured.
  • Lemon for a sore throat and cough works as a great ingredient and adding honey to it makes it yummier.

10.) Eucalyptus Oil to Stop Coughing

Eucalyptus oil contains the highest quantity of decongestant properties that helps in removing down the phlegm build up. This oil is even measured as the most powerful ingredient to cure the symptoms of asthma.

Things You Need:

  • Two to three drops of eucalyptus oil.
  • One paper towel.

Steps to Follow:

  • Pour some drops of the eucalyptus oil on top of the paper towel and place it just close to your pillow.
  • Place it close enough, where you sleep to breathe in the aroma of the eucalyptus oil.
  • Try this method for overnight treatment to get rid of a cough.
  • This method can be done for a few weeks or you are relaxed from the coughing problem.
  • This remedy is considered as the perfect treatment to get rid of a cough.

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