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How to Stop Drinking?

If you are stuck in the addiction of alcohol, and want to land at sobriety. This article is especially for an alcoholic who are drowned in the alcohols and want to stop drinking. It’s a tough task, but once you get out of it, you will be in a new world with a healthy body and healthy relations. It’s not easy to quit alcohol, but not impossible as its take so much of a struggle. Overcoming from alcohols required strenuous efforts by it can be possible who are ready to stop drinking alcohol and willing to get the support you need, you can recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse no matter how bad or powerful you feel. Every small amount of alcohol has an effect in our body. A tiny amount of alcohol exists in your urine and breath.

Alcohol is a drink that contains a substantial amount of ethanol. A drug called depressant, which is present in alcohol. Low doses of this drug which cause euphoria, reduce anxiety, sociability, and higher doses cause intoxication, stupor, and unconsciousness. Drinking alcohol plays an important role in many cultures. Mostly country has a rule regarding the supply, production, and sale. There are some countries where such activities are banned. Many people drink without thinking the adverse effect of alcohol. Alcohol not only harms the individual but relationships, relation to society in terms of crime and violence, accident and drink drive.

Long Term Drinking Effect You in Many Ways:

  • Brain damage.
  • Heart and circulation.
  • Cancers
  • Lung infection.
  • Liver failure.
  • Stomach cancer or stomach ulcer.
  • Infertility in women.
  • Affect your sexual life.
  • Destroy your mental health.
  • Weight gain.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse Disorder:

  • When you drink you usually consume more than you want to drink.
  • You tried many times to stop drinking, but you enable to succeed.
  • Spend your most of the time to get alcohol, drinking, and hangover.
  • Usually take drinks or beer to cure a headache.
  • If you are destroying your relations with your family and friends.
  • Continue drinking after having negative effects on your body.

how to stop drinking

Steps to Stop Drinking

  1. Set a Goal to Stop Drinking

Everyone set a goal to achieve something in life. If you want to stop drinking, you should have a strong goal to abstinent from drinking. You really believe you can stop drinking, then set a goal, when you can and cannot drink. If you are the type of person who can stop drinking one or two glasses then you have to abstinence. You  may not to abstinence forever,  but at least six months you will  have to go to abstinence. Drink within the goals like occasionally or socially. Some people do this, Some stick to abstinence and feel the better result of not to drink. If you will drink to remove stress, you can find an alternative to getting rid of stress. Make sure do not set an unachievable goal. Be honest with yourself by setting your goals. Accept yourself who you are, feeling guilty creates an urge to drink.

  1. Drinking Diary to Quit Drinking

Keep a drinking diary which helps you to stop drinking. Record when you drink and to whom you are drinking. Record when you drink less or have no craving for drinkings. Writing a diary to help you  in avoiding those situations where you will feel like to drink, these diary entries will enable you to stop craving, binge drinking, and behavior that which regret later. Compare all this activity with your goal that you have set. If you are making progress then you are going in  the right direction, if you don’t then consult a doctor.

  1. Don’t Keep Alcohol at Home

Keeping alcohol at home will make you drink when you don’t want to drink. Having no alcohol at home will limit your drink. Choose healthy beverage as a substitute for alcohol when you feel like cravings of alcohol. Once you will be in this habit you will feel better and you will have a new found love towards healthy food instead of things that triggers poverty and sickness.

  1. Have Craving Busting Food

You can also add various craving busting foods in your balance diet that include carbohydrates, Lean protein, Healthy fat, and Fibers. Here is some craving busting food which you can add in your diet plan:

  • 100% Whole grain bread.
  • Raw spinach.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Salmon
  • Plain organic butter.
  • Banana
  • Walnuts
  1. Keep Yourself Busy

Make a busy schedule this will surely lead fewer cravings of alcohol. Find hobbies, Activities, relation or renew those relationships and passion which you have missed. Keep engage your mind in the activities so you won’t get an alcohol word in your mind. Playing games, woodworking, pick up an instrument and start learning about new things. These are the alternative which keeps you in busy and helps you to stop drinking alcohol.

  1. Ask for Supports

Whenever you decide to go rehab, self-help program, get therapy or take self-help treatment to stop drinking, you need a support for it. Do not try to go alone. Recovery from alcohol addiction is easier when you can lean on for encouragement, guidance, and comfort. Having a support of a family member is an invaluable asset in recovery. If your previous life revolves around alcoholics, please make some good connection. Try to spend your time in sober living homes, that will help in recovering your alcohol addiction. Make a healthy meeting, join recovery health group. By spending more time with the same people will help you in healing the obstacles and problems you are facing. This will give you benefits after hearing the same experience and learning the things which others has done to stay sober.

  1. Do Not Skip Meals

When your stomach is full, then you have less desire for drinks. Do not skip meal not only to fill your stomach but also giving the necessary nutrients that you required for a healthy diet. An empty stomach can create numerous reason to drink alcohol like when you don’t eat anything you felt stressed or a headache to avoid that pain you drink alcohol. Food is your greatest friend to avoid  to fight with the alcoholism. When you take healthy diet 3-4  meals per day, your mind will be calm and you feel less restless. This knee-jerk habit will stop drinking.

  1. Start Workout

When you do the workout, you will feel healthier and stronger. This will be knee-jerk in reducing the stress and stimulate your blood vessels. A moderate exercise program will give you different a look and a better feeling from inside, you will become active and health conscious. Start doing 3-4 aerobic exercises per week. You do it for 20 minutes per day or break down in the sessions. You will feel healthy and strong and happier in your life. The more you will exercise you will have less desire to consume alcohol.

  1. Do Remember the Hazardous Effects of Alcohol

It happens when you restrict yourself before indulging in any activity, which is not good for you. You stop doing it if you know the hazardous effects they can cause in your body. So while taking alcohol do consider the hazardous effects that can alcohol cause in your life. Effects like heart attack, ulcer, stomach cancer, and Brain damage. These diseases not only affect your body but also separate you forever from your family and happy life. Knowing the effects also helps you stop drinking.

  1. Control Your Temptations

To stop drinking, make a distance from alcoholics. If you are going associate event, holidays and vacations make a plan and prepare yourself how to say no to Alcoholic drinks or how you are going to manage your friends or family for not drinking alcohol. When you are worried, lonely and unhappy these situations that lead you to drink alcohol. Try to search new and healthy ways to cope up with your alcohol cravings, this will help in stop drinking.

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