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How to Stop Eating?

In this article, we will discuss the remedies to stop eating, but let’s get to know about overeating and its causes. Today, almost everyone suffers from the problem of overheating, but if it happens regularly, that you feel out of control while eating, then this problem is known as Binge Eating Disorder. People suffering from BED find themselves in difficult situations like the feeling of guilt, depression, and disgust and they do worry that this continuous overeating can harm their bodies and curse themselves for lack of self-control.

It’s not like they do not want to stop eating or willingly overeat to gain weight. They desperately want to stop eating, but feel like they cannot. If you can relate to all these instances and it sounds familiar with your eating habits, then here is a good news. BED is a treatable disorder all you need to do is to develop a healthy relationship with food and maintain the proper eating cycle.

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

It is a common eating disorder, characterized by a few features:

  • Frequent episodes of uncontrollable eating.
  • Feeling of distress, before or after overeating.

It begins to affect your body at the late adolescence or early adulthood. Often after practicing a major diet. It may also make you eat even when you aren’t hungry or continuous eating even after getting full. Sometimes you stuff the food so fast that you don’t even bother to chew or even savor your taste buds.

It may feel comforting for a short span of time, but when you get a reality check in front of the mirror or on the weighing scale, everything just sets aback. Apart from regret and self-loathing it also makes you obese and the shocking part is that this feeling of regret initiates binge eating even more instead of controlling i.e. you will now use food to cope up with the feeling. It is like a vicious circle: eating more to soothe the feeling, feeling worse, and then using food for the relief.

Causes of Overeating

1.) Eating to Soothe the Feeling

People usually start eating more often to soothe the feeling of fear, anxiety, tension, or stress. This associate overeating with a sought of a panic attack and food is the remedy.

2.) Eating to Meet the Needs

It is also referred as comfort eating where you eat to cope up with the unmet needs or feelings. This tends to bury our true emotions and we are left with lots of food and obesity. Food may cope up with the needs for a short span of time, but it will not acknowledge true emotions. Most foods with high starch, fat, and sugar contents include chocolates, sweets, ice-creams, donuts, buttery mashed potatoes, etc. They temporarily soothe the needs and these foods help to spike certain neurotransmitter in the brain and make us feel relaxed and good, immediately after eating.

3.) Numbing out Feelings

In such cases, the people do not want to actually feel their inner soul and the emotions it carries. They feel that it can make them vulnerable and prone to getting hurt easily. You may numb the feelings temporarily, but you cannot vanish them off from your mind.

Symptoms of Overeating:

  • Inability to stop eating.
  • Rapid eating without chewing the food.
  • Continuous eating even after full.
  • Stockpiling the food items.
  • Eating throughout the day.
  • Feeling stressed or tension
  • Getting embarrassed on your overeating.
  • Dissatisfied, no matter how much you eat.
  • Feeling of guilt and disgust for being overweight.

how to stop eating

Top Remedies to Stop Eating

1.) Eating Slowly Help to Stop Eating

It is known as one of the most effective remedies that help to stop eating (Binge eating). It is also one of the easiest ways that will make you savor the flavors of the food and enjoy its effects in your mouth. Also, you will give time to the nerves to analyze and send the signals to your brain when you are over with eating or full.

It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message through the nerves so makes it as a habit of eating slowly and savoring the flavors to pamper your taste buds.

2.) Plan Your Eating Habits

Planning will help you eat in a systematic way, avoiding overeating. It will also help to curb your appetite. When you really feel the urge to eat, then you may snack on freshly cut fruits, instead of grabbing a bag of chips or a jar of cookies.

You may feel a bit light when you plan your diet. In today’s busy life, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is a challenging task, but if you succeed in doing so, it can bring a great change to your health and lifestyle.

3.) Lots of Protein Diet

Getting enough protein for your body is as important as fibers. They also help you feel fuller for a longer period and curb the food cravings. They also satisfy the feeling of hunger, faster than other food items, especially junk food that only accumulate in our body as fat and do no other benefit.

Proteins are found in various food items like lentils, meat, vegetables, grains, beans, cheese, nuts, soybean, cottage cheese, groundnuts, and tofu. They are also considered as protein rich food items and meet up the protein requirements of your body making you feel fuller and healthy.

Starting your day with protein rich foods gives you energy and boost up your immune system. It also makes you feel fuller for a longer period, thus avoiding overeating.

4.) Frequent Snacking Help to Stop Eating

Doctors also agree that frequent eating is the most effective remedy to control eating habits and prevent Binge. Eating small portions of healthy food throughout the day can help you curb the cravings and also, your body won’t get to the point where it starts to starve for food. It will make you feel full.

Also, never skip meals, especially lunch when you are at the office. If you do not get enough time, then snack on healthy supplements like fruits and fibers. This will make you feel full, in spite of not having a whole meal.

5.) Snack on Fibers

Always snack on foods with more fiber content. This will make you feel fuller and curb your cravings. Due to these health benefits, fiber-packed foods are  the best remedy to stop eating. One can have a granola or a hand full of whole wheat crackers, instead of snacking on unhealthy junk food items. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetable are available in the market to buy and transform into tasty mouth savoring recipes.

A rich fiber diet can also help you lose weight and cure obesity. It also helps in eliminating the accumulated fat in our body which makes us seem bulky.

6.) Do Not Skip Breakfast

Several health benefits of having breakfast, make it an important part of our daily life. If you skip breakfast, your body feels incredibly hungry to bite on anything that is readily available for you to eat. Around 11 o’clock after skipping the first meal of the day, you start feeling hungry beyond limits. Then you snack on unhealthy food items because they are readily available and also give you immediate satisfaction.

But, it’s not for much longer as after a few hours the cravings again struck your mind and stomach, which compels you to eat again and again as you are not satisfied with it. Busy and difficult lifestyle makes people skip their breakfast most often, but doing so will only lead to various other health problems.

7.) Cook Smaller Meals

Most of the families tend to cook a huge amount of food every night. This is also a reason of overeating because the more you make, the more you consume. The leftovers from last night are then snacked on the next morning or even in the midnight itself. So, it is better to cook less, if you still get to cook extra then, put it in the deep freezer and consume when you are too busy to cook.

8.) Increase Your Water Intake

Often people confuse thirst with hunger and consume a lot of food in the name of it. This is wrong; instead, you should consume as much water as you can in a day to help you curb overeating. Water helps you feel fuller and you don’t feel the cravings for food. Drink a glass of water when you feel the urge to eat as this will help you feel full and it also keeps you satisfied.

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